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Inside # 7.12: OPPO Reno 3; Xiaomi wireless headphones; Ferrari electric car; OnePlus forum; device from Ninebot


There will be more pieces of information than usual in this Insider Overview. In the first two we will talk about the specifications of the OPRO smartphone and the emergence of new Xiaomi wireless headphones. Then we will discuss the new Ferrari development, as well as the special event that OnePlus is planning to host. In the fifth block, we will learn about the plans of Ninebot, which is going to announce its new product.

OPPO Reno3 specifications revealed

At the end of this month, OPRO is due to unveil "the thinnest 5G smartphone." In addition to it, the younger version of the device will also be presented. Recently, information about the technical equipment of this device appeared in the database of the Chinese telecommunications equipment certification center TENAA.


According to available information, the OPPO Reno3 smartphone will be equipped with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400x1080 pixels and a modest cutout for the front camera. There was no information about the brand of the chipset in this database. This information gap was filled by the well-known insider Mukul Sharma, who announced that the core of the hardware filling of the device will be the MediaTek MT6885 processor.

Prior to that, the chip was tested on tests in AnTuTu. There he scored 379,839 points. This is the second best performance among all the products from this vendor.

It also became known that the novelty has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Its photo capabilities are represented by four sensors of the main camera. The main one here received a resolution of 64 megapixels, and the remaining 8 megapixels (wide-angle sensor), 2 megapixels (macro lens) and 2 megapixels (depth sensor).

Weighing 181 grams, OPPO Reno3 has impressive dimensions: 160.3 x 74.3 x 7.96 mm. The battery with a capacity of 3955 mAh is responsible for its autonomy.

The operating system is Android 10 with a proprietary shell ColorOS.

The release of the smartphone is scheduled for December 26.

The name of the new Xiaomi wireless headphones has been declassified

The Bluetooth SIG website has information about the certification of another model of wireless headphones from Xiaomi. Mukul Sharma seized on this information and posted a screenshot of the data.


The thing is that until that time their catalog number and name were not known. Now everything became clear: the device with the model number TWSEJ05WM was named Xiaomi True Wireless Headset 2S.

Nothing has been reported about its specifications yet, it is only known that there is support for the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

The novelty should be presented before the end of this year.

Ferrari engineers working on an electric car

The Ferrari company is thinking about creating an electric car under its own brand. They even reported an approximate release date - after 2025. In addition, representatives of the automaker explained why such a long time delay is associated.

The thing is that the engineers of this enterprise are engaged in the creation and development of their own battery production technology.


What is the essence of this process, what it will be based on is not reported. Prior to that, representatives of the company announced a different start date for the production of an electric vehicle - the end of 2022. However, analysts later adjusted this data, explaining that the required amount of work could not be completed in such a short time.

You need to understand that in this case we are talking about a completely electric model. A hybrid version of the vehicle may appear a little earlier.

OnePlus has announced a special event

One of the largest technology forums - CES 2020 will begin in Las Vegas on January 7 next year. Not long before this, the largest electronics manufacturers announced their intentions: they tell what new products and technologies will be presented during the forum, what to expect.

One of the first to tell about their plans was the Chinese OnePlus. Its representatives announced that the OnePlus Special Event will be held. At the same time, nothing was said about its details. However, some well-known insiders and analysts have already expressed their assumptions about this.


They believe that the 7T Lite or 8 Lite smartphone will premiere in Las Vegas. They can also show smart watches and wireless headphones. In addition, the manufacturer's line of smart TVs are expected to be updated early next year.

Back at OnePlus, they are not averse to expanding the sales geography of their products. The above platform is well suited for the implementation of the company's plans, so its marketers have planned a OnePlus Special Event.

Ninebot plans to unveil a self-developed electric vehicle

From the camp of another manufacturer came information about the imminent release of an electric car. We are talking about Ninebot, a subsidiary of Xiaomi. An advertising teaser has appeared on the network inviting you to attend an event where a new product of the company will be presented.

It is possible that it will be an electric car, but most likely we are talking about a children's car. After all, Ninebot is known for its self-balancing mechanisms. Among the products of this manufacturer are scooters and bicycles. The firm is the owner of the Segway brand, which has made a name for the electric scooter industry. Its purchase took place in 2015 thanks to financial assistance from Xiaomi.

Significant financial injections into the advertising company Ninebot are now predicted, as this is the interest of a more eminent enterprise.

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