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Top 5 Games of the Decade


Summing up 2019 is a reflection on the past 10 years. In honor of this, Metacritic has selected 50 major games of the past decade. A similar top was also made by VGC 24, and Polygon sold out and made its top 100. We are more in solidarity with VGC 24 and those projects that they considered important. Let's talk about the 5 main games of the 10s of the XXI century.

5. Fallout: New Vegas

One of the most characteristic features that games have acquired in the past decade is a gray morality. The world in games ceased to be divided into black and white, and thus divided people into groups who believe that they are right. But we will not get an unambiguous answer who is bad and who is good, since it does not exist. There are only people, their motives, goals and desires. Fallout: New Vegas was one of the first to show it.

Inheriting the ideals of the first two games, in the hands of Obsidian, the game has become the 3D sequel to Fallout that fans have been waiting for. Stunning gameplay and atmospheric Mojave Wasteland, so fits perfectly into the canons.


New Vegas itself is in a state of war between groups that want to control it. The main character is just a pawn in their hands. All these factions will bring new order and hatred to the wasteland, for who is better - there is no answer. They are all bad in their own way. And you choose who to be with or to outplay everyone together, to gather an army and establish your dictatorship. And I don't remember a single game that offers a similar option, how to go for yourself and win a multilateral war of factions. At a time when RPGs are changing, Fallout: New Vegas remains true to the classic foundations of the genre.

4. Skyrim

Soundtrack, mountains, magic and dragons slumbering on the mountain tops. This is the whole Skyrim. There is something special about the first time you dive into the world of The Elder Scrolls 5. The game offers you a beautiful world with endless possibilities. You never really "end" Skyrim.


Even all the bugs, such as the bucket on the head, are adored by us. Skyrim has proven that people need immersive-sim games where you can often come up with your own creative solutions to problems and challenges. This game is still alive thanks to mods and people's love. I think this is how you can describe it. Skyrim is a game drowned in the love of people.

And let's not forget that you can play it on anything from consoles and PCs to touchscreen displays on your fridge and smart toilet. It is a pity that due to Fallout 76 Bethesda did not find the strength to port Skyrim even to stone.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

It's hard to find another developer who has been able to create such an organic game in such a dusty and forgotten genre as a western, while immersing it so deeply that we truly experienced one of the most memorable gaming experiences of the decade. detailed world that works, and will work many years later.


The story of Arthur Morgan is multifaceted and it fully touches upon such a difficult topic as redemption. Atonement for your own sins before society and yourself, self-reflection and the fight against self-flagellation.

For such a massive game, it also reveals the finest details that allow the player to see the very best recreation of the wild west, crudely sewn together with the threads of capitalism, freedom and violence

2. Mass Effect 2

It is very sad to realize that a studio like BioWare is not in the best position, while it released such an iconic project as Mass Effect 2.


The basic concept of the game is to build a team, build trust between each member, and embark on a mission in which everyone is likely to be killed. The game felt fresh and exciting. She knew how to make you feel the threat of death when making every decision.

This is a bold character-centered game that constantly reminds you that you can lose them all at the last moment. This is not to mention the fact that everything can end with the death of your character. This was the period when Bioware created the best product in its history.

1.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The most iconic game of the decade, of course, was The Witcher. If New Vegas introduced a gray morality to the games of this decade, the Witcher brought it to perfection. Everything: scenes, characters, stories, narrative, world and atmosphere are wonderful in this game.

CD Projekt Red took the risk of bringing their game to the open world for the first time, and they did it, creating what is arguably one of the most iconic RPGs of our time. Many stories, such as the storyline of the Bloody Baron, the Sisters of the Forest, the Blood and Wine add-ons, Hearts of Stone and many others, are worthy of embodiment, for example, in the movies.


In addition, at the very beginning in the White Garden, we meet Gunther O'deem, the cult villain and antagonist of the "Stone Hearts".

Well, the saga of Geralt's adventures itself is worthy of all the praise that can be found. The witcher is loved and appreciated all over the world, because there is simply nothing like it in the industry. This is why it tops the list of the top games of the decade in my humble opinion. I've played it twice and plan to come back and know I won't regret it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman