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Top 50 best USAn films about the Great Patriotic War


After reviewing Soviet films of a similar subject, let's move on to discussing the top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War. As it was already emphasized in the previous article, USA military masterpieces are not so large-scale and, as they like to say now, “atmospheric”. The Cinema Fund does not particularly favor the theme of the Great Patriotic War, preferring to give money to useless "Matilda", completely unnecessary and passable "Vikings" and frankly idiotic "Attractions" and "Invasions".

List of the best USA films about WWII

But, be that as it may, the Second World War for us is also precisely the "Great Patriotic War". After all, no matter how notorious komunyaki were our great-grandfathers with great-grandmothers, and it was they, our blood relatives, who defended our country, giving their lives for it and for our bright future. So, we will be grateful to them for that.

And at the same time, let's see what our compatriots filmed about their exploits after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

1 Brest Fortress (2010) - about the feat of Soviet border guards at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. According to the inscription on the wall: “I am dying, but I am not giving up. Goodbye, Motherland. 20 / VII-41 "it is clear that the defense of the fortress continued for a month after the Wehrmacht's treacherous invasion of the USSR. For comparison, during this month Hitler's troops have already occupied Belarus completely and almost all of Ukraine.

2 In August 44th (2001) - about how the cleansing of enemy undead and traitors was carried out on the territory of the already liberated Belarus in 1944.

3 I am a USA soldier (1995) - adaptation of B. Vasiliev's story "I didn't appear on the lists ...". About the last defender of the Brest Fortress, a recent graduate of a military school, a 19-year-old lieutenant in the Red Army, who confronted the Fritz alone for more than half a year.

4 Zvezda (2002) - about a group of Soviet saboteurs with the call sign "Zvezda", abandoned behind enemy lines to carry out an important mission on which the further advance of Soviet troops to the west depended. It was not easy for them. Scouts, we mean.

5 Sis (2019) - in the continuation of the top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War - a tape from the category of "rear" adventures. It was not easy for the front-line soldiers. And how difficult was it for the wives of their husbands who had gone to the front to survive? And what was it like for their little children, who until the end believed that their dad was alive, although their mother had already received a funeral. The film is about how a Bashkir family sheltered a girl found in the ruins of a Ukrainian village.

6 Cuckoo (2002) - a tape in which a Finnish sniper and a USA captain did not share a local Sami woman. Well, about the difficulties of communicating in different languages. And what kind of tragedy it can lead to.

7 Great commander Georgy Zhukov (1995) - the film was shot in documentary style and tells about the great Soviet commander Marshal and four times hero of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov.

8 Battle of Sevastopol (2015) - the story of the defense of Sevastopol as a whole, and the main character of the super sniper (a real woman) Lyudmila Pavlichenko, who managed to send more than 300 soldiers and officers to the next world over the years Wehrmacht. Mixed with melodrama and constant flashbacks, the picture looks unfinished, but, in general, you can watch.

9 28 Panfilovites (2016) is an excellent war drama, filmed with the money of the people. About the feat of the soldiers of the 316th Rifle Division, who held back the advance of the enemy's tank units to Moscow as much as necessary and as much as it was possible at all, despite the enormous superiority with the enemy in terms of personnel. We are generally silent about weapons.

10 Own (2004) - the next picture of our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War will tell about the misadventures of three Red Army soldiers who were captured by the Germans in the fall of 1941. About the escape and the fact that the elders sometimes were on our side too.


11 Rowan Waltz (2009) - about where the minefields went after the Fritzes were driven west. In the case of the Oshtinsky district of the Volgograd region, for example, mines were neutralized by young sappers, who were detonated on these same mines in the course of their neutralization. About them and the story.

12 Time to Collect Stones (2005) - about a German sapper who decided to redeem his participation in the war against the USSR and arrived at the site of past battles in order to clear his own minefields. And along the way, about how our military, who came from the war, adapted to a peaceful life.

13 Height 89 (2006) is an abridged version of the 4-episode miniseries At Anonymous Height. About the misadventures of the shooting champion Olga, who will be opposed by a no less skilled sniper from the Fritzes, who monotonously shoots out all the languages that our scouts manage to capture. And without the necessary information, you can't take the height. And without this, there can be no talk of any offensive.

14 Pop (2009) - about the harsh fate that befell the priests of the Pskov Orthodox Mission, who with might and main restored Orthodox churches during the war, after which they were all taken and kicked in the ass by the Soviet troops who arrived liberate the Baltic countries from the invaders.

15 From Hell to Hell (1996) - about the ordeal of a USA mother, who was forced to give her daughter to be raised by local Poles before going to a Nazi concentration camp. The mother managed to survive. But the daughter will no longer recognize her. Severely. What will happen next?


16 We are from the future (2008) - about how four "black diggers" who trade in the sale of artifacts of the Great Patriotic War, dug out by them on the battlefields, fall from the present time into 1942, where face the real fascists. The film has an extended four-part version.

17 We are from the Future 2 (2010) is a continuation of the previous film, in which the main characters again fall into a temporary hole, but this time they leave it in 44th. Apparently, this is due to the fact that two years have passed since the last time, and the "failure" is only consistently for 76 years. From the past participants in the "hostilities" there are only two left, but the rest were replaced by a couple of new ones. You can see it, but it's not that. Looks hacky.

18 I will remember (2010) - as we know from the top of the best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War, in the Soviet Union the problem of Jews in war films was not raised at all. Foreign filmmakers love to suck on this subject. As the saying goes, most likely the one who is most indignant has farted. So the one who hates them in life saves Jews in war films. Tolerance. And domestic filmmakers went there too. In vain. This topic does not suit ours.

19 Franz + Polina (2006) - in the next picture of our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War, the Fritz who occupied one of the Belarusian villages turned out to be somehow suspiciously polite. Does this really happen? One of the local young ladies is even ready to stir up with one of the Fritzes. How long will such an idyll last? It is clear that the continuation of the Marlezon ballet will be as cruel as the beginning was rosy.

20 Fog (2010) - and again the transfer of soldiers in time. This time, a training unit of the USA army will have to face the living Fritzes from the past.

21 Mist 2 (2012) - in the sequel to the first "Mist", young people are sent to the war, who decided to celebrate May 9 in a nightclub. They started at a dance, and ended up in a German pub and, by an unfortunate coincidence, provoked the injury of a soldier who in the near future will have to hoist the banner of the USSR over the Reichstag. What to do? Nonsense, of course, but it will pull you at a time.

22 Thirst (2010) - about how our troops, with the help of a Romanian specialist in the capture of water towers, fought off the Fritzes, guess what. That's right, a water tower. Well, then they got the whole Odessa drunk. Nonsense, and nothing more.

23 72 hours (2015) - in the next tape of our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War, the question is raised about what makes, in general, normal guys out of normal traitors, able to torture their old acquaintances to death without batting an eye. Will a rabid killer be stopped by a patriot who does not succumb to panic and fear?

24 Semi-dim (2005) - when they talk about something resembling fog, latently you begin to wait for the throws of the next gaping assholes into the past. But this is not the case. Here a conflict between USA fighters and local citizens takes place (the action takes place in Germany before the end of the war). Still would. Ours killed their husbands who had gone to fight the Red Army. Only no one bothered to count how many people these "husbands" sent to the next world before they threw back their hooves.

25 Demoted (2009) - no sooner had two of the fighters escorted the third, demoted for cowardice, before the tribunal, as they, all three, both cowardly and not so much, had to defend the hiding from the Nazis a Soviet military hospital in the forest. Who is on trial now?

26 The Dawns Here Are Quiet ... (2015) is a modern re-version of the 1972 film of the same name, which ranks second in the top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War. Our young untrained girls against the "universal soldiers" of the SS. Nothing good will come of it.

27 Non-official mission (2004) - about the battle of our troops with the enemy's undead in the Czech Republic after the surrender of Germany. Some of the goats had to be calmed down.

28 Non-official mission 2: Explosion at dawn (2005) - this time we will talk about an earlier incident involving the same main character of the first film, but the story of his exploits will begin in our days. Such is the pun.

29 Sniper Sakha (2010) - about the commander of a sniper squad of a rifle regiment, who destroyed more than 400 enemy living units from his trusty rifle. Well, and about how one day his hand did not rise to the enemy. Although a green kid, but already Hitler Youth.

30 Anna's War (2018) - about the survival of the little girl Anna in the fireplace of a building, constantly guarded by the Fritzes.

31 A Life-Long Night (2010) - as stated in the synopsis of the KitnoPoisk aggregator, “Two guys were in love with Zinka. Both went to the front, she worked in a hospital. " Not true. One entered the military school, and the second - Petya Gromov, also works in the hospital with Zinka. But the main villain and murderer of Zinka's happiness is the local teacher of German, and now the policeman Styopa Lobov, who, as if nothing had happened, after the war ended, got a job as a policeman. How will Zinka, who came home from Bavaria, react to this? Especially considering that this goat has personally overwhelmed the father of her child.

32 Not one step back! (2007) - about how four Red Army soldiers who had fought off their own and now found themselves in the enemy's rear gave a good light to the fascist invaders.

33 The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Soldier Ivan Chonkin (1994) - USA analogue of the Czech "Brave Soldier Schweik".

34 Leningrad (2007) - this film exists, as is fashionable now, in a four-part extended TV version and a shortened theatrical version. About how two absolutely opposite girls, Nina and Kate, experienced the siege of Leningrad. Will Komsomol member Nina kill the intolerable noblewoman Kate, or will it cost? Or will it all happen the other way around? Otherwise, against the background of terrible hunger, incessant bombings and corpses decaying right on the street, there was nothing else to do.

35 Paradise (2016) - about the ordeal of Olga, who was in the French Resistance, and thundered into a concentration camp for harboring Jewish children. There, the local overseer will love her as best he can. Well, for now he can.

36 General (1992) - another picture of our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War will try to tell a true story about the difficult fate of the General of the Red Army. A. V. Gorbatova. Convicted before the war "for counter-revolutionary crimes", he was fully rehabilitated and reinstated in the Red Army as deputy commander of the 25th Rifle Corps. By the end of the war he commanded the 3rd Army, having risen to the rank of Colonel-General.

37 Bastards (2006) - about how a group of 15-year-old thugs condemned to death under the command of an athlete-mountaineer released ahead of schedule was sent by their motherland first for retraining, and then for deadly mission. Nonsense from start to finish. This is exactly what the author of the work, according to which the film was supposedly staged, said. According to Kunin's assurances, the director and screenwriter invented all this nonsense from their heads.

38 Secret Weapon (2006) - about the adventures of a detachment of Soviet scouts in a secret bunker of the Nazis. We must pay tribute to the next USA filmmakers. Not without another stupid NKVD officer.

39 Edinichka (2015) - about how the gunners under the command of Lieutenant Yegorov tried to kill two birds with one stone. To fulfill the assigned task of protecting an important strategic object and, at the same time, not to expose the local Polish orphans under attack. All that was needed was to send them to hell, at least for a while.

40 Holiday (2001) - once again about the beginning of World War II. Now let's talk about how this happened from the point of view of not Soviet, but USA filmmakers. From the standpoint of their experience, they clearly know more than old people.


42 T-34 (2018) - a tale about how the crew of a T-34 tank sitting in a concentration camp fled on a combat training unit from an enemy military training ground, where the Fritzes wanted to practice combat skills on it battles with USA motorized infantry. Unrealizable, but funny. We haveseparate materialdedicated to this film.

43 Soldier (2018) - next in line in our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War is a story about the son of the regiment, a graduate of the 142nd motorized rifle regiment, the youngest participant in the Battle of Stalingrad and the youngest Hero of the Soviet Union - Seryozha Aleshkov.

44 Ax (2018) - about an officer of the tsarist army who was in prostration until Mother USA was attacked by Hitler's troops. After that, the peasant roused himself and went to chop up the Fritzes to the right and left. Budget but looks great.

45 In the Fog (2012) - about the innocently accused and set up by enemies and fate, a trackman by the name of Sushchenko. There are times when the whole world is against you. And then there is simply no choice. Although, in our opinion, one could go and shoot the Krauts.

46 Sobibor (2018) - about the mass escape of prisoners from the German death camp, planned by the USA Jew Alesandr Pechersky. Adaptation of the book by Ilya Vasiliev "Alexander Pechersky: Breakthrough into Immortality". Not to be confused with the 1987 British film Escape from Sobibor, which we will certainly talk about a little later, in the upcoming top 50 best foreign films about the Second World War.

47 The Last Train (2003) - further in our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War is the tale of the military surgeon Paul Fischbach, dragged on his head to the Eastern Front to heal the wounded. But the command with personnel was blown away like the wind on the last train. And Paul, who hesitated, remained in the snow-covered country of terrible advice. His ordeals were sad. I had a lot to see before the final "loss".

48 Two (2010) - about the difficult burden of partisan Alexander Buryan, which he had to drag to the agreed place in the snow for many, many kilometers. And the burden turned out to be a captured German cipher with a cipher machine to boot.

40 Link of Times (2010) - about how during the battles in the distant 1943 a fascist and a USA managed to fall in love with the same woman. And although both of them died at the same time, in the war, they, in some inexplicable mystical way, managed to save their beloved and the child from death in the distant 2010.


50 Battle of local significance (2008) - about how in 1943 a platoon of Red Army soldiers under the command of a yellow-faced lieutenant who had not yet been in battle was forced to engage in battle with a sabotage group well trained and equipped SS men. And then the local villagers and farmers were stunned.


Our top 50 best USA films about the Great Patriotic War have come to an end. But that's not all. In the next issue, we will get acquainted with what foreign filmmakers explained about the Second World War. These took part in the war not on such a large scale as Soviet citizens, but their point of view is also worthy of being sanctified.

In the meantime, we are saying goodbye to you, we wish you good health and more cool films and TV series!

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