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Review of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S


Our portal regularly reviews various devices and gadgets: smartphones, laptops, vacuum cleaners, headphones, etc. This time we will tell you about the device, the popularity of its class in our country is growing every year. It will be about the new model of the electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S. The previous version of the device had several disadvantages. The Chinese have done some work to eliminate them. Let's find out how much they succeeded.

Robust construction

The appearance of the novelty has changed little compared to the previous version of the device. The manufacturer supplies it almost completely assembled. The user only needs to insert the handlebars into the rack, for complete fastening only need to tighten the four bolts.

The scooter received an aluminum alloy frame. This material is lightweight and durable.

To improve the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S devices, they are equipped with protection against dirt and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the IP54 standard.

The design is well thought out. Everything in it is adjusted, the gaps are adjusted, the work of the main elements is adjusted. It is impossible to find sticking out or bare wires here. Even the charging plug is made of high quality rubber. It fits snugly around the socket for a secure connection.

The electric scooter can be folded. To do this, simply remove the plastic clip, bend the mounting tab and attach the hook to the rear wing.


The manufacturing company claims that the folding mechanism itself has been strengthened, which excludes the likelihood of backlash in it over time. The weight of the device is 12.5 kg. It is compact, which does not cause any special problems during transportation. Due to the uniform distribution of the weight load along the entire length of the device, it can be carried in the hands for some time. Also, the gadget is easy to place next to you in a minibus or put in the trunk of even a small car.

The well-thought-out ergonomics of Mi Electric Scooter 1S should be noted. Its grips are pleasant to the touch and spaced at an optimal distance from each other. The footrest is placed so that it is easy to find. At the same time, it does not interfere and does not reduce the ground clearance.

On-board computer and control

In the central part of the steering wheel there is the Mi Electric Scooter 1S on-board computer. The readings are easy to read even on a bright sunny day. A small drawback of the display is its cover, which is made of dark plastic of not very good quality. It does not tolerate mechanical stress, so even small scratches will be noticeable.


The device speed is displayed in large numbers at the top of the screen. Other signs and icons are listed below: Bluetooth (lit when syncing with a smartphone), information on turning on the headlight and a lock indicating that the scooter is locked.

There are also overheat and engine fault indicators. A battery charge level indicator was placed at the very bottom. It has five divisions.

The main thing that a satisfied owner of Mi Electric Scooter 1S should know is the location of the power button. It is located just below the on-board computer. The button is large, it's hard to miss. If you press and release it, the headlight will turn on. A long press is required to activate the device.

In order to change the travel mode (there are three of them: "Pedestrian", preset D and mode S), just press this button twice. Fans of a large number of settings are obliged to download and use the Mi Home utility for this purpose. Functions such as cruise control, changing the degree of recuperation are available here. Those interested can see the average speed and battery level here.

Autonomy and Security

The electric scooter received a battery with a capacity of 7650 mAh. The manufacturer claims that one charge will last for 30 km. Practice shows that the Chinese are a little cunning. On average, the autonomy of the device is 23-25 km. If the charge level decreases to 20%, then the speed of the gadget will gradually decrease. When it reaches 2%, its engine will shut off completely. It is gratifying that the device has a good roll, which can allow you to drive some more distance.

In order to fully restore the reserves of lost energy, it is necessary to charge the battery for 4 hours 20 minutes.

The developers have well thought out everything related to the safety of handling the scooter. It received a dual braking system: a front regenerative brake (via the engine) and a rear disc brake. To quickly stop the vehicle, simply press the lever located on the steering wheel.


The brakes work in tandem, which increases their efficiency.

When the headlight is turned on, the rear brake light automatically comes on. During braking, it starts flashing, which is difficult for other road users to miss. The disadvantages here include the inability to adjust the angle of inclination of the headlight. It shines well and far, but there is a blind spot right in front of the scooter.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S has already passed the test on USA roads. The first users tested it. No obvious and significant deficiencies were identified. The device runs well, has the necessary equipment, good safety. It is highly likely that its popularity in USA will be higher than that of previous models.

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Author: Jake Pinkman