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50 Shades of The Sims - the craziest mods for The Sims 4. Part Two


This is a continuation of Gamepressure's material about the craziest mods for The Sims 4, which make the game a bit of an R-level project. Last time we talked about mods that liberate the sex life of your characters, as well as such strange modifications like the one that allows any character to get pregnant.

Basemental Mods

This is a series of three mods that bring many changes to the game. For example, add alcohol, cigarettes and drugs to it. Or allow you to engage in organized crime [if you have The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion]. However, the developers strongly do not support the reproduction of these elements in real life.

Basemental Drugs

The question of the presence of tobacco in games has already become a controversial topic. And it is removed because of the presence of propaganda. However, this is a little hypocritical: no alcohol, no tobacco, but yes to violence. How about this?

In The Sims 4, of course, there are no cigarettes either, and alcohol does not make your Sim do terrible things. But at the same time, we can get to the bottom of someone and start fighting.


Basemental Drugs, of course, will not remove violence, but it will add everything else. The phone will now have a function to call and make an appointment with a "doctor" who will "prescribe" a medicine for your daily troubles. The mod will allow you to make the dealer yourself. You can create it in the character menu and mark it as "drug dealer". That's all. You will be able to buy different drugs of different quality and at different prices.

Dealers can also sell fake IDs that teen Sims can use to illegally visit clubs. Club entrances will now be guarded by bouncers (you also need to create them yourself). However, the developers do not recommend playing the dealer, it is better to just settle them in the city as an NPC. Other Sims can interact with them.

Also in the mod there are all the necessary tools for drug use. In addition, the drinks in the bar will now have normal names. The mod also introduces drunkenness and a hangover.


Drugs and tranquilizers can change the mood of your heroes. If your Sim starts smoking weed, they will become addicted, and each time they will require more and more drugs - this will affect their health and relationships with others. Amphetamine and cocaine work the same way. Three drug rehabilitation and treatment sessions cost 3,000 Simoleons in total.

However, be careful - the police and special forces can raid your house. Both consumption and trade can lead to jail time if you cannot buy yourself off with money. In the setup menu, you can set the appropriate percentage of the likelihood of such a search. You can also legalize drugs with just one click! There will also be new seeds in Build Mode. Yes, you read that right, you can create your own marijuana plantation.

Important! You must have the Get to Work DLC installed.

Basemental Alcohol

You don't need to install this mod if you installed the previous one. But if you want to play without drugs, you have a choice. Although alcohol is no better.


Basemental Gangs

By installing the Get to Work DLC and the Basemental Drugs mod, as well as pumping your drug trading skill to the maximum [if you have never done trade, you can use the cheats, which can also be found on the mod's web page]. The sim's phone will display a costet icon, which will start creating his own gang. This will open the doors to the world of organized crime.

You are given 4 groups: Simkuza, La Cosa Simstra, Newcrest Thugs and Fifteen Street Gang. Each gang has its own fierce rivals. From time to time you will need to use your sixes to beat someone up or go to sell drugs.

Hoe It Up

The Hoe It Up mod will allow you to take up the world's oldest profession - trading yourself. It's simple, you go to a club and have sex there for money or dance all sorts of erotic dances. Your character's gender is not important.


Prostitution is a skill, so you climb the career ladder of excellence while expanding your range of services. The mod also allows you to make the work standalone. I haven't used this parameter, but given the number of clients attracted to one dance, you can easily make money from them.

Let Toddlers Swear

It's almost an encore mod. He doesn't add anything special to the game, but just funny. I was really happy with the concept, it's a pity it was not finalized. So what's going on there? Children in the game will be able to swear with hard mats! True, on Simlish, so you won't notice the difference anyway. The child sits and scolds at your whim, and the parents do nothing. Unfortunately, the mod does not allow young children to have vulgar conversations.


And finally, two simple, but also significant mods.

Pervy Copter

Mod for perverts. This is another of those mods that are interesting in concept but don't change the game much. However, when combined with Wicked Whims, things get better. Pervy Copter - adds a spy quadcopter to the game. This thing is fully used for spying on other Sims.

No Mosaic

This is a simple mod that removes the censorship pixel mosaic from the game. If you find censorship of intimate scenes annoying, such as in the bathroom, go for it. If you don't want to make your game completely hardcore with Wicked Whims, but just add a touch of realism - this is for you. You will spy on your Sims in the toilet, shower or bathroom. No secrets.

You are now fully aware of how to make The Sims 4 feel hotter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman