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”Nicely done, brother!” Fast and Furious Eighth Trailer

Image We present to your attention a dubbed trailer for the eighth part of the high-speed media franchise Fast and Furious . In this video, you will find three minutes of selected action, as well as the impenetrable face of Vin Diesel, the combat skills of Dwayne Johnson, high-tech tanks, a real submarine and one unexpected passionate kiss.

According to the plot of the picture, the paths of the main character, Dominic Toretto , and his loyal team diverged: Dom was forced to betray his associates and start working for representatives of cybercrime. As a result, Hobbs ended up in prison, where he met his longtime enemy and, as we can see from the trailer, gladly entered into an open confrontation with him. However, soon all of them will have to forget about their differences and unite again for an important cause ...

And in order to achieve what they want as quickly as possible and with minimal losses, and at the same time to please the audience with a truly"infernal pogrom", the team stocked up not only cool cars, but also the most sophisticated military equipment. You will be able to appreciate the full power of the eighth Fast and the Furious in April next year, but for now we are watching a spectacular trailer with chases, fights and, of course, explosions ...

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