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The order of the Star Trek series and films, the most correct and detailed: Part 2


Last issue ended up listing the order of the Star Trek series and films on Project Picard, which is still summarizing the adventure of the heroes from the New Generation portion of the franchise. Next we will have an excursion into the past of the Star Trek universe, during the time preceding the original series.

Let's get down to business.

Prime reality, an adventure from Star Trek's past

Let's just make a reservation about why, in our order of Star Trek series and films, we decided to place adventures from earlier times in the Star Trek universe almost at the end of the list.

Here's the thing. Even though the adventures themselves are from the past, no one is going to introduce us to the main criteria and features of the universe here. Yes, there will be some adjustments based on the trends of the present, but that's all. We were told about Starfleet and everything else in the previous films, which is why it is necessary to start watching the Star Trek series with them.


The creators of the films themselves, when writing the script, already proceeded from the fact that the viewer was fully familiar with the basic "provisions" and "laws" of the universe, and therefore they were not going to introduce anyone into the course of the matter.

In addition, even though the action will unfold in the past, in a couple of episodes, the plot will intersect with the future, with its characters or other "side effects" that create the weather in some episodes of the same original series or "New Generation" .

And next in our proposed order of watching TV series and films of the Star Trek franchise is ...

20. Star Trek: Enterprise (2001 - 2005)

TV series, 4 seasons (2151 - 2155)

At the time, the franchise was still owned by the Paramount film company and faced a tough choice:

  • relaunch the original series with modern special effects;
  • continue the Enterprise's adventures with an "even newer generation", no matter how ridiculous it may sound;
  • plunge into the past of the Star Trek universe.

The successors of the great cause started by Eugene Wesley Roddenberry decided to stop at the third, and in 2001 the first season of the Enterprise was released (later, starting with the third season - Star Trek: Enterprise).

As with the original series, Star Trek: The New Generation, and other long-running franchise projects, the Enterprise's 2151 crew, the most advanced Earthship at the time, was also motley and it also included aliens.

The journey of the team under the command of Captain Archer began a hundred years before the adventures of Captain Kirk's team, when the Federation of Planets was still only dreamed of, and the Earth Starfleet did not yet have any weight in the known space. Vulcans, Klingons and Romulans were still dark horses in many ways. Although there were other controversial races here, some of whom really wanted to wipe out humanity from the face of our planet. But Archer and the team, of course, will stick around and sort things out.

They are like that bun, and they left the Klingons, and they left the Romulans. And from you, Borg, (yes, he will also meet there) and even more will leave.

21. Star Trek: Short Treks (2018 - ...)

TV series, 2 seasons (2256, shortly before and in the future)

Despite the fact that the web episodes began to appear after the 1st season of Star Trek: Discovery, in the order of the Star Trek TV series and films, we have placed them above. This is mainly due to the fact that they tell stories about the main characters of "Discovery", about what prompted them to go to the Federation Starfleet and about other nuances, one way or another connected with the mentioned series from CBS.

Many people insist that it will be better if you watch season 1 of short episodes of start-track shorts between episodes 1 and 2, and season 2 between episodes 2 and 3. Quite possibly. But we count as we believe.

22. Star Trek: Discovery (2017 - ...)

TV series, 3 seasons (2256)

Along with "Picard" - this is the freshest and most expensive project of the franchise. Although the events of the series unfold in the reality of "Prime", everything here is so pretentious and crammed with special effects that there is no trace of the former romantic spirit.

In the timeline of the Star Trek universe, the film takes place just 10 years before the start of the Enterprise's space odyssey from the original series.

The United Federation of Planets is on the brink of a war with the Klingons, and it will break out. Last but not least, the all-encompassing conflict will be ended due to the dedication of the crew members of the Shen Zhou spacecraft under the control of the murky captain Lorca.

And why cloudy - you will find out for yourself. At first glance, many individuals from the new team are very, very suspicious. And special applause deserves the tolerance that has seeped from our universe into the universe of "Star Trek" in the face of a couple of gays - Paul Stemets and his dark-skinned friend, who is responsible for the "tardy" drive "Shen Zhou".

The appearance of the Klingons here is very peculiar and very different from the appearance of the Klingons in previous projects. The fans didn't really like that either. But the creators, as you can see, have their own opinion on this matter.

On this series, let's say goodbye to the reality of "Prime". Further, the order of TV series and films "Star Trek" is continued by projects from a parallel universe - the reality of the Kelvin line.

The reality of the Kelvin line

This reality has become a double of the original Prime Reality, which we have talked about up to now. The forking happened at the moment when the ship of Nero, enraged with revenge, Narada, together with Medusa, Spock's ship, which did not manage to save Romulus from the explosion of a system star, was sucked into a singularity and thrown in the past into different parts of the time continuum.

23. Star Trek (2009)

Full-length film (2258-2259 with flashbacks in the past)

Thus, Nero and Spock, who fell into the past of Prime Reality, changed the future of this very reality, creating an alternative event branch, named after the ship commanded by George Kirk, the father of the captain we all know, and later Admiral James T. Kirk USS Kelvin. The crew of the Kelvin was the first to face Nero who had leaked into the past, distraught with revenge. His ship - "Narada" was built using the latest developments of Romulan and Borg technologies, so it was simply unrealistic for the weak "Kelvin" to compete with him.

Having managed to evacuate his pregnant wife and the surviving crew, George Kirk, by the way, suspiciously similar to Thor from theAvengersuniverse, sent the Kelvin to ram the Narada, thus saving the local universe from Nero's infernal ship.

But Nero did not calm down on this. Waiting for Spock to seep into this world, which was thrown into the past 25 years later than Narada, he took possession of his ship, which contained ampoules with "red matter", with which it was possible to create black holes, and decided to destroy Spock's home planet - A volcano, in retaliation for failing to save his native Romulus.

The porridge brewed in the future will have to be raked by young Kirk and the members of Captain Pike's crew, thereby who will later become members of his crew.

It will be spectacular and entertaining. Enterprise in business and in reality of the Kelvin Line.

24. Star Trek : Retribution / Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Full-length film (2259-2260)

The evil fate did not give the newly-made captain Kirk and his team a long rest. In one episode of the original Prime Reality TV series, the Enterprise stumbled upon a ship called Botany Bay, which was carrying super warriors cryopreserved by eugenics for military use.

But if there Kirk stumbled upon him by accident, and then, having thawed and barely got rid of these evil creatures, he was forced to leave them on a distant planet, where anarchy ruled the ball, then Starfleet itself took care of the search for the Botany Bay ship or, more precisely, the commander of counterintelligence Alexander Markus, hoping to replenish the ranks of the Federation space fleet that were weakened and battered by Nero with the superhumans developed in the past.

Everything went sideways for him. And again, with Khan (yes, this is him) James T. Kirk and his team will have to deal with.

Here Khan looks suspiciously like Doctor Strange from theAvengersuniverse. Apparently, the creators of adventures in the reality of the Kelvin Line have seriously decided to duplicate the best Marvel heroes in their "dimension". So far, in this respect, everything is going according to plan.

25. Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Full-length film (2263)

The order of TV series and films "Star Trek" ends with a feature film, released a year after the death of Leonar Nimoy and some time after the tragedy that took the life of the performer of the role of Ensign Pavel Chekhov - Anton Yelchin, who was crushed by his own SUV. This picture was dedicated to them.

In it, the Enterprise's team, who, by the way, as always, will have to crash against another planet, will have to save the Federation of Planets, the Starfleet and the Earth - in particular, from a vengeful veteran, who in his "borderline frustration" imagined that everyone had abandoned him, everything was rejected, written off and all that.

It will be, as always, spectacular and fiery, both literally and figuratively. And yes, the next "guests" from the "Avengers" universe will be Gomora - Zoe Saldana and Heimdal - Idris Elba.

To date, another film from the Kelvin event line is under development. Written by Noah Hawley, who previously worked on the series Fargo and Legion. He will shoot the picture, he will also be its co-producer (together with the constant JJ Abrams).

What the film will be about - deathly silence for now. Earlier there were rumors that the creators again wanted to send the crew of the Enterprise to the past, for which they tried to involve Chris Hemsworth in the project, who was supposed to play Kirk Sr. again. But something went sideways there. I remember, and Chris Pine tried to get away from participating in the filming, arguing his refusal with a low fee. But now, it seems, there was a rumor that the entire former team, with the exception of the deceased Anton Yelchin, will return to their previous roles.

Let's look forward to continuing the adventures in the Kelvin event line.

Under construction

Little is known about future projects, so we will not guess and invent anything. Let's just list what is already, as they say, on everyone's lips.

Lower Decks / Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020 - ...)

Animated series for an adult audience

The pilot episode will be released on August 6. The story was written by Mike McMahan, one of the many writers on the Rick and Morty project, as well as the creator of one of the Short Stories mentioned in the last installment. You can watch the trailer now.

Even for those who do not know English, it is clear that this will not be a very serious project, more comedic than fantastic. Although this will probably be enough there.

2 seasons announced at once.

Strange New Worlds / Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2021 - ...)

Series, release date still unknown

The events of this series will unfold in the days when Pike was alive, that is, in the same time range as the events of "Discovery". Moreover, it was he who stood at the helm of the Enterprise.

This will be a prequel to the original series, and its events will all take place in the same Prime timeline. Ethan Peck will play Kirk. The role of Captain Pike will go to Anson Mount, known to us from Hell on Wheels.

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek.

Full-length film

At one time, Quentin Tarantino was seriously concerned with filming a movie in the Star Trek universe. He wanted to end his directing career with them. But lately he has somewhat cooled down to the project.

He called his future brainchild “Pulp Fiction in Space”. Let's see if it comes true. It would be very interesting to watch the fantastic action movie filmed by the author and director of Kill Bill.

A gift for children from the TV channel Nickelodeon

Some children's animated series, together with the owner of the rights - the television company CBS, is preparing for Star Trek Nickelodeon, who recently publicly admitted that their most "central" character "SpongeBob SquarePants" turns out to be gay.


We will be waiting with interest for new "funny" characters from the children's TV channel. Who knows, maybe even in "Star Trek" for the little ones we will be shown the long-awaited transgender heroes.


On this our material, dedicated to the most correct and detailed order of TV series and films "Star Trek" - the longest franchise of all times and peoples, has come to an end. If someone does not understand something, then we are not to blame. They chewed everything as much as possible, so that questions should not remain at all. You can find out about the series release orders on sites like or Based on them, you can watch the series of "supertrinity" "New Generation" / "Deep Space 9" / "Voyager" in the most optimal order.

Otherwise we have nothing to add. There were other projects, mainly from the "consumer goods studios", there were also starter pilots like "Star Trek: The Departed", beyond which the matter did not move. But the fact that someone gets acquainted with their content, the universe of "Star Trek" will not become wider, more interesting, atmospheric and informative. So, after viewing the listed "basics", you can safely skip them and move on to something else.

For example, to the same "Stargate", "Battlestar Galactica", "Babylon 5" and other less interesting fantasy franchises, which we will also talk about in detail soon.

In the meantime, all the best to you. Watch movies, behave yourself and everything in our life will be beautiful!

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