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Dying IT Professions: Much Better ”Not to Meddle”


The "cycle" of professions is an inevitable phenomenon at all times. Some professions are becoming useless and unclaimed, and completely new ones that require specific knowledge and skills are gaining popularity. Keeping track of these changes is vital for everyone.

Anyone who thinks about his future is obliged to observe the demand for his profession. If you keep abreast of all trends, you can retrain in time, gain new knowledge and improve your standard of living.

A typical example is the work of tour operators. In just a few years, websites and portals have appeared all over the world, with the help of which you can quickly and easily organize a trip to anywhere in the world without intermediaries.

People no longer want to overpay for things they can do on their own, like booking a hotel and buying air tickets. And the choice in this case is much more than a dozen hotels with which the travel agency cooperates. Surprisingly, even in such a young field as computer technology, there are also specialties that will depreciate in a couple of years.

If today people with this knowledge can still find work and apply their profession, then in the near future they need to take care of acquiring new skills, if, of course, they do not want to be unemployed.

"They are met by clothes"

For any site, application and even a computer game, design has a dominant role. Users love the user-friendly menu, eye-catching color combination and beautiful pictures. Therefore, even "at the dawn" of computer technology, web designers were literally "snapped up".

Even sites with a modest budget resorted to their services, because, as practice has shown, visitors wanted to use a stylish and attractive site. However, over the years, most website builders have developed their own style and taste.

And today, most of them can create a website with an interesting design without outside help. Many of them took short-term courses in web design, which greatly improved their proficiency in this area. Therefore, web design today is considered one of the most unpromising IT professions. It is not worth starting to get an education in this area for beginners, and current website designers are recommended to retrain in related specializations.

Automatically write

"Endangered" are also copywriters and rewriters who write simple reviews and news for sites. It may be hard to believe, but today robots write short notes on websites in many advanced and large publications.

Indeed, it is not difficult to briefly describe the situation in words. A computer can easily cope with this task, therefore, after a couple of years, most Internet publications will significantly reduce the headquarters of copywriters. In the best case, the companies will have one person who will control the work of computer programs for writing notes and articles. "Not surpassing" the writer is possible only in a complex artistic style, so books will still be human labor, because writing them requires a soul.

Language is not a hindrance

Some five years ago, without the services of an interpreter, it was impossible to make a single international transaction. And in order to translate the site, it was necessary to spend a day "in an embrace" with a dictionary. And today, every day computer translators become more and more perfect, and their translations - more and more literate.

The development of computer technology makes it possible to reduce the human factor to a minimum and receive high-quality translation directly from a computer. All of this puts the translation profession at risk.

Completely, it certainly won't disappear. But every year the competition will intensify, also because many people manage to independently learn the basic foundations of several languages at once. Therefore, the profession of a translator cannot be called a promising profession, and it is a bad idea to go to study this craft now.

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Author: Jake Pinkman