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50 Shades of The Sims - Crazy Mods for The Sims 4. Part One


Do you think The Sims is too toothless and lacks an R rating? Let's reveal the secret: you are clearly not alone, as in the modding community of The Sims you can unearth diamonds that will make your gameplay, shall we say, vicious somewhere on the level of GTA 5 and maybe even more. Gamepressure has collected mods for The Sims 4, thanks to which it can be safely put in an R rating. Well, or at least they will make the game more trashy. As the author of the material says, after some of them, your life will no longer be the same. All in all, sex drugs and rock and roll. And also excessive romance, fatherhood and fetishes. In short, 18+ and that's it.

Wicked Whims

Let's start with the trump cards, so to speak. Wicked Whims is arguably the biggest mod on this list. Think your Sims' sex life is boring and monotonous, just tumbling under the blanket? Or maybe you want to realize your innermost dreams and fantasies in the game, as some of us did as children with Barbie dolls? Yes, they didn't have genitals either, but did that bother you? Wicked Whims will undoubtedly allow for something like this in the game.

The animations that the mod adds significantly [I mean very much] add to your Sims' sex life experience. For example, the community on the forums loves to practice with this in-game orgy mod ... To download the mod, you must create an account on the creators website. And then you can download whatever you want. And only then share your impressions with your friends, whether it was worth it or not.


With Wicked Whims, the characters you create can become naturists [naturism is a worldview of unity with nature; naturists are usually in favor of walking naked - WorldOfTopics], and if you have The Sims 4: Get Together DLC - also exhibitionists. Your characters will be able to freely "connect with nature" and also with each other anywhere: car, plane, city center, nightclub, swingers club [again, you will need the aforementioned DLC], crowded street, sofa, table, wardrobe ... Unleash your imagination! And yes, the gender of the characters does not really matter.

Down with the sheets with hearts and clouds of pixels! Everything is serious here. I still cannot forget it. The mod also adds the ability to spy on others. Sims can engage in polygamous and polyamorous relationships. And incestuous. Therefore, playing the Game of Thrones is also possible. Well, or all sorts of anime about brothers and sisters.

The game also changes some of the gameplay mechanics that change the female experience in the game. The mod allows you to change the chance of pregnancy from 0 to 100%. Abortion? 1500 simoleons and you're done. This can also be done with drugs [also featured in this mod]. Female characters who have thus far led a blissful life without a menstrual cycle will now have one. Periods, soiled underwear, discomfort - all this was foreseen by the mods. Including tampons and pads.

So, crazy situations can appear in the game. For example, a guy from the street without pants climbed into the window to my lesbian couple during intercourse and began to please himself. After that, he wandered around the house, and when one of my heroines caught fire while preparing food, he came to the rescue and put it out. After that, they went upstairs to bed, where they were caught by a second girl. A fight broke out, which eventually ended in "love" again.

What can I say, if The Sims could replace your life before, now it's also a sexual experience.

Custom Aphrodite Aspiration

If you love romance and myths of ancient Greece, then this one is for you. After all, Custom Aphrodite Aspiration invites you to follow the path of the myths about the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Expect your character to spend all of his time romance, flirting, seduction, and certain tasks. For example, like Aphrodite, who was married to the ugly Hephaestus, have five lovers. Aphrodite Aspiration is definitely worth pairing with Wicked Whims.


However, don't expect only romance. There are also weddings, numerous children and ... gardening. In other words, you have a huge responsibility. If you can survive all of this, you will be properly rewarded. How? Let it be a surprise if you do decide to find this mod.

Breast Augmentation

I think you guessed that there will be something similar. This mod is pretty darn simple in its function - you can make your characters' breasts really big. As with the other adjustment items, you can raise and lower your chest. No matter how hard you try, they will still look unnatural. Combining this mod with Wicked Whims can create some strange situations. So, the huge size of the bust is incompatible with some positions.

Fitness Controls

But this is for people with truly specific tastes. This mod allows you to modify the bodies of sims: make them fat, thin or muscular, to the extreme. All of this can be customized in the character editor. Simply increase or decrease fat, muscle mass with the slider, and then choose your clothes and never change them. It is important to do this, since without this you will not be able to achieve the desired result, because changing clothes will lead to the fact that the sim will return to the normal physique established by the developer. This mod, of course, encourages extremes. The question is where your aesthetic limits end.


Luckily, the author gives you a choice of how much you can reduce or increase the size of your Sims. It all depends on how far you are willing to go.

Babies for Everyone

Are you a fan of the movie "Junior?" then this mod is for you. Teenage girls? Men? Same sex couple? Granny and Grandpa? All Sims can get pregnant now. Age does not matter. Physiology and anatomy too. There are only two things you should know.

First, if you send Sims to bed to make a baby, nothing happens. As in the original game, you are required to select the "have a baby" option. Again, you can combine this mod with Wicked Whims and then unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy.


Secondly, sims that existed before the installation of the mod may not be suitable for carrying a child. To do this, you just need to change the character settings by choosing the correct option.

We'll tell you about a few more crazy mods for The Sims 4 in the second part of the article.

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