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Serious Sam 4 Gameplay Slice, Anthem's Future, Take Two Financials - Gaming News Digest # 2.02 from Cadelta. Part one


Also in the news: why Xbox Series X won't have exclusives at launch, games and rubber ducks, Insomniac Games cost.

A small piece of Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass gameplay

Devolver Digital likes to pretend the leaks associated with Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass are completely random. This time, the developer himself, studio Croteam, threw firewood into the fire.

Visually, the game looks like the third part, and this is not the only similar thing that makes it related to past games in the series. From a small piece of gameplay, we learned that in the project, as in the first two games, weapons will float in the air. The publisher says that we can change this alignment and ground the weapon. To do this, you need to like the tweet. We just do not think that this will help the cause in any way. That's all ...


The game doesn't have a release date or even a normal gameplay trailer. We can only feed on such scraps of information. Despite the fact that the game has been in development for a long time, it is not a fact that it will be released this year. However, the fact that the activity of the developer and publisher in social. networks regarding the project is growing, suggests that we will probably see a full-fledged trailer soon.

Anthem is reworking its gameplay. Until then, it will continue to be supported

Back last fall, Kotaku's Jason Schreyer announced that Bioware was working on Anthem's gameplay, re-shaping it. Bioware Director Casey Hudson has now confirmed the accuracy of the information.

They are currently working on improving the loot drop system, long-term progress, and endgame content. All of these developments are based on requests and feedback from the community. As Hudson says, this won't fit in just one update.


In the near future, the studio will be overhauling and redesigning Anthem's gameplay to make the goals of the game loop clear, rewarding and challenging to motivate players to continue playing, while maintaining the mechanics of flying and fighting in their sci-fi world. This reboot of the project will be handled by a separate team.

Before all this is ready, the old team is going to support the game, adding events, new items to the store, as well as old seasonal content. An event celebrating the year since Anthem's release was announced at the end of February.

New Bioshock, falling stocks and great RDR2 sales


The industry has come to a traditional period when game studios publish their financial reports for the past year, digging into which, we can find a lot of interesting information. For example, here are the highlights from the Take-Two Interactive report:

  • GTA V and RDR 2 remain the most popular games, and the company is completely satisfied with the revenues from these projects. At the same time, sales of the first game exceeded 120 million copies, when RDR2 has sold 29 million copies so far.
  • Kerbal Space Program 2 will be released between April this year and March 2021.
  • After it was revealed that Dan Hauser, one of the co-founders of Rockstar Games and writer of all the previous games of the studio, will be leaving the studio, Take Two shares have fallen in price by 9%.
  • 2019 turned out to be less profitable than last year, as it did not release new games of the RDR 2 level. Thus, the studio's revenue in 2018 was 1.25 billion, and this year 930 million.
  • In terms of the future, Rockstar will remain under the leadership of Sam Houser.
  • A new Bioshock awaits us, alas, it will not be released soon, but in a few years.
  • More details about Hangar 13 and 2K Silicon Valley games coming soon.

299 million - that's what Sony paid for Insomniac Games

While some make millions, others spend them. So, last summer there was a deal in which Insomniac Games, the authors of Marvel's Spider Man, Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive go to Sony. The sale ended in November, and now the deal is worth $ 299 million.


She appeared in a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Even before merging with the Japanese giant, the studio worked closely with him. Initially, she released her games exclusively on the PlayStation, and then moved on to other platforms. However, now, I returned to the roots, so to speak.

Recall that the rumored studio is developing a sequel to Marvel's Spider Man. The game will be released around Christmas next year.

Phil Spencer spoke about the reasons for the lack of exclusives at the start of Xbox Series X

Recall that earlier the head of Xbox Games Studios, Matt Bootie, said that for a whole year after the release, we should not wait for exclusives for the Xbox Series X and games will be released on both new and old consoles. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer explains the reasons why this is the case.

As it turned out, the company has the best goals, namely the development of an ecosystem in which gamers will enjoy games both on PC and on Xbox One and nextgen. The company puts its players ahead of its console.


According to him, Microsoft has been monitoring the state of PCs for the past few years and now we can say about the platform that the most technologically advanced and cool games are released on it, thanks to unlimited systems. However, many of these games can run on weaker hardware, making the platform flexible and accessible to more players.

They had this formula in mind when they were thinking about the development strategy for their next console. Microsoft wanted to create a console that allows creators to express themselves to their fullest without restrictions. However, they are not going to forget about other users, as they want to cooperate with a large number of developers who need a wide audience.

Whether this strategy works or not, the future will show. Recall that the console will be released in 2020. Also last week, Phil Spencer revealed that Sony are no longer their main competitors.

Game Duck Tales: Popular Games Heroes Turned into Rubber Ducks

Numskull has released the TUBBZ toy series featuring cosplay ducks as characters from iconic games. A total of 16 ducks with characters from: Doom, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, The Last of Us and Sonic the Hedgehog are waiting for us.

The manufacturer notes that all ducklings are approved by the copyright holder and licensed. Each duckling comes with a bathtub with the name of the game on it.

Previously, this company has already made similar toys based on other series of games like Borderlands, The Witcher, Fallout and many others. The current series is the second wave of cosplay ducks.

Each duck costs $ 12.99, ? 12.99 or € 14.99.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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