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Top 30 Best Drama Movies of 2019: Part 2


While other genres are mainly entertaining, dramas manage to teach life. Not everyone likes this arrangement, but this kind of paintings also has its own circle of fans. Here are the top 30 best drama films of 2019, which will not only have something to learn, but also someone to empathize.

The top is compiled based on the rating of KinoPoisk indicated in each title immediately after the name of the picture and the country in which (or which) it was filmed.

11. Little Women (US) 7.81

Americans have a quirk to reshoot the same thing from year to year. The novel of the same name by Louise May Alcott, for example, has been retaken ten times already, if you count the anime series. Only full-length films - at least 6 pieces. Please tell me, really, apart from a couple of novels, the geniuses of world literature have not written anything else in their entire history?

Although, of course, this is not for us to decide. Everyone is free to earn money as he pleases and on what he pleases.

So, the second part of our top of the best films of the drama genre for 2019 begins with another rehash of "Little Women". Despite the fact that everyone has already read the book to its holes, and knows its continuation by heart, and watched the films, we consider it our duty to explain. It is about the difficult growing up and the formation of the characters of the four sisters, whom the mother brings up alone throughout most of the novel, since the father “hangs around somewhere in the war”. And the mother, quite often, dumps from them for “her personal needs”.

Therefore, girls are forced, for the most part, to educate themselves. Now such "self-education" for some causes a feeling of terrible nostalgia for the days when there was no Internet. But what can I say, then, in the second half of the 19th century, there were no televisions with radio. So nothing prevented them from “self-education”.

The film is all riddled with "failures in the past", and there is absolutely no difference between young sisters and aged sisters. The same older sister - Margaret - in this film, whatever one may say, looks like the youngest, because she is played by the world famous "always-girl" Hermione Granger - Emma Watson, and she looks the same, both at the age of 16 and in being a two-child mother.

For example, the second sister, Josephine, who is one year younger than the eldest, looks at least 5 years older than Margaret. The same can be said about the rest, even younger, but in the film looking much older than the oldest, pardon the pun. Casting is clumsy. As well as makeup. So for those who are not familiar with either the book or any of the prequels, it will be difficult to watch the picture, since "excursions into the past" are not accompanied by any titles, and it is absolutely impossible to distinguish "old" sisters from "young" sisters.

Each of the sisters is savvy in something different. Everyone dreams of a good marriage. Each has its own character. The tape, like the novel, is very vital, and therefore the story itself is very interesting and instructive. At that time, it was very difficult for women to break into people and reveal their talents.

But - perhaps, as can be seen from the true story of the biography of the writer herself.

12. An incredible world through the eyes of Enzo (USA) 7.75

Next in our top of the best films of the drama genre is again an interesting story from the life of people, told by a dog. Inthe first part, I remember, there was one too - # 5 - "A Dog's Life". And just like in "A Dog's Life", the local dog is aware of his inevitable reincarnation, and therefore tries to remember everything well in order to be aware of all the good things that happened to him "in the previous coming" in the next life. >

The dog witnessed all the vicissitudes of its owner, about which he spoke in detail before "reincarnating" again. We will learn a lot of interesting things about how people seek and find love, how beginner racers become famous, but, most importantly, what dogs think about all this.

The film is very interesting, but at the same time very naive. What I liked about "A Dog's Life" is that in it the dogs did not understand motor oils, engines and other technical information from the "world of motors", nor did they go into lengthy explanations of how it should go, from their point of view. , human life, and how - should not. Right there the dog, at times, knows about such things, and understands the meaning of such terms and words, in which not every "reasonable person" is savvy.

Thinking out loud Enzo, by the way, was voiced by Kevin Costner himself. But this information will be of interest only to those who watch the film with subtitles, or in the language of the authors. The rest will have to be content with the voice of Vladimir Antonik, our best dubbing actor.

13. Marriage History (UK, USA) 7.72

The plot of the next best drama of 2019 is not new to many. Unfortunately, it often happens that love does not last forever. And when the feeling cools down, family happiness begins to burst at the seams.

The same thing happened with the family happiness of the spouses Charlie and Nicole. At some point, after the birth of their son, they began to move away from each other, until it began to seem like they were just strangers living in the same apartment, and they had to sleep in the same bed only because it was so.

He is a theater director. She is a successful actress who grew up in the eyes of the public, by the way, not without his help. Once at work Nicole decides to move to Los Angeles, supposedly for a while. She was offered a role in a television series there, in favor of which she decided to tie up with the theater for now.

Busy with his performances, Charlie realized that everything had stopped in the wrong place only after he received a divorce petition. From that moment on, all the confusion began. The divorce proceedings and the carve-up of the child turned their lives into a depressing nightmare. They became people they never really were, because their lawyers, in an effort to pull the blanket over themselves, put them before the judge in such a light and in such an angle from which the spouses themselves would never look at each other. They know that everything their lawyers charge them with is a lie and a lie. But in an effort to get custody of the child and money ...

In general, the truth of the divorce proceedings without any embellishments. The spectacle is not very pleasant, but it is desirable for everyone to see it. In order, if something happens, to have a greater incentive to come to an agreement "like a human being", and not go over to a "war of compromising evidence" gradually turning from normal people into stupid animals.

14. Sister (USA) 7.70

The next drama of 2019 takes place during the Great Patriotic War. 1944 year. The liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi invaders is in full swing. An orphaned little girl is hiding in one of the broken houses of a village. She is found by a Soviet soldier. He takes her with him, because in this devastation the girl would definitely starve to death. But before that, he writes a message on the wall, which contains the address where the child can be found by his parents, if such, of course, are alive.

In one of the Bashkir villages, the family of a six-year-old boy Yamil lives. Once, a letter comes to my mother from afar, after which she leaves for a while. Returning, she brings with her a little girl the same age as Yamil. Mom says that the girl's name is Oksana and that now she will be Yamilya's sister and he must protect her from all troubles and take care of her.

But how can this be done if the girl does not understand a word in Bashkir, moreover, she is frightened by every rustle? But, nowhere to go. Sister, after all, no matter how.

15. Richard Jewell Case (USA) 7.69

Next in our top 30 best dramas of 2019 is a film based on a true story. For his next film, Clint Eastwood chose a story from the life of Richard Jewell, who was once mistakenly accused by the authorities of aiding terrorists.

The tape describes the events that happened during the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA, in 1996, when an explosion thundered at the venue of cultural events in the Olympic Centenary Park, which killed the woman Alice Horton and caused injuries of varying severity more than a hundred plus people.

Richard Jewell is a positive young man who dreamed of becoming a police officer since childhood. Knowing that in order to become a cop, you need to prove yourself well, he worked as a simple security guard for a long time. Obese and good-natured, meanwhile, he knew his business and did it with excessive zeal, which ultimately saved the lives of many people who gathered that fateful evening in the recreation park.

He was the first and only one to notice a suspicious backpack left by someone under a bench in one of the most crowded places, and then raised the alarm. The sappers who arrived at the scene confirmed that there was actually a bomb in the backpack. And although the active Richard had managed to get the bulk of the people away even before that moment, there was not enough time. There was an explosion, and what happened happened.

And everything would be fine, but only the state authorities and law enforcement agencies, which desperately needed to shield themselves in front of the public, blamed Richard Jewel himself, the hero who saved hundreds of people from death. The interrogations were carried out with bias, the case was dirty. The defendants, whose guilt has not yet been proven, were manipulated by all forces and means, trying to hang a terrorism case on him and force him to confess.

This is one example that if the authorities want, they will jail you anyway. Fortunately, Jewel was lucky to have a lawyer. And if not? That's all freedom and democracy for you.

16. Irish (USA) 7.63

Since they are shooting bajolics about good people, why not shoot bajolics about bad people. After all, given the fact that bad people are glorified mainly for bad deeds, in this case the story will be much more interesting. About the unhurried life of mathematicians, chemists, adherents of the church, as in No. 17 or, as in the case of No. 11 - ordinary citizens, it is sometimes interesting and useful to read and watch. But in the case of villains in films, they can also shoot a little, which is the biggest plus.

For his next crime drama, Martin Scorsese picked up not the best story in which a certain Frank Sheeran confesses to a journalist how he was the simplest and most simple killer in the service of the mafia.

In the process, the named killer became friends with a certain Jimmy Hoffa, at one time a very famous trade union leader and public figure, who, in fact, was also no better than the mafiosi. The killer's friendship with the public figure was strong, trusting and long, and therefore stretched as much as 3 hours of screen time. And it ended as faded as it began.

For fans of Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro, the movie will be released. If there were other people in their place, the picture would not be worth a damn. That there is only a funny and naive fable about how you can be friends with the mafia. It turns out, call the boss of the mafia for a barbecue, as he immediately melts and burns with ardent love for you.

Stealing meat and excuse from the slammer of the carrier who stole a whole car of veal is a fairy tale for children. The idiocy is complete. Couldn't it have been more serious than this childish babble?

17. Two Popes (UK, Italy) 7.61

Next on our list of the best films of the genre of drama is an ambitious project from the streaming service Netflix, which is not afraid to swing at the holy of holies - the patrimony of the popes and the popes themselves - in particular. It will be about how the previous Pope Benedict XVI recruited the Argentine Cardinal Bergorllo to succeed him.

Although, "recruited", of course, is a harsh word. Cardinal Bergoglio, who stood firm in his positions, was very difficult to persuade and recruit if he did not want to. Especially considering that for several years before that he tried to "resign from the post of Cardinal", about which he sent "statements" to the Pope with enviable regularity.

Pope read them for a long time and patiently, after which he decided to call the Cardinal, famous for his "innovative" views on the most pressing issues of our time, to him for a conversation. The conversation was very interesting, you need to give the scriptwriter Anthony McCarten his due. Even atheists will be interested in watching and listening.

It is impossible to say 100% that the further abdication of Pope Benedict and the subsequent election of Francis (aka Bergorlio) were the result of their lengthy dialogue. But who knows. Maybe that's the way it is. The ways of the Lord are in fact inscrutable. What if this was God's plan?

18. Once upon a time in ... Hollywood (USA, UK, China) 7.60

It is not entirely clear where in the script of the next Tarantino film, Tarantino himself and his company found the drama, but, as they say, the owner is the master. In the list of genres, among others, it is indicated: "drama", so we will figure out what was dramatic in the film.

Did Tarantino really see the drama in the fact that the main character - poor Rick Dalton - considered his career over and burst into tears on the shoulder of his friend, driver and bodyguard Cliff Butt? But there, it seems, he was lucky with spaghetti westerns. Not millions, but still. And it was presented with such humorous pathos that ...

Maybe the movie became a drama because here Bruce Lee was sent to the night by some third-rate stunt-type bodyguard? But this is a drama, perhaps, for Bruce Lee's sister, but not for the viewer. For us, this is just a pure comedy.

Maybe the picture is considered a drama because in the end someone (let's not spoil too much) wanted to kill someone somehow? So it happened, as it were, in such a humorous style that even a kilometer away it doesn't smell like drama.

Maybe the drama is that throughout the film Dalton wanted to be friends with his neighbors, but he couldn't, and then suddenly at the end - once! And it succeeded !? But considering under what comically fatal "accidental" circumstances their acquaintance took place, drama is the last thing to call what happened and how it happened.

In general, let everyone choose a drama for themselves in this film. Although, in the end, the film will still more amuse than it will upset or teach something.

Although, why. Looking at the juvenile morons in the finale of the picture, you are once again convinced that the proverb: "For every twisted ass, you know what's wrong with the screw" is more relevant than ever. You need to be more careful, more thoughtful and far-sighted. And then Dalton and Booth, as well as their dog, will surely change their clothes next time! There would only be someone to change their shoes now ...

19. Avengers Endgame (USA) 7.60

Marvel's "Avengers"with their final 3-rd phase of the final story, noted in each genre, and therefore we will not expand on them.

Only a baby does not know about the problems of superheroes in the parallel universe of “Avengers”, who doesn’t know anything at all, or the one who is turned away from everything “superhero” for scientific, religious and other convictions.

The very idea that in this dimension the life of seven and a half billion people does not depend on politicians, the armed forces or the nature of mother, but on the actions of a bunch of individuals, due to circumstances (sometimes idiotic) endowed with super-duper abilities that , in most cases, for some reason, turn out to be “inaccessible” (see the same Spider-Man: Far From Home), just laughing.

Only in this universe all of humanity is a third-rate redneck, splashing in its gray wretchedness, inert and unable to defend itself. In our opinion, if there were no one in this universe except the "Avengers" themselves, the film would not have lost in anything. And all why? Because ordinary people are needed here only for "collateral dramatic damage".

This, apparently, is the whole drama.

20. Officer and Spy (France, Italy) 7.45

The downside of any espionage is that any spy can always turn out to be a double agent. After all, who knows how he is with patriotism in a bowler hat. What can we say about a simple military man, for whom this "option" does not matter at all.

This is exactly how the specialists from the French military intelligence thought, who accused the simple captain of artillery Alfred Dreyfus of spying against France in favor of Germany at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries.

Fussing with documents sent by someone somewhere for some unknown reason lasted from 1894 to 1903, that is, for almost ten years. The Ministry, represented by Colonel Fabre, accused Dreyfus of sending secret documents to a German agent, about which a paper with handwriting was found, as established by experts of the military department, Captain Dreyfus.

The court case lasted at times calming down, and at times flaring up, and a certain Colonel Picard (not to be confused with Picard from Star Trek), a former teacher of a military school, who undertook to unravel this Gordian knot, took a significant role in the rehabilitation of the defendant and bring to light the real culprits of information leakage.

Anyone will love this dramatic forensic detective. If you are a lover of lawyer detectives, then you will be welcomed one hundred percent.


At the twentieth film, we will finish the second part of our top 30 drama films of 2019. We will return to the sequel next week. But dramas are not the last genre that we will discuss in our Cinema 2019 section. Soon we will take on westerns, fantasy, military and other masterpieces, including anime with animation. In the meantime, we wish you to enjoy watching the selected picture with might and main.

And, of course, even more awesome movies and TV series!

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