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What to see from the movies this weekend: ”The King” (2019)


Another weekend, and again we can't choose what to watch from the movies. All new comedies are naive, action films are implausible, thrillers and detective stories are predictable. In this regard, we decided to look into the historical section and try to choose something from there, the most recent and, at the same time, plausible. We settled on The King, produced by Plan B Entertainment and Porchlight Films, for the streaming service Netflix.

What time do the events unfold

Someone taught, someone did not teach history at school, it doesn't matter. It is important that everyone understands what the Middle Ages are. We will not go into the jungle of the feudal system of the model of the XIV-XV centuries, let's just say that the kings ruled the European states at that time. And so between the royal house of France and the royal house of England there was a dispute at that time over the mainland lands that once belonged to the British.


This period was difficult, during which every now and then battles flared up between the French and the British (and their allies). It is called the "Hundred Years War" and it was in the midst of it that the young King Henry managed to ascend the throneV.

How it all began

The coming to power, or rather, the return to the throne of Father Henry IV, was protracted, but, nevertheless, he managed to overthrow Richard II from the throne. But the story begins from the place when Henry IV was completely out of his mind. Disliking the son of Henry, he deprived him of the right to inherit the throne after his death, and appointed his younger son, Thomas, his heir to the throne.

But it so happened that Thomas was decided on the battlefield in another internecine quarrel, unleashed by a sick man on his head. And Henry the Younger had to crawl out of his riotous drinking establishments in order to put on the crown of glorious England.

Next comes a series of events, which once again brings British troops to France. The film also describes the famous battle of the Middle Ages - the battle of Agincourt. Watching the trailer.

It is clear what will be interesting.

What's good about The King

It is unclear whether Timothy Shalme is so unsmiling in life, or this image is spelled out so, but he looked in his role - the role of the rabbit of Henry V - one hundred percent. And everyone else, in general, also played their roles perfectly.

The battle footage is also excellently presented. It can be seen that the emphasis was placed on realism, and not on entertainment, as, say, in the same TV series "Spartacus" from the Starz channel. Special thanks to the creators of battle scenes for this.


Everything here is close to realism to the maximum. Clothes, decoration of palaces - everything, as befits that dark time. If this is clothes, then without any flashy colors, if it is armor, then you will not undermine them at all, and if there is a scene of chopping off the head, then no camera turns in the other direction.


Because of this, it looks great, and no questions arise during viewing, they say, how he jumped three meters in such pieces of iron, and how he pierced steel armor with a sword. Here, if he killed - then really in a place where there is no iron, or simply stunned. This realism is worthy of respect.

What I didn't like

There is no documented evidence that Henry V led a wild life before accession to the throne. And we didn't really like the fact that the creators of the picture first illuminated this particular period of his life, and not the one where he suppressed the rebellion of Owain Glyndwr or participated in the Battle of Shrewsbury, where, by the way, he almost died from an enemy arrow that hit him in the face and left a scar for life, which, by the way, cannot be seen here at all.

Otherwise, in principle, everything is fine. And even if we consider that the reign of Henry V was very short-lived (from 1413 to 1422, died of dysentery, which he caught during the siege of Mo), his accession to the throne, as well as the first years of his reign, were triumphant.

What's in the film is excellent and shown.


Anyone who wants to watch the movie right now online and without any registrations, we invite you to follow the link below.

King (2019) online

We wish the rest of you good luck and good mood. Visit us more often, and you will not have any problems with choosing what to watch from the films. Enjoy your evening and, as always, more cool movies and TV shows!

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