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Review of the unusual Accesstyle Shamrock BT bike, equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, external battery, flashlight and speakerphone


It is no longer enough for owners of modern bicycles to have a high-tech and high-speed apparatus. They want to pedal to music, in maximum comfort and with a host of different amenities. One such device is the Accesstyle Shamrock BT. This vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, an external battery, a flashlight for illumination of the road in poor visibility conditions and a speakerphone.

Four in one

Nowadays, most bicycles are equipped with special holders for flasks and containers. They are positioned in such a way that transporting portable speakers, for example, is not possible. The fact is that the mounts are placed on the frame and low enough. When driving in the rain, during the forcing of puddles, water can get on the column and disable it.


In the Accesstyle Shamrock BT, this is impossible, because the speaker system is located on the steering wheel, high from the ground. And the main secret of our review lies in the fact that the supplied speaker is at the same time a portable battery, a flashlight and a speakerphone. All this is collected in one building and allows the bike traveler to use any functionality for the intended purpose and choice.

In the name of the bike, the word Shamrock means "shamrock". The developers did this on purpose or not, pointing out the three components of the gadget, and not four, no one knows. The most important thing is that it has a low price - 3 600 rubles . A user for relatively little money gets the opportunity to enjoy such a product.


Accesstyle - a new name in the production of accessories

This brand appeared on the market of our country quite recently, just a few days ago. It is owned by Marvel, the largest distributor of electronic devices and gadgets in USA. This company has thirty years of experience, so its specialists understand what devices and with what functionality users need.

It is hard to argue with experts and marketers working in a company with vast experience and excellent understanding of the market and its needs.

Accesstyle Shamrock BT is made in the form of a cylinder with a positive carrot color. The main body material is plastic with a velvety coating. With a thorough study of the device, it is easy to understand that highly qualified specialists took part in its creation. It has great build quality. You can also understand that the gadget is made of strong material, it can withstand more than one fall.

This idea is confirmed by the fact that the device has protection against moisture and dust that meets the requirements of the IP65 standard.

At the end of the device, in its front part there is a double lantern. Cyclists will appreciate the presence of a battery indicator, a 3.5mm jack for audio output from smartphones over the wire, and a MicroUSB port for charging the speaker itself. Nearby is the USB activation key.

Just below, on one of the four edges of the case, there are control buttons. They are large and comfortable, especially the size of the volume keys.


Shamrock BT comes with a bike handlebar mount. The manufacturer has thought of everything in it, even the possibility of having a different steering wheel size. Its diameter does not matter; there is a special universal clamp to install the mechanism. It allows you to hang the product anywhere on the arm. If the device is fixed in the center, the headlight will illuminate the road, and the sounds from the speaker system will begin to spread in all directions.

People around will have the opportunity to appreciate the merits of the gadget. The manufacturer claims that the sound is excellent here. The system delivers a power of 3 W, so from about 5-7 meters an outsider can really hear how it works. The audio stream is not flat, but with pronounced bass and good saturation.

The design of the mount itself does not look pathetic and unreliable. On the contrary, it seems that there is a reliable mechanism that will not allow the speaker to fall out somewhere on bumps or when driving over rough terrain.

Developers position their brainchild as a bicycle accessory. However, no one forbids the use of Accesstyle Shamrock BT as an external battery for recharging a smartphone or a small tablet. For this, the acoustic device is even equipped with a MicroUSB cable, which is screwed onto its body, like a coil.

In addition, the product is equipped with a 2A USB port, allowing you to use a mobile device cable for charging, which may be longer than the one on the case. It also allows you to charge two gadgets at once. However, the capacity of the power supply may not be enough - after all, the battery here has a capacity of only 4,000 mAh.


It is clear that Shamrock BT can be used as a flashlight, and it is also equipped with a microphone for hands-free communication. With its help, it is really possible to communicate with the interlocutor who called the user's smartphone, which is connected to the speaker via Bluetooth. It is inconvenient to do this while driving a bicycle, the wind will interfere, it is better to communicate in this way during stops.

In conclusion, it should be said that Accesstyle Shamrock BT turned out to be interesting, unique and of high quality.

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Author: Jake Pinkman