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IT professions that you can master on your own


Some people go to work in the field of computer technology for money, others - because computers are the only thing they know about. It is quite easy for those who choose the IT sphere as their main profession - they get an education at a university. But many aspire to have two, three higher educations or go wherever the soul calls.

In this case, you can gain knowledge in the field of computer technology on your own, without investing a penny in such education! The secret is to find the time, motivation, and desire to learn. After all, a person acts as both a student and a teacher at the same time.

It's hard to learn without self-discipline, reasonable criticism and objective assessments. Only those who are willing to learn instead of watching TV series and killing time on social media will succeed. All that remains is to choose for yourself those it-professions that you can learn independently, without classical universities and tutors.

Advertising Revenue

How to describe the 21st century in a nutshell? That's right, this is "technique" and "advertising". It is impossible to imagine modern life without these two phenomena! And since advertising is often the "culprit" of the fact that we go broke on unnecessary expenses, why not learn how to make money in this area? Trade is one of the oldest ways to make money. And doing it without ads is a waste of time.


Therefore, there is no point in worrying that sooner or later clients will "run out". How are advertising and computer technology related? It's pretty trivial: ads are everywhere. She filled all sites, social networks, applications and even our mail. We try to resist it like bacteria to antibiotics.

But each time its creators manage to work more and more creatively and wiser, and as a result, we again “fall for” their tricks. People who make money from advertising on the Internet do this using services that automatically add it to the sites we visit. Such advertising is called contextual, and you can learn this process on your own in a couple of months.

The bottom line is to be able to "tasty" present an advertisement for a product or service, to come up with a bright slogan or a beautiful wording. And to arrange it in a small text block that will be displayed to the site visitor is a simple matter of technology that can be learned very quickly. Such work brings not only excellent income, but also pleasure, because the process is quite creative.

"Test earnings"

Testing new products is one of the most enjoyable and responsible processes in any field. Who doesn't like to spot other people's mistakes and point them out? In the world of computer technology, it is impossible to do without testing, because in almost every case we are talking about the security of personal data or about an expensive product.


For example, if the creators of a computer game or application make a mistake, the buyers of the product will never forgive them. The competition is huge, and the audience will simply choose a more reliable and quality product in the future. Therefore, the creators never skimp on the services of testers.

This specialty will always be relevant and highly paid! Learning to test products is not difficult, but you need to start by defining your “personal niche”, ie. choose an area for future work. After all, testing computer programs is different from finding bugs in games and applications. Practice is also important in this business, so a novice specialist should not disdain low-paid offers. And, of course, you will have to improve a lot and for a long time, read thematic forums and literature.

Design & Build

Java is a universal and insanely popular programming language all over the world. He will very soon "knock" 30 years old - and that is how long he remains in demand among developers and application creators. Given the speed at which the number of custom software companies is growing, Java experts will never be left without a paycheck.


On the Internet, the number of free tutorials teaching this language exceeds hundreds. Most of them explain everything in a simple language, understandable even for an avid humanist. It will take about a month of diligent daily study to get started with your first order.

If your main job does not allow you to allocate so much time for study, you can limit yourself to a couple of hours a week. But the result will have to wait longer! It is tempting that projects can be carried out directly from home or any other place without being tied to a specific office. And you can work "for yourself" if you take orders directly from the customer, and not through intermediaries.

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Author: Jake Pinkman