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To fall in love like a prince of vampires

Image The last part of "Twilight" was released back in 2012, and since then vampires have to be content with success on the small screens. In movies, bloodsuckers are no longer so in demand, but Universal suddenly wanted fresh blood, and the major acquired the rights to film a teenage vampire novel called Crave.

The work of Tracy Wolf is positioned as a book about vampires for a new generation of readers. Fantasy events revolve around an ordinary girl who falls in love with the vampire prince, Jackson Vega. He has a lot of secrets, he has not felt anything for a hundred years. It turns out that Jackson has not just fenced himself off from the whole world and someone wants to wake up the monster sleeping in him. The main character is inexorably drawn to Vega, because of which she is drawn into a conflict between warring factions of vampires. Following the traditions of our time, the writer covers everything that happens from a feminist point of view.

The project, like the original novel, cannot avoid being compared to Twilight, so Universal will have to work hard to distance itself from the vampire hit. The studio has not yet recruited a screenwriter for adaptation, but we should assume that the work on the film will intensify as soon as the pandemic in the United States subsides.

Source: Deadline

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