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The best TV series of December: Premieres


In the final month of the outgoing year, not many worthwhile multi-part projects start. But among the best TV shows of December, there is a heavyweight that is eagerly awaited by fans of both literary fantasy and fantasy computer worlds. Yes, dear ones, this is Sapkowski's The Witcher. But besides him, perhaps it is worth stopping your gaze on three more promising premieres of the first month of winter.

Vampire Wars

Netflix December 5

We are already accustomed to the fact that the Netflix video streaming service constantly pleases us with some kind of unusual novelties. And this time he decided to make a series based on the comic book series of the same name (in the English version, the name of the series looks like "V-Wars").


It will not be about ordinary vampires, in our understanding, but about a new and improved version of them, which came from the distant past of the Earth, and it is possible that from other worlds. After all, how many wonderful discoveries are in store for us by the melting of the eternal ice of the Arctic and Antarctic. Well, how has something ever flown from somewhere and stuck into the endless, until recently, areas of the ice caps of our poles?

It would be logical to assume that the rubbish that arrived on our Mother Earth will immediately freeze into the ice, and this will simply preserve it for some time. But we all know what happens when such stuff thaws. All you need to do is watch John Carpenter's awesome film "The Thing" (1982).

But there the essence was a kind of organism, which, although it was capable of excellent mimicry, quick regeneration, etc., was still forced to overcome distances, as it should be for any living creature, on foot (or how much is there itself will grow limbs).

Immediately, rubbish has the form of a virus, which the sun safely melted along with the ice, thanks to which the infection got into the world ocean and, reaching the continents, began to infect people. As a result, human mutants are born, sucking blood like ordinary ghouls, but in some aspects their physical and other characteristics are much cooler than the local vampire fraternity.

In the center of the plot, Doctor Luther Swann, unsuccessfully trying to cure his best friend from some mysterious disease, as a result of infection, he suddenly becomes an uncontrollable bloodthirsty predator in human form.

Not necessarily the plot will be one to one the same as the comics. It is very likely that this will be a new story. In any case, we look forward to the premiere.


Hulu, December 6

Basically, all revenge action movies are written for the present. But even in the distant 50s of the last century, revenge was just as relevant as it is today. And although the whole story is not new, it promises to be presented in a grand and tasteful manner.

The action takes place in the North American hinterland. Middle-aged woman Doris Queen almost lost her life because of some scum. But not only the scum was not put in jail, no one had any complaints against them. Except for Quinn herself, of course. And the stubborn Dorris began to dig this case herself. And got to the bottom of the local crime family.

And, as always, she was faced with the choice of going against the leaders of this clan, or hide in a ditch. It is clear that the ditch is not for her, and another revenge of another "explosive blonde" awaits us.

The role of the harsh avenger of the 50s this time was played by the fragile Abigail Spencer, familiar to us from the TV series "Mistakes of the Past" and "Out of Time." Judging by the trailer, there is every hope that the project will be worthwhile. Let's wait and see.

No fistfights are expected, but a crime-dramatic detective thriller is already guaranteed.

The Witcher

Netflix December 20

Now that fantasy worlds are so expensive, you would expect something like this from Netflix streaming. After the success of HBO with its "Game of Thrones", and at a time when Amazon seeks to alter the universe of "The Lord of the Rings" for itself, it would be simply humiliating not to try and not to crush the universe of the famous witcher from Rivia, free at the moment from film adaptations.

At the time of purchase, of course, it was not free. The film rights cost Netflix a pretty penny. Now it will be very interesting if the project does not pay off. Although, looking at the worldwide excitement inflated around the project, it does not smell like failure. You can safely expect that at least the first season will shoot in such a way that the company itself does not even think.

The main character of the series is the witcher Geralt of Rivia, whose role in the film will be played by "Superman" Henry Cavill himself. He is a mutant and lives on the land of that universe in which magic has not yet been translated. Near the world of people here in the neighborhood live creepy creatures, which such mercenaries, like Geralt himself, are exterminated for money. By the way, they exterminate not only all evil spirits for money. They also do not hesitate to order to kill people.

But Geralt tries not to get into troubled business. He already feels good. But this is only for the time being. With fantasy affairs, everything is the same as with driving on a high road: if you don't drive yourself, you will be driven into you. So the witcher did not notice how he was drawn into the cunning game of the houses of the local tycoons.

By the way, this is not the first attempt to film Andrzej Sapkowski's immortal works. In 2002, one of the main Polish television channels was already broadcasting a television series he had shot, based on the collections of stories The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny. In the KinoPoisk rating, this masterpiece confidently holds the position of 7.46. Let's bet, dear, whether this record will surpass the creation of the streaming service Netflix.

How dare you

USA Series, December 29

Despite the negative feedback from readers about Megan Abbott's novel "Dare Me" (How dare you), the main cable TV channel in North America, nevertheless, decided to film it. Judging by the trailer, it should be pretty good.

But on the condition that the writers who worked on the adaptation of the novel will try very hard and bring in more "movement" into it that can disperse the dull, insipid and cliched narrative.

In the center of the plot is the confrontation between Beth Cassidy, the former ringleader of the local cheerleader team, and the new coach, who, replacing the old one, drew all the attention of her classmates, including the attention of her best friend Eddie Halton.

What this confrontation will result in - we'll see at the end of the year. This tape, of course, cannot be called the best TV series of December, but it is worth the attention of young people without any. Those who visit multi-episodes like "Riverdale" will still like it.


Here, in a nutshell, is the entire list of the best TV shows of December. New Year will bring us new premieres, but for now these will be enough for us, since on the eve of the New Year holidays we will not have much time to sit at the TV. Let's review the January news next month, but for now, as always, an excellent (we really hope) "The Witcher", and more other cool films and TV series!

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