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Acer unveils ultra-thin notebook with minimal weight


Swift 7 has been added to the Acer family. The company has released a new laptop Acer, and its main differences are the minimum weight and ultra-thin body. The manufacturer plans to enter international markets with the laptop, including USA.

Together with the battery, the Acer Swift laptop barely reaches 900 grams. Its charge should be enough for 12 hours, in any case, as the manufacturer claims. When closed, the thickness of the laptop is no more than 10 millimeters. The body is based on aluminum and lithium alloys with magnesium additions - such a composition is often used in lightweight construction of racing bicycles.

The new ultralight Swift 7 is positioned as a business solution that can handle heavy professional applications. But at the same time, there is no discrete graphics card in its specifications. Instead, in a laptop, an integrated board built directly into the chipset is responsible for the graphics. The heart of the device is the eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor. The amount of RAM is presented in variations of 8 and 16 GB, the capacity of the internal storage is 512 GB.


The announced Acer laptop continues the trend of decreasing bezels around the display, which is mainly characteristic of modern smartphones.

The Swift 7's 14-inch screen covers 92% of the top of the case. This is made possible by reducing the bezel at the top and sides to 2.5mm. The display supports the Full HD standard and is additionally protected by a professional Gorilla Glass 6 coating. Small top frames made it impossible to place the camera in its usual place above the screen. Instead, it sits in a drawer next to the keyboard.


Among laptops of other brands of approximately the same price category as the Swift 7 (and the manufacturer estimates its maximum configuration at around 160 thousand USA rubles), the main competitors are Apple and LG devices. In terms of size and thinness, Acer notebook can compete with the MacBook Air. These devices are considered one of the most ultra-thin among all the representatives of the market. Like the Swift 7, the MacBook family now has an 8th Gen Intel Core chipset that they received after last year's fall update. MacBook Air cases are between 4mm and 16mm thick.


In terms of weight, Acer Swift 7 competes with LG solutions, namely the Gram family. The line includes several laptops with different diagonals, but the 14-inch model LG Gram 14 is closer to the new Acer in terms of technical parameters. It is based on the same eighth generation Intel Core i7 chip, and the weight is less than 1 kg.

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Author: Jake Pinkman