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Has the Fallout series gotten worse? (Alternative opinion)


Fallout76 is launching worldwide very soon. If you thought Fallout 4 was a bone of contention, now we have a new contender for this place. But is it so bad, and Fallout got worse? Let's figure it out.

First era - golden classic

Conventionally, the series can be divided into four eras, and the first begins in 1997 with the release of the very first Fallout. It's funny, but if it were not for the red tape with documents, we would have waited for the second Wastlend instead. The game became a sensation, because it combined a well-written lore, a well-developed post apocalyptic world, black humor and several factions - and the game was not fantasy. Add to this the ability to make choices in quests, pumping in the spirit of D & D - and you have a million dollar game.

Fallout 1

The first Fallout was great, and there was not even anything to scold him for, some critics noted perhaps useless partners at times, but no more. The game has collected awards, so the sequel was not long in coming and was released next year.

Fallout 2 brought us even more. It can be called an improved first part - the lore was expanded even more, the game world was enlarged, quests were also multiplied by two, the partners turned out to be more suitable for fights and interesting. The game felt the real spirit of the post-apocalypse, inspired by the movie "Mad Max". The game always threw us different things like cars, funny quests (I still think that blowing up a toilet in Modoc is a classic gamer's fun) or unexpected twists.

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As befits an ideal sequel, which the second part was, it surpassed the first game in everything, and it is on the pillars of Fallout 2 that all subsequent parts of the game will be measured. So far, the whole world knew one thing - war does not change.

Second era - murky spin-offs

The next era of the Fallout series is very murky and ambiguous.

It's probably strange to read this, but despite the financial success of two games from Black Isle Studio. Things were going very badly for the publisher Interplay Entertainment, and in 2001 the financial sponsor of the company obtained all the rights to the games of the publisher and its studios and began to sell them. So some of the rights to the Fallout series were sold to Bethesda Softwork.

However, the second part of the rights still remained with Interplay, which began to create a spin-off for the original game called Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel without the participation of Black Isle Studio, entrusting the development of its subsidiary Micro Forte. Everything went wrong - the game had a lot of bugs, there was also no Fallout itself, because the game simply crossed out many of the canonical moments of the previous parts. During this time, Interplay Entertainment was trying to develop the next Fallout spin-off: Brotherhood of Steel ...

It's hard not to get confused because these two games have almost identical names. The new game came out even worse than the old one: poor optimization, bugs, crooked history and lore - all this was noted by critics and gamers alike, and it went into oblivion. And one could say that Fallout has deteriorated, but in fact the game just faded into the shadows ....

Third era - rebirth and a new dawn

By 2007, Black Isle Studio employees were trying to buy out the rights to the series, but it was too late, since they were completely sold to Bethesda. And so began the third era for the series, which can be characterized by the phrase: "War never changes, but Fallout changes." This is exactly what happened when Bethesda released a brand new game in the series at number 3.

In the wake of the success of TESIV and the victory in the RPG war over the third Gothic, Besezdala made a game based on the engine of his past hit. We got a first-person game in an open world, which, although it was completely different, was still the same real Falaut that we loved so much. The game won the title of RPG of the Year.

We watched our character grow from birth and became attached. The problem was in the ugly animations made on the engine itself, as well as the lack of variability in the quests and the engine's poor simulation of some parts of the game.

Bethesda made one of the best decisions in 2010. The studio Obsidian Entertainment, founded by people from Black Isle Studio, appeared under her wing, and it was them, who once created the first two parts of the game, who the publisher gave to make the next part.

I used to call Fallout New Vegas the genius son of Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, who has absorbed all the best from his parents. We received a real Fallout with selected black humor, a well-developed world, calibrated shooting and excellent quests.

The first part of the game was a road movie where we just walked along the road to New Vegas and constantly met someone or were part of different events. The plot was not built around the salvation of the world, but throughout the entire time it became simply personal, which made it addictive. All factions were not divided into black and white, but had gray tints, which made everything that happened had a serious tone.

Yes, ugly animations have not disappeared anywhere, but we got what we deserved, and the fact that the Fallout series spoiled was out of the question. In addition, add-ons for the game also became cult and complemented it.

Fourth era - casual bias

And in 2015 we were given Fallout 4, which became the most controversial part in the series. The plot was similar to the third part, but limped and was not interesting. The factions were like cardboard, and in fact, the choice of a certain side did not bear any consequences, and the side quests were not impressive either. Following casual trends, Bethesda added crafting and settlement creation to the game. The problem was that the settlements were not useful, and crafting something meant carrying tons of rubbish with you, turning the game into a simulator of a bum. There was also a problem with pumping, which was completely replaced, but I will not say anything about the answer wheel and [Sarcasm].

However, the game had its advantages, for example, the engine became well-developed, face animations were more pleasant, it was also more convenient and interesting to explore the world and shoot, and modifying power armor was really a great idea from the studio. And the plot additions to the game were very good and complemented the weak plot side

And here we are on the cusp of Fallout 76. Yes, in fact, it is also a spin-off, but it is also part of the history of the series. Now we can say that the game looks interesting and promising, but this is not the Fallault that we know and will have to accept it.

What's the conclusion?

So Fallout messed up? No, he just became different. Yes, the game has moved away from what the old player liked, but the format has entered the mass audience and this can be seen in sales. However, the series is actively developing, and the studio is experimenting with it. Fallout 76 is nothing more than one big new experiment. Todd Howard himself made it clear to us that the 5th part will be, and who knows, maybe a new, fifth era of the series will begin with it, which will return it to its former greatness.

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Author: Jake Pinkman