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Best Teen Love Movies: Compilation 1


Our list of teenage love movies includes films that tell more than just about teenage love. This is not only a collection of films about first love and first sexual experience. If a teenager, even simple (or, on the contrary, not simple) coincidences of circumstances, was dragged into the film into a stormy and, at times, dramatic world of adult relationships and sex, then this masterpiece will definitely appear in our kind of top.

For convenience, films in the top are ranked by KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the year of release. And asterisks mark masterpieces with explicit scenes, which are better not to be seen by those under the age of 18.

1. Interview with the Vampire (1994) 7.96

This is no longer "love between teenagers", but "teenage love", a young vampire performed by twelve-year-old Kirsten Dunst, most familiar to us from the old film "Jumanji" of 1985 release and from the Spider-Man franchise with Toby McGuire in the title role, where she, in fact, was the girlfriend of the main character.

It so happened that Lestad (Tom Cruise), one of the old vampires, more than two hundred years ago gave himself up to his friend - Louis (Brad Pitt), and Louis, in order to prevent the child killed by Lestad from dying, kicked on his head himself a young girlfriend (Kirsten Dunst), whom he gave to swallow his own blood, thereby making a vampire out of a youngster who can never grow up.

Such a squiggle ...

And since then, Claudia (that is the name of the poor girl) has been forced to hunt along with adults and while away her life in a child's body, although her mind has long passed over fifty.

The most interesting thing in the current situation is that she can "love", but only until the moment when the body is formed and begins to experience an orgasm, her body has not matured before turning.

So she only has to be madly and helplessly angry. What can you do? There is nothing you can do!

2. Man on the Moon (1991) 7.55

14-year-old Dani (Reese Witherspoon) until now had no time for love. No, she, of course, thought about questions related to "love", but only "thought", and nothing more. And now a 17-year-old handsome man, whom she met at a local pond, settled in the neighborhood of their house. He, literally, almost jumped on a girl, by the way, very fond of swimming naked, on her head from a cliff.

Word for word, they, in the first place, quarreled. But later it turned out that her mother and mother Korta (that's the boy's name) are longtime friends. And, of course, they arrange a joint gathering. The guys are forced to go to the city for shopping together and then a spark slipped between them.

Yes, only if the spark did not go out in Dani's soul, it quickly blew off Kort. But in her place a new spark flared up, but now according to Dani's older sister, Maureen. And these two conspirators are twisting love behind the back of the poor baby. Moreover, Court continues to pretend that he is caring for the youngest, while he himself begs the older.

It is clear that this deception and betrayal cannot end well.

3. Dreamers (2003) 7.39 *

The picture is Eva Green's debut in a big movie. And then she showed herself in all her glory, both in front and behind, and below and above. Moreover, even when most of the explicit scenes, indistinguishable from the most natural porn, were cut, the film still caused abundant "salivation" from the critics.


The events of the film unfold in the late 60s, at a time when France was in full swing and could just about explode with another revolution. Only the bucha was now being directed mainly by the punks who had not yet seen life.

But there were also such "punks" that they did not participate in this mass hysteria. All they had in mind was sex. Well, watching movies. Although, sexual games are, of course, in the first place, as one of the main characters later made sure - American exchange student Matthew.

A couple on their minds (according to them - twins grown together from birth, who were separated by a surgical method) - the brother and sister of Theo and Isabelle dragged the poor naive student Matthew into her den, where she forced him to participate in such sexual games that mom, do not cry.

Where is it before some kind of revolution. It remains only to find out whether the revolution itself will get to our sex-obsessed heroes.

4. Little Faith (1988) 7.17

A story about the continuity of the old generation of trends and aspirations of the new generation. Yes, now the generation to which the main character, the girl Vera, belongs, is already considered the old generation. But breaking those old stereotypes can also help you learn a lot from life.

In the USSR, not everyone was drunk. But any chauffeur, as now, tried not to shy away from obligatory libations on “driver's day” - every Friday. The father of Verka, who had just graduated from school for a girl living with her family in the suburbs, did not disdain this weekly professional holiday.

Everyone is busy with their own business. Dad - driving "KamAZ", and in the intervals - unrestrained drunkenness. Mother - complaining about life, housekeeping, and taking her husband out of the binge. Well, my only daughter Verka - I don't want to go out for a party. Booze, dancing and uncontrolled untethered life - why not a paradise for a teenager?

And now she meets a student Sergei, with whom she has a more or less stable and, as she thinks and hopes, serious relationship. After a while, she decides to introduce her family to him.

Bata did not like this student at once. In his opinion, this type, walking around the city in "family shorts with flowers" (as he calls fashionable shorts at that time), is not only unworthy of his daughter, but even mocks them at all.

He believes that he deliberately pretends to be a clown, leads Verka by the nose and mocks their entire family. And the retribution for the moral damage caused will be short and severe.

In the film, there is a single frank "bob jump". But in the light of today's advanced mentality, it does not even turn out to be called a “sex scene”.

5. Blue Lagoon (1980) 7.12

Continuing our top of the best films about teenage love, the most suitable picture for this list. And if filming in "Pretty Child" (in our top at 9th place) the acting career of another 12-year-old actress at that time was only pushed away, then this project brought Brooke Shields world fame, because in childhood (and not only) this movie has been watched by everyone who has a TV set or device on which to watch videos.


As a result of a shipwreck, a couple of small children and a ship's cook found themselves on an uninhabited island. They were the only ones who survived this terrible tragedy. And now the responsibility for the lives of the little assholes - Richard's boy and Emmeline's girl - fell on the drunkard's shoulders. And although they are both from different classes, life on the island among the pristine nature equaled everyone.

While he could, a pot-bellied cook named Paddy Buttogns taught the kids all the intricacies of life, because as a third point he felt that he would not last long. And so it turned out. One fine day, having drunk rum from a full barrel found on the island, he ordered to live a long time, and the children were left alone. Years passed, and the kids grew up into beautiful young men and women. And now is the time for them to do it.

And everything would have been fine if civilized citizens hadn't pushed onto the island, who, in fact, turned out to be no worse than savages.

6. Nymphomaniac: Part 1 (2013) 7.04 *

An elderly fart and, as it turned out, part-time - a fisherman, Seligman, found a woman lying unconscious in one of the alleys. Approaching her, he decided to make sure if she gave, in fact, an oak?

As it turned out, the woman did not give oak. When she came to, she asked to leave her alone and not call the police (her face was decently painted with bruises). And still she would not refuse hot tea. And Seligman brought her to his home. I put it to bed. And started a conversation with her.

And then from a stranger named Joe such nymphet revelations poured out that most intellectuals would have curled their ears like a tube. But Seligman was not a timid man. Drawing parallels between fishing and the sexual adventures of the nymphomaniac Joe, he squeezed all the information out of her.

The first part is entirely devoted to the sexual adventures of young Joe. But after looking at it, anyone will want to see how it all ended. The second film has a slightly weaker rating, but without it the story will be incomplete.

The movie is teeming with sex scenes, so get your kids out of our blue screens while watching!

7. Cherry (2010) 7.03

Next on our list of the best teen love movies is Jeffrey Fine starring Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland, Mr. Church, The Space Between Us).


A botan named Aaron is being transferred to an Ivy League college through some program. The idiot was brought up according to the harsh canons of a family of hereditary engineers, as downtrodden as himself, and therefore, although everything is in order with his head, he does not think quite standardly.

Having joined the faculty of fine arts (he draws well), Aaron meets a middle-aged woman Linda, who invites him to her dinner. Where he, in turn, meets her fourteen-year-old daughter Beth, who is played by Britt Robertson, already twenty by that time.

From this moment, moral principles and foundations of life, as well as traditional methods of comprehending what is happening, begin to break down for a poor nerd.

Although, why - poor? After all, oddly enough, both a pretty mother and an overly talkative and straightforward daughter are dragged from him ...

8. For the first time (2012) 6.96

Pure melodrama without any particularly heavy dramatic twists.

At one of the funky parties with weed and alcohol (everything is as it should be) a seemingly not bad guy named Dave accidentally stumbles upon Aubrey's girl too. Rather, he stumbled upon her not at the party itself, but near the house where this very party is taking place, at the very time when he was rehearsing a declaration of love to his girlfriend, with whom he was hopelessly in love at that time.

Aubrey, in turn, is also dating the guy she loves (at least she thinks so). In general, word for word, the conversation started. Then the calls, and then the understanding came that they didn’t need their exes, for some reason.

But between Dave and Aubrey themselves, everything is only getting stronger. And it seems like at first I didn't want to ...

9. Pretty Child (1977) 6.83

The story of a twelve-year-old girl Violet, the daughter of a prostitute, who grew up in a brothel from birth and was raised by whores there. Therefore, one should not be particularly surprised that a girl's mentality is very different from that of her ordinary peers.


Violet is convinced from birth that she will follow in her mother's footsteps. Moreover, she does not at all see anything shameful in this, because she does not know a thing about life outside the walls of this house of tolerance. And she, at 12, is already ready for the fact that according to her soul (or rather, according to another organ), at any time, they can single out a “client”. After all, by the standards of a brothel, it turns out that it's time already.

And the local "mother" still sells Violet's innocence to another pervert who wants "childish flesh" at a kind of auction, after which the girl begins a violent sex life. At 12, she even found a groom for herself. And she went to live with him.

Only about life as such, she knows nothing. She knows only one thing - to spread her legs. But there were kind people who will help her to regain her still not completely lost childhood.

Despite the fact that there are light nudity scenes in the film, and even then 12-year-old Brooke Shields herself once openly faked the places where breasts will grow after a while, the film cannot be considered vulgar and it looks quite dignified .

10. Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991) 6.79

The poor kid from the first part does not manage to get into the civilized world. It seems to be rescued, and the ship seems to be solid. But a plague broke out on him, and a lady with two children (including little Richard, born on the ill-fated island) again find themselves on the same island in the same Blue Lagoon.

That is why the movie is called "Return" to the Blue Lagoon. Although, in fact, only the still unintelligent son of the first couple from the previous film who lived there just now fully "returned" to it, which is in the honorable 5th place in our list of the best films about love between teenagers.


Here, too, everything turned out like people, but only without people. The lady raised the children up to 8 years of age, until, overnight, she accumulated from the disease. She punished them from and to how to live and what to do at this and that time. And when the time came, they were fully armed.

Only civilized people did not allow this couple to live normally. Well, we will learn from the film itself whether people from the mainland will leave Richard and Lily alone.


This issue of films about teenage love is not the last one. Others will follow, so if you are interested in the topic, follow our news! In the meantime, all the best to you and, as usual, more cool films and TV series!

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