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Is Far Cry better? Series history


Last week, Ubisoft released Far Cry: Dawn, the 13th game in the series. We won't be surprised if the developers announce yet another installment, because this franchise is Ubisoft's second cash cow after Assassin's Creed when it comes to studio single-player games. Why is she so remarkable? The fact is that today first-person shooters in the open world are quite few and they can be counted on one hand: Borderlands, Crisis, Homefront: The Revolution and of course Far Cry. At one time, she set the right tone for this genre and was able to evolve in it herself to be loved by gamers. But is it still developing or is it deadlocked? Let's take a look at the history of the Far Cry series and find out if it really got better over time or not.

Nice start and lots of ports

The history of Far Edge began in 2004, when Crytek released the first part of the game. Then she pioneered the new CryEngine. It's extremely funny that this game was originally supposed to become the flagship of the studio, even before the first Crisis was born, because if you remember that time, you know that Crisis has always tried to maintain the title of the most technologically sophisticated and beautiful game. Not surprisingly, at the beginning of the studio's career, Far Cray also tried to follow this canon. The environment of the paradise island really looked great, and the artificial intelligence at medium difficulty settings could make you sweat, because the opponents always used cover, shot accurately and did it all as a team.

Also, the game of 2004 surprised by the variability of the passage. For example, if you need to get to an enemy base, you are free to choose how to do it: paragliding from above and try to do everything unnoticed, sneaking through the water from the unprotected side and hitting from behind, or simply shoot everyone by entering through the main entrance. Yes, it doesn't sound impressive now, but let me remind you that this was before the release of Crisis or Dishonored, where the same mechanic was taken to an absolute.


The plot about a former military man who saves a girl cannot be called outstanding, but there is nothing to scold the game for. Of the minuses, the players did not like the missions in the underground laboratory, where the corridor again appeared, and the enemies became uninteresting, fortunately, they end quickly. Overall, the game came out very good.

In the next 4 years, 5 games were released that tried to cash in on the good name of the original game. And if Far Cry Instincts (2005) was just a port of the PC version on the Xbox, then Far Cry Instincts Evolution (2006) became a mediocre continuation of the original story, and Far Cry Instincts Predator (2006) was a port of Evolution on the Xbox 360. port on Wii Far Cry Vengeance, and finished all Far Cry Paradise Lost - transferring Instincts to the arcade machine. In any case, Ubisoft has been in charge of the game since 2006, so Crytek is not involved in this strange period.

Strange sequel, but Far Cry

In 2008, the French stopped performing necromancy rituals with the corpse of Crytek's brainchild and released a sequel. What can I say, the game has changed greatly by changing the setting of the paradise island to Africa, in which the plague is raging. Our hero comes to an unnamed country on this continent to kill the Jackal arms dealer.

For the game, a completely new Dunia Engine was created and on it the developers were able to work out the Sawana in an excellent way, make a good picture, a fairly reasonable AI, partial destructibility of the terrain and fire. By the way, fire became a revolutionary thing, because it was part of the world and the gameplay. It spread over dry grass, trees, grew into huge fires and could drive into a corner both the enemy and us.


The game had more cons. On the PC there was a crooked optimization, the missions were monotonous, and after an hour and a half of the game, boredom began in it, because the open world was empty and could not entertain anything. I would also like to highlight the terrible respawn of opponents at the block posts. As soon as you leave the captured post, enemies immediately appear on it, and some may even start chasing you. The plot turned out to be ambiguous, because in the first half of the game it does not catch on, but in the second it becomes quite interesting and we are even given a moral choice.

As a result, we have a game with new interesting mechanics, a good storyline that we get after completing half the game, but a boring open world.

A decent continuation

In 2012, with the release of the third part, everything went back to basics. We were again on a paradise island, but now we played as a representative of the golden youth, who with his company was captured by the pirates.

The plot has become more elaborate and now tried to please the player more. All of this resulted in interesting side missions and memorable minor characters who joke about the knife. The island itself was interesting to explore. Every hundred meters we could stumble upon something interesting. The car park was expanded and wild animals were added.


In the third part, the AI and the destructibility of the environment were simplified, but this did not affect the game badly. It also features features that accompany each new part of the series, such as a narcotic trip and, most importantly, a charismatic villain. Vaas became the symbol of this game, and every second schoolchild in 2012 quoted his words about madness.

The strangest thing is that despite the colorful character - he was not our main enemy. Today, many gamers are advised to stop playing Far Cry 3 after killing Vaasa, since all the most interesting missions have been completed. The next part of the game consisted of capturing the second large island. Many people just got bored of doing the same thing. The game also suffered from tower syndrome, which had to be captured.

Sequel to the sequel

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was released in 2013. It was a standalone addition to the third game that took us to the alternate reality of the sci-fi action movies of the 80s. The game did a good job of parodying them with things like laser-shooting robodinosaurs, cyber ninjas and movie banter of the time.


Throw in a good soundtrack too. The game came out good and short-lived. It is recommended for lovers of such an atmosphere, but in general it does not bring anything new to the series. Unless now Yubisof will start releasing independent add-ons for each numbered game.

Far Cry 4 is like Far Cry 3, only 4

In 2014, the fourth part of the series comes out and partially - this is the same third part, but with an updated picture. We moved to India, where we added vertical gameplay with a hook and mercenaries to the old gameplay with outposts, towers, grind from animals and pumping perks. We also improved the fauna, which has become more diverse and actively attacks not only us, but also enemies.

Kirat is a mountainous area, so we were given the opportunity to climb the slopes, which not everyone liked, because you can use the grappling hook only in certain places.


The plot tells us about Ajey Gail, who came to Kirat to dispel the ashes of his mother. At the same time, he finds himself in the midst of a revolution against the dictator, the new villain Pagan Min. The antagonist again came out charismatic, only according to the plot itself he rarely appears, often communicating with us by radio. At the end of the game, we understand that the leaders of the resistance are no different from the dictator, and the alternative ending basically makes us understand that this whole revolution was not worth the blood shed.

Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting that the missions have lost the cinematography of the third part. And in fact the question is: "Was it worth it?" you ask yourself, because the gameplay is Far Cry 3, but without level directing. However, the four will be of interest to those who have not played in the previous part.

Back to primitive

Like last time, a standalone add-on Far Cry Primal has been released for the game. Now the setting has moved to the prehistoric era. We play for Atakar - the last representative of our tribe and in the best traditions of that time - we will recreate our tribe and fight with other tribes without forgetting to mow down the Neanderthals. We will hunt, fight with clubs and set tamed animals on the enemy. In general, this is the same fourth part. However, Yubisoft made a knight's move, and just because we can hunt mammoths as an ancient man, we fell in love with the game.


Pray for Far Cry 5

Here we come to the culmination of the history of Far Cry, because the fifth part is what it was compared to the second game Far Cry 3.

In the story we go to Hope County, Montana, where a sect led by Joseph Sid seized power over him. And to be honest, the game has changed in everything for the better. The cinematic missions are back, the grind and the damn towers are removed, and the antagonist appears in the game more than 2 times. The map consists of three zones, which Syd controls along with two relatives. We are wreaking havoc to kill them one by one. There was also a mechanic for partners who have their own perks and are unlocked after their own story missions.


In the end, we got a good game that has a nice picture, plot, soundtrack, as well as stripped of many stupid mechanics. She has a powerful ending, which also gives her more honor.

A New Dawn

And now we come to the release of the latest solo expansion, New Dawn. What can you say about him in general? This is a good game that, like the past, similar projects has interesting solutions, but is very similar to its predecessor. Critics scold her for this and say that if you played the fifth part, then in New Dawn you will get bored over time. Players love that New Dawn doesn't really pretend to be serious.

But overall, now that we have the entire history of the Far Cry series before us, has it gotten better? The answer is yes, the series has definitely gotten better. She is going in the right direction, throwing out all unnecessary things, which we see in the last two games. She was able to maintain her own handwriting, while not devaluing all the good things that were in past games.


The first game was a bold experiment, the second, rather a failed experiment, but laid the foundations for a series from Yubisoft. The third was a perfect sequel, but not complete in the plot, which was corrected in the fourth. Fifth, I found a recipe for a good Far Kraya. And all the add-ons were rather bonuses for those who are still not satisfied with the original games.

Far Cry is a unique series and it's nice to see that the developer is developing it, albeit with errors.

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Author: Jake Pinkman