Dimensions of Cyberpunk 2077, Crusader Kings 3 Achievements, Xbox Series X Peripherals - Gaming News Digest # 1.09. Part two (Topic)

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Dimensions of Cyberpunk 2077, Crusader Kings 3 Achievements, Xbox Series X Peripherals - Gaming News Digest # 1.09. Part two


Dimensions of Cyberpunk 2077, Crusader Kings 3 successes, Xbox Series X peripherals - gaming news digest # 1.09. Part two

Cyberpunk 2077 won't be 200GB

During the presentation, NVIDIA mentioned the phrase that the next generation games will weigh about 200GB. At this time, Cyberpunk 2077 was shown on screen as a background, which was cause for concern, and users on Reddit suggested that the game would also be of this size. CDPR community manager Marcin Momot took on their concerns.


According to him, the game will not take up such huge volumes. We will see this for ourselves soon when its system requirements are published [this will happen soon]. Cyberpunk 2077 meets the system requirements of all modern projects, so there is nothing to worry about.

We can assume that the game will take up to 100GB, since this is the side-altar of modern projects, but given the well-developed open world, it is unlikely that its volume will be less than 60GB.

Crusader Kings 3 has become one of the most popular games on Steam

The release of Crusader Kings 3 turned out to be quite successful: it has good sales, reviews, and now simultaneous online has reached new records.

On the first day, it amounted to 97 thousand online players. This helped her overtake projects such as Team Fortress 2, Destiny 2, Warframe.


When it comes to world positions, Crusader Kings 3 is ranked first, and its Royal Edition is third. The game is most likely even more popular than we think, as it is also available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The game's Steam ratings are in line with its popularity. She is now 92% rating based on 3506 reviews. Many of them, however, are ironic-comic, based on the generation of unique situations by the game and extensive opportunities in it, such as sleeping with your children when they grow up and producing bastards.

The game was also highly rated by critics, and it is now one of the highest rated this year. For example, IGN gave her the highest score - a masterpiece.

Xbox Series X will support all Xbox One accessories and more

Microsoft previously revealed that the Xbox Series X will support the Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Adaptive Controller. This week, we were informed in detail about all the peripherals that the new console will support.

  • XSX supports all Xbox One wireless and connected accessories. They are all compatible with the new console.
  • XSX is compatible with all Xbox Wireless Controller headsets.


  • Other headsets using an optical cable may need a software update to connect to the XSX. If there is no update available for these headsets, they can be connected directly to the TV.
  • To make it easier for you to navigate which devices are compatible with the new console, Microsoft has released an updated Designed for Xbox logo. The presence of this mark indicates that the device works on both the new and the old Microsoft console. As part of this program, the company collaborates with 30 manufacturers of accessories.

Details of the USA translation of Disco Elysium

Recall that the Testronic agency is currently translating Disco Elysium into USA. While it's not easy to translate a game like this, so far everything is going well and the translators have posted details of the workflow on their blog.

  • The agency uses a single platform where each translator can see how colleagues translated a particular word / phrase.
  • At the end of the translation, the text will undergo a quality assessment, where a special department will check the text for errors and appropriate line sizes.
  • The translation team is small, but this is considered a plus, because it makes it easier to coordinate actions and adhere to a single translation style. The team includes both experienced translators and fans of the game.
  • Censorship in the game will affect only one word - f *** t. This was done at the request of the developers. In general, the linguistic flavor will remain and people with a “non-standard lifestyle” will communicate as they should.
  • ZA / UM themselves help in translation. So, they translate some words.
  • Game graphics such as graffiti and signs will remain intact.
  • The translation is generally 52% complete.

So far, the release date of the USA localization of Disco Elysium is unknown.

Akira Yamaoka wrote a new track for The Medium - The Maw

For The Medium, the soundtrack is composed by a tandem of composers - Akira Yamaoka [Silent Hill] and Arkadiusz Reikovsky [Kholat, Observer].


For advertising purposes, the developer decided to publish one track at a time on Steam prior to the release of the game. The first was - The Maw, written by Akira Yamaoka. Likewise, the game refers to an adversary who is the essence of a changeable mood created by tragedy.


The game itself will be released later this year on PC and Xbox One.

A Black Panther statue has been added to Fortnite. Players come to her as to a place of sorrow

Most likely, you know that on August 28, Chadwick Boseman passed away, playing the role of the Black Panther in the MCU. On September 1, a statue of the Black Panther appeared in Fortnite, but as the developer admitted, it was not conceived as a tribute to the actor, it was just that circumstances coincided.


The statue was added to the game as part of Fortnite's Marvel Superhero Chapter 2 Season 4. As part of this, familiar locations from the Marvel films appear in the game from time to time.

But with Boseman dead, players come there to pay tribute to the actor. This is reported on Reddit. The situation near the statue is conducive to this.

That was all the big news at the end of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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