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What to see from the movies on New Year's Eve: ”Prince for Christmas 1, 2, 3” (2017-2019)


Let's forget about dramas, thrillers, action films, science fiction and horror films for the period of New Year's holidays and New Year's holidays. Today, when asked what to watch from the films, we will, without any, advise something from a not very hackneyed Christmas. And the best choice, in our opinion, will be the three films from the Prince for Christmas franchise.

These films are little known to the general public, since they were not shown in cinemas, but were released immediately on the video streaming serviceNetflix. A Prince for Christmas came out in 2017, A Prince for Christmas: The Royal Wedding came out in 2018, and A Prince for Christmas: A Royal Child came out in 2019. Let's discuss each painting in order.

A Prince for Christmas (2017)

In the universe of the "Prince for Christmas" franchise, in the Carpathian Mountains, there is a small kingdom of Aldovia. It is not entirely clear which of the states in this world had to make room to give it a place. Maybe the Romanian Transylvania, Ukraine, Poland or Slovakia did not skimp on their territories, or maybe this is some kind of strangely shifted to the north-west version of our Moldova, it does not matter. The main thing is that, unlike the aforementioned Moldova, it is not a republic, but a kingdom in which the monarch died not so long ago.

From the untimely deceased king, a couple of offspring remained - Prince Richard, who became an adult long ago, and another very petty asshole - Princess Emily, who has some kind of disease of the lower extremities, and therefore she moves with sticks (with difficulty ) or on a wheelchair (most often).

In the next Christmas, due to the well-established tradition, Prince Richard will be crowned. Only he is not at all eager to become a king. He is a carousel and a womanizer, whom it is not clear how the earth wears, and he is quite satisfied with the carefree life of a simple, not burdened by state affairs, prince.

A girl, according to the laws of Aldovia, cannot become the ruling monarch, which means that in case of renouncing the throne of Richard, the throne and crown will be granted to the closest male relative - the wicked cousin Simon.

All this fuss around the crown of Aldovia is very interesting to the world community, and, of course, a large-scale excitement is inflated around the upcoming coronation by journalists and bloggers of all stripes. Amber is just one of the journalists of the famous New York newspaper, sent to Aldovia in order to dig up new material on this matter for the editorial board.


But, here's the bad luck, it was announced to journalists who had just sat down for a press conference with Prince Richard that this very press conference would not be. Amber is faced with a dilemma - to get away to America without eating too much, thereby proving her complete failure, or by hook or by crook to stay in the castle to collect at least some grain of information.

It's clear that the girl chooses the second option. Just at the castle, the arrival of a new teacher for Emily was awaited (the previous one was unable to bear the bizarre unbearable antics of a young and capricious princess), for whom the girl passed herself off.

Subsequently, as everyone probably guesses, she was dragged into the fuss with the coronation, becoming, at the same time, the culprit of all the troubles of the kingdom, and its savior.

A Prince for Christmas: The Royal Wedding (2018)

A year has passed since the events of the previous film. It is not entirely clear why King Richard and Amber, to whom he owes his coronation, have not yet been married. Maybe they tried to get to know each other better, being far away from each other, which even sounds very silly, or maybe the royal family of Aldovia has a tradition to time all significant ceremonies for Christmas.

Apparently, Amber never gave up her journalistic career (now she is a famous blogger) and all this time she lived in New York, which is why the future royal spouses now and then had to fly to each other- ride-swim.

But now the hour of the wedding has come, and Amber, beaming with happiness, arrives in Aldovia to finally become the queen of this very Aldovia. But here, too, the couple was hit by a stick in the wheel. And this time all the boron cheese happened, first of all, through the fault of Amber herself, who was in no way ready to become a made-up pattern queen.

In order to become a full-fledged wife of the king, she was offered to break with her previous life, move and live in a palace without leaving, stop blogging, not do most of her favorite things, give up a bunch of her favorite habits, in general, become a doll on the threads of local laws, traditions and rules.

No, she still loves Richard, and no less than a year ago. But, dear, as the well-known cartoon Masyanya would say, let's do it somehow!

Everything, like a steam locomotive whose brakes have failed at full speed, is inevitably heading towards disaster. Grievances accumulate, the next prohibitions are more and more confusing and Amber is ready to drop everything and dump everything out of this "aquarium". How it all ends - see for yourself.

A Prince for Christmas: Royal Child (2019)

As already mentioned, in the strange kingdom of Aldovia, all significant events are timed to coincide with Christmas. We won't be surprised if we learn that wars don't start here either until Christmas comes. In light of this, it is not entirely clear how the king-father managed to die ahead of time. But be that as it may, the birth of the royal offspring also happened to coincide with the Christmas date.

And also the signing of a peace treaty between Aldovia and Penglia was timed to coincide with the Christmas date. Yes, it turns out that there is such a state in these places. This traditional "extension of peaceful coexistence" occurs once every hundred years. And now - the fun part.

If the agreement is not signed by both parties on Christmas Eve before midnight, then a terrible curse will fall on the royal firstborn, on the one whose daddy is now sitting on the throne.

What kind of curse is it and what it is expressed in is not particularly explained in the film, but the royal couple are not going to find out what it is on their own skin, or rather, on the skin of their own child. Therefore, the "re-signing" of the agreement must take place on time and in accordance with all the rules.

And everything would be fine, but only an important handwritten artifact, intended for this ritual, was stolen at the most crucial moment. Now everyone who is "for ours" will have to figure out whose hands it is, and who is the culprit of this terrible conspiracy. And do it before midnight on Christmas night.

Otherwise, there will be more cursed prince in this world.

A little about the pros and cons

The film was shot in the most beautiful places in the Carpathians, in the vicinity of the Peles castle, where the border separates Transylvania and Wallachia, in the vicinity of the city of Sinaia (Romania). All three parts of the film came out quite atmospheric, the impression of being squeezed in four walls and a cut budget for extras, costumes and scenery are not created.


Someone may see the disadvantages in naive plots, but, frankly, it is impossible to write such a Christmas tale that, according to one parameter or another, would not be naive. The main thing here is that kindness and love here, as always, win. And what else does a family film need to be light, funny, entertaining and not bringing sadness or despondency? That's right, the victory of good over evil.

So let's celebrate another such victory, and at the same time raise our Christmas spirit.

For us, it will, of course, be more like the spirit of the New Year, but what's the difference? Who is to blame for the fact that the Orthodox New Year is ahead of Christmas, and for the second, usually, there is no longer enough money, no strength, no health?


On this we will close the topic, because after saying a little more, we will make one large and original spoiler out of our original descriptions. So, everyone who is satisfied with our advice on what to watch from the movies on New Year's Eve weekend, please follow the links below:

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For the rest, who will find these films uninteresting for some reason, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with ourextended top of New Year's and Christmas-themed films. It seems that in it anyone will choose a film to their taste and color. We say goodbye to you, we wish you all a great New Year's mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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