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5 biggest mistakes budding designers make


We all make mistakes, especially when we learn something new, without mistakes anywhere. Let's grieve about the most common mistakes novice designers make and try to avoid them

In any job, it is very important to learn quickly and constantly improve your knowledge. But the path of knowledge is always dotted with a bunch of rakes on which we all step. And the fewer rakes you collect, the faster you will move up the corporate ladder.

This philosophical opus hopefully prepared you for the 5 most common mistakes newbies in design make.

01. Design for yourself

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Many novice designers believe that you can just draw away from a given theme, the main thing is that it would be beautiful. This is fundamentally wrong. It is important that the design fulfills the role assigned to it.

You should always hear the manager and keep your target audience in mind. You do not design for yourself, no matter how bad or good it is in your opinion, it should first of all solve people's problems.

For example: if you are creating an interface for a self-service machine in a store, it is not necessary to use an Apple font, cool backgrounds and cool animation. It is necessary that any of its users, from a teenager to an elderly person, would understand how to buy a product or pay for an order.

02. Ignoring team opinion

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If a developer asks to make edits to the design, you need to listen to them and try to come to an understanding, not ignore. Many designers do not take into account the limitations of layout and development, therefore the developer's opinion is extremely important for a good product.

It is equally important to understand the position of the manager who is responsible for the project. And take into account his wishes, if they are realizable. The more diplomatic you are with your team, the better the work will go.

03. Hiding errors

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If you make a mistake in no case you need to hide it, one small mistake can eventually grow like a snowball and lead to gigantic problems. Therefore, it is better to immediately report it, so that everything can be corrected with a little blood.

The same applies to the timing. If you do not meet the deadlines, it is better to warn about it in advance than not to be in time and unexpectedly substitute all the project participants.

04. Losing inspiration

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Inspiration cannot be lost, but it needs nourishment. So it's worth taking the time to browse other designers' work on Behance and Dribbble

Take the time to surf other designers' work to stay on trend and keep your creativity on top.

05. I post what I want

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Pay close attention to what projects you post to the network. Failure to comply with the NDA can easily be reprimanded or even unemployed.

Your works made for a specific company do not belong to you, they belong to the company within the walls and on whose equipment you do them.

This is, of course, provided that your contract does not specify otherwise

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Author: Jake Pinkman