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Sony speakers: a lot of bass


The acoustics market is oversaturated. There are tons of brands, form factors, price divisions. It is easy to get confused. Someone who wants to buy a device will start looking for advice from Internet "experts", but almost always this path leads to a dead end. It's easier to use products from a trusted manufacturer such as Sony.

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The company has released the Sony EXTRA BASS series, which features rich bass sound. Even the most inexpensive model, the SRS-XB01, has a spectacular low end. This became possible thanks to the use of a powerful passive emitter and the presence of proprietary frequency processing technology.

It is worth noting that this speaker produces high-quality sound in the entire frequency range that are available to the human ear. In addition, for the convenience of attaching to a hand, a backpack, a bag, it is equipped with a special strap. To prevent water and moisture from getting inside the product, it is equipped with IPX5 protection.


Another gadget, the SRS-XB10, has a second speaker that allows you to get spectacular stereo sound. An additional plus is the presence of a capacious battery, which ensures the autonomy of the device for up to 16 hours. The previous model has a more modest figure of 6 hours.

In addition to waterproof protection of the same standard and an ergonomic strap, the speaker is equipped with an NFC chip that allows you to quickly sync it with your smartphone.

Use the SRS-XB21 to turn outdoor activities into a musical show. This is partly due to the presence of LIVE SOUND technology, which makes the sound surround. One can imagine the power of sound of a hundred (!) Such speakers, connected together, but such a possibility exists. The model's battery allows you to quietly listen to music for 12 hours. There is NFC here, and the level of protection against moisture is higher - IP67. The column is not afraid even of direct short-term contact with water, for example, in a pool.


Another speaker system SRS-XB31, in comparison with the previous one, has a longer cabinet. It is equipped with strobe lights to create an appropriate atmosphere. Their work looks very beautiful at night. In normal mode, the speaker can work up to a day, if you use the bass boost EXTRA BASS - 14 hours.

The main nuance of the SRS-XB41 portable speaker system is its emitter equipment. It delivers powerful and spacious sound across the entire frequency range.

All of the above devices are wireless, they can be easily controlled from a smartphone using the appropriate utility. Synchronization is carried out via the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol.

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Sony headphones are easily recognizable by their flat earcups and powerful headband. Their sound quality is also proprietary. In the XB550AP model, a speaker with a sensitivity of 102 dB / mW is responsible for these characteristics. The EXTRA BASS technology allows reproduction of low frequencies down to 5 Hz. They can also function as a headset. To do this, there is a microphone and an answer key on the wire.

The XB950AP is more advanced with a wider range from 3Hz to 28kHz. Advanced bass is enhanced by the Bass Booster.


It is interesting that an airtight space is created around the auricles. This allows, for example, electronic tracks to sound more juicy and deep. Competitors just relax here. In addition, the cups are equipped with soft pads that allow not to burden the hearing organs and protect from extraneous noise.

The most advanced version is the MDR-XB950B1. It has several body colors - black, blue, red. In addition, a speaker with a larger diameter is installed here - 40 mm, while in previous gadgets this figure was 30 mm. Therefore, the low and middle frequencies here have a more complex and high-quality sound. The headphones work for 18 hours in standalone mode.

There is also a modified version - MDR-XB950N1, which is available in green and black colors. It is equipped with a larger battery (up to 22 hours of operation) and improved noise cancellation system. Therefore, it is very convenient to use these gadgets at the airport, train station or other noisy place.

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