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Helen Mirren will have a crazy race

Image Film portal Variety announces that the Oscar-winning actress with experience Helen Mirren will appear in the movie " Fast and Furious 8 ". This choice may seem unusual, but only at first glance. In an interview last year, Helen confessed her love for driving, Vin Diesel, films of his racing franchise, and also expressed a desire to star in one of them.

My goal is to hit one of the“ Fast and Furious ”. So you want to be a crazy driver! Those with whom I have worked know me as an actress who drives herself behind the wheel in all scenes. I took part in a race hosted by Top Gear and showed a very decent time. I hint them as best I can, but my name is not ... Vin Diesel is a wonderful guy, smart and interesting. I will say more - he is the second reason why I want to star in “ Fast and the Furious", - noted Helen .

Helen called self-driving during filming as a condition of her participation. Apparently, the filmmakers were able to provide her with such an opportunity: the other day the actress said that her participation in " Fast and the Furious 8 " is a settled issue. Mirren will play Magdalena - a former CIA agent who will help the gang Dominic Toretto ( Diesel ) Defeat the villainess performed by Charlize Theron.


F. Gary Gray's new " Fast and Furious " is filming right now to hit theaters on April 13, 2017 .

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