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Top 30 Best Films of 2019: Results, Part 2


As already mentioned, not all predictions came true. The top of the list of the best films of 2019 is not full of expensive blockbusters. But a good picture is not always one that is bursting at the seams from the budget poured into it. And the names of the actors are not always able to take out the project. Success makes a good, solid script and competent direction. We will see all this with you in the pictures that made up our extended top.

The films that are in our top thirty will go to any connoisseur of cinematography, regardless of his genre preferences. Therefore, read, study, choose and boldly watch.

11. Pain and Glory (Spain, France) 7.49

At the eleventh place in the top of the best films of 2019, there is a story about a Spanish director who, towards the end of his career, has completely lost all his creative potential. Among the writers there is such an expression "used up". This means that no matter how hard you are, sitting down at your desktop you can no longer create something original. All the ideas from your head have disappeared, and now the only thing you can think about is your past successes and merits, as well as sorting out in your mind whether you deserved these merits?

Salvador Milo, suspiciously similar to El Mariachi from Desperate, came to the end of his career with a bunch of chronic ailments, phobias and mental anguish. And then he received an offer to perform at a re-screening of one of his best works, which has recently been "remaster". Despite the success with the public, Milo was critical of this picture. In his opinion, Federico Delgado, who played the main role in this film, played completely differently from what he expected from him.

Milo very much asked Federico to quit drugs at the time of filming, but he always came to the set "extinguished", which made his acting, according to the director, not as expected.

But, having watched the film again after many years, he decided that he was wrong. And I thought it would be good to make peace with this actor (by the way, in the past - his friend) and go to the rerun of the tape together.

He comes to Federico, they reconcile. And heroin, a dose of which they took together, became important in their reconciliation. And now Milo himself is addicted to drugs.

I wonder if they will help in his work of reconciliation with his past and present, or will only exacerbate the already heavy burden of the dramatic past.

12. Farewell (USA, China) 7.49

To tell or not to tell the patient that he is terminally ill? The question is, of course, interesting. It is he who is pondering in the next film of our top. For example, in the USA or USA, according to the law, the doctor is obliged to inform the patient (if he is quite sane and not mentally retarded) a true diagnosis. Concealing this kind of information from a patient can result in not only a fine and dismissal for the doctor, but also a prison term.

But it turns out that this kind of cover-up is not uncommon in China.

The next picture of the next ten best films of 2019 tells about the drama that played out around an elderly Chinese woman who was diagnosed by doctors with cancer. Granny has a big family. Some of her children left for America, some live in China, but this is not important. It is important that the attending physician reported the oncological disease not to the grandmother herself, but to her relatives. And now the whole family starts to move. Everyone knows that grandmother will not last long, and everyone wants to see her goodbye.

Understandably, a "one-time pilgrimage" to the ancestral home of all, without exception, relatives will arouse suspicion in an elderly woman. She is old, but far from stupid. And so an excuse was invented for an excuse. Allegedly, everyone comes to take a walk at the wedding of one of her grandchildren. Will Granny guess that she is simply being tricked?

In our opinion, hiding the diagnosis from the patient is naive and stupid. While some may become depressed, others, on the contrary, can spend time usefully: they will finish some business, visit where they wanted to visit all their life, etc.

But this is only our opinion, which, unfortunately, does not in any way bother the Chinese legislators. But in vain.

13. Peanut Falcon (USA) 7.48

The next picture of our top best films-2019 is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Clint Eastwood's 1993 film "Perfect World" with Kevin Costner in the title role. Only there, the criminal who had escaped from the slammer was running around with a small, beaten kid, whom he took hostage. Here we are also talking about the wanted criminal, but he no longer cooperated with the kid, but with a completely grown man, only with Down syndrome.

A guy named Tyler, who looks suspiciously like the grown-up Sam Whitwiski from 1, 2, and 3 "Transformers", as revenge for the bodily and mental "injuries" caused, burned fishing tackle and equipment of local fishermen and rushed to the run. Local fishermen, crazy with such impudence, rushed to look for him. The police, by the way, too.

At this time, a boy named Zach who was placed there by Down's sick escapes from the nursing home. Slipping out between the bars in his underpants, he rushes to the river pier and hides under a canopy in one of the boats, just on the one on which Tyler decided to make his legs from angry locals.

They managed to break away from their pursuers, but they will follow their trail throughout the film.

By the way, the criminal Tyler and the sick Zach got along well. Tyler just didn't know where to go, and Zach really wanted to go to wrestling school. That's where they went.

But not only fishermen and police are looking for the escaped Tyler. His trail is also followed by Zach's nanny, burning with anxiety, suspiciously similar to Suzy from the new and improved Suspiria.

14. Dirt (USA) 7.35

While 20th Century Fox and New Regency were making a biopic about Freddie Mercury, Netflix worked hard on a biopic about the rise and career of the 80s and 90s metal band Motley Crew. Of course, they did not manage to reach the rating of "Bohemian Rhapsody", but 7.4 for a film that has not been shown in cinemas is very good.

The film begins with the fact that all the main characters embarked on long and lengthy flashbacks, that is, a story about "how everything was." It is shown how Nikki Sixx (bassist) swears with his mother and leaves home, how everyone in the family loves Tommy Lee (drummer), how a back patient and suspiciously similar to Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones Mick Mars joins the group (solo guitar), as well as Vince Neal (vocalist), who until now sang in a third-rate cover band.

And from that moment everything started spinning. Their very first performance began not with their best song, but with a cool massacre, during which the group secured the support of a part of the audience that did not participate in the scuffle.

Their ups and downs, problems and successes, whores and wives, drugs and rehabilitation, life and death will pass before our eyes. All together, this whole ball of mud, spinning in the mud, is the Motley Crew group, which sings, by the way, to this day.

It's a crime to skip such films!

15. Spider-Man: Far From Home (USA) 7.30

More than six months have passed since the world famous superhero and savior of 50 percent of all living and thinking beings in the universe - Iron Man - passed away. And now a new threat looms over the world. In this 2019 film, Spider-Man will have to fight the Elementals - the spirits of the elements, for some unknown reason, raging, and not only with them. The main antagonist here will be worse.

Parker was just going on a trip to countries and territories when he learned that Nick Fury himself was looking for him. Peter decided he had enough superhero tricks for him. It's time to rest and improve your brains. But the riot of the Water Elemental did not allow him to enjoy his vacation in Venice as a human being.

After the incident, Fury still finds him. And, of course, by hook or by crook he recruits to perform the next super-complicated case.

Separately, I would like to dwell on the moment in which Parker is trying to get away from the case, in turn advising Fury to turn to the First Avenger, then to Captain Marvel, then to someone else. But Fury invariably says to every name "he is not available at this time." Funny, is not it? What does the avenger mean at the time of the global threat? What kind of avenger is he then if he is not there when he is needed?

To help Spider-Man, a person from a parallel universe was given - the superhero Mysterio, he is also Quentin Beck, who has already shown himself on the good side in that very Venice. But is he that simple, this suspicious Mr. Beck?

After all, from the very beginning it will seem to an observant person that with this guy, suspiciously similar to Colter Stevens from "Source Code", not everything is in order.

16. Aladdin (USA) 7.30

There is nothing to say about this tape. This is just a rehash of the cartoon of the same name. Moreover, filmed almost one-on-one according to his script.

Except that people, animals and carpets are not painted here, but quite real to themselves (although one can argue about the carpet), everything is one to one, like in a cartoon. Jafar, a sullen and greedy bastard, the first minister in the service of the local sultan, has planned something unkind. Finding the "uncut diamond" - Aladdin, he sent it to the cave, from where he had to bring him a lamp. This is where it all went awry.

The lamp remained with Aladdin, blue Will Smith, aka Gene, contracted to help him marry a princess, and Jafar ... And Jafar, as usual, really wants his lamp and world domination.

Wanting is not harmful, it is harmful not to want, some would say. But here at least want, at least don't want, but all one thing is a bummer.

17. Text (USA) 7.29

20-year-old boy Ilya Grunov is very fond of his mother, his girlfriend, and, of course, hangouts in nightclubs. His life is magnificent. He is about to graduate from a university, and then there is a direct road to a happy future.

But unexpectedly, a bumpy speed bump appeared on this road in the form of an employee of the Federal Drug Control Service Pyotr Khazin, who, having safely thrown drugs into his jeans pocket, planted him on false charges in a slammer for seven long years.

Leaving the places of detention and arriving at the place of his previous registration, Ilya Goryunov faced his future. But there was nothing bright about him. The mother died of a heart attack two days before his arrival. The girl chased him away, saying that now there is nothing in common between them and she now has her own life.

What to do? Well, of course, get drunk and go to look into the eyes of the goat Pyotr Khazin, who not so long ago received the rank of major. And when he starts to kick out, kick him in the teeth. And once again - head against iron, so much so that this head would split. Which she basically did.

What to do? A secluded place, nearby a sewer hatch. Well, let's throw him there, or what? Thrown off. Before that, they took away his smartphone. And let's pretend that Petya is alive and well.

Responding to SMS and other messages on Vatsap, Ilya took the girl, friends and parents of his now dead offender by the nose for a long time, whose corpse was slowly rotting in one of the pipes of the local sewage system. Only this "masquerade" could not last forever. Ilya understood this perfectly, and decided, while there was an opportunity, to establish and improve some of the affairs of the accidentally killed Major Khazin.

18. Doctor Sleep (USA, UK) 7.28

Next in our top of the best films of 2019 is the continuation ofStephen King'sThe Shining, or rather, the film of the same name, starring Jack Nicholson, based on it.

As we remember (or may not remember), a glorious shining boy named Danny, along with his mother, with the help of chef Dick Halloran, escaped from the creepy Overlook hotel.

Many years have passed since then. Boy Danny Torrance grew up and became suspiciously similar to Obi Wan from Star Wars. He followed in his father's footsteps and happily began to paw the collar. His mother died long ago, and he himself interrupts here and there. At the present time, he helps the local old people from the local nursing home, who are ready to retire to another world, in fact, to move away to this very other world.

And somehow a dark-skinned girl Abra comes out to him through the "radiant", that is - telepathic, channel, claiming that she knows who hunts and kills children and adolescents, whose disappearance from time to time they write in the newspapers and say on the TV news. It turns out that the Overlook Hotel, or, rather, the evil that settled within its walls, is not the only one who likes to feast on the fear of children with "radiant" abilities. A group of peculiar vampires roams the country from corner to corner, feeding on the same - the fear of their victims.

Drunkard Danny initially advises the girl to stay away from these dangerous people, and refuses to help her. But from the other world comes the same chef Dick Halloran, who in the first part saved his life with his mother at the cost of his own, and makes him an offer, which he cannot refuse.

And Denny, having stopped drinking, rushes into battle ...

19. El Camino: Breaking Bad (USA) 7.27

Previously, we were all confident that the famous TV series "Breaking Bad" had an excellent logical conclusion. Moreover, the AMC channel, on which this franchise was shown, thought the same way. But the big minds at streaming service Netflix disagreed.

And, having bought the rights to the characters, they concocted the ending of the series, which sheds light on much hidden and unfinished. We all know that the rescued Pinkman at the end of the series was driving a wheelbarrow to his bright future, which in the film turned out to be not so bright. In fact, for obvious reasons, the cops and the drug mafia will be looking for him everywhere and always. How a guy will get out of this situation will be discussed in the picture.

And also the tape will tell us about how hard it was in the clutches of villains. And in some flashbacks we will meet some other faces from the famous TV series. Even Mr. White showed up in them. So it will be interesting.

20. Balkan border (USA, Serbia) 7.24

The next film in our top 30 is set in Yugoslavia in 1995. Peacekeepers should not be thrown out of the helicopter villains, whether they are at least three times villains. After all, these are our own, NATO scoundrels, as the 36th US President Lyndon Johnson would put it. That is why the head of our unit, suspiciously similar to the anti-killer from Antikiller, was reprimanded for incomplete official compliance, his unit was disbanded, and the characters in the incident were fired.

And now, after 4 years, the group is reassembled. They were needed in order to seize the only airport in Kosovo before it is occupied by the forces of "peacekeepers", which are NATO sixes. The airport was needed, first of all, so that the civilians of Kosovo, who were simply massacred and shot by the Albanians right and left, could, if possible, get out of the conflict zone.

All fighters were promised full rehabilitation and recovery in service. And the soldiers went to storm. Yes, exactly for the assault, since the airport, as it turned out, was already occupied by a gang of local Kosovar-Albanian militants, who were just engaged in "cutting" the local Serbian population.

It's going to be hot, action-packed and dramatic.


Let's take a break for now. In the third part of our top list of the best films of 2019, we will find no less worthwhile pictures than in the previous parts. But we will discuss them next week. In the meantime, enjoy your mood while watching the best of the best, and, of course, even more cool films and TV shows!

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