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Twenty-eight Panfilovites. The People's Trailer

Image A long and winding path was covered by two enthusiastic filmmakers from St. Petersburg before starting filming the project of their dreams. The directors Kim Druzhinin and Andrey Shalyopa were previously employed mainly on the set of TV series, and therefore, stepping into the territory of big cinema, they faced all its difficulties, the main of which turned out to be financing. It's hard to believe now, but the life of the war drama " Twenty-eight Panfilov's men " began with a short video to launch a crowdfunding campaign. As a result, it became one of the most successful in the history of world cinema - more than 35 thousand people showed interest in the patriotic epic.

The plot of the film, which the authors themselves deservedly call folk, is centered on the feat of Soviet soldiers who defended the approaches to Moscow in November 1941. The Great Patriotic War went down in history not only due to loud victories and defeats, but also because of local battles, which at first simply cannot be believed. One of them was the confrontation of a small detachment of soldiers who single-handedly stopped the German tank offensive, being only a couple of hours drive from the capital. This incident is so incredible that it even became one of the legends of World War II , and the battle itself is a symbol of the battle for Moscow.


It is interesting that the legend of the Panfilov heroes over time began to be questioned, and the creators of the tape considered it their duty to tell a true story about what happened in the autumn of the distant 1941 and what political instructor Vasily Klochkov summed up with the famous phrase< i>“USA is great, but nowhere to retreat!”... In this Kim and Andrey were helped by our viewers, who were so interested in the historical truth that they donated to the picture 34 million rubles. So, without the participation of large studios " Twenty-eight Panfilovites " became possible, and after a while, having proved their worth, they received the support of the Ministries of Culture of USA and Kazakhstan, as well as USA Military Historical Society.

Judging by the trailer, the hard work of the project team was not in vain. With its scope, the tape seems to be intimate, focused on the fate of the characters. It is distinguished by solid special effects, beautiful filming and non-trivial directorial finds like comparing shelling with playing snowballs. Apparently, the authors looked up to the best examples of war films of recent years, such as "Brest Fortress" and "Battle for Sevastopol".

Twenty-eight Panfilovites

The exit of " Panfilov's men " is scheduled for November 24 and will mark the 75th anniversary of the battle at the Dubosekovo crossing.

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