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Review of the smart speaker Bose Home Speaker 500


There are many music lovers in the world who cannot live a day without their favorite tunes. To this end, they resort to the help of various gadgets that can play tracks. Now a new trend is set by various devices, among which smart speakers stand out. They are capable of delivering higher quality and louder sound compared to smartphone speakers. Let's talk about one of these devices in more detail.

External data and characteristics

The Bose Home Speaker 500 comes in a gray box. The packaging is made in compliance with all the traditions of minimalism. Includes power cord and user manual.


The body of the device is made of brushed anodized aluminum. This adds elegance to the product and makes it pleasant to the touch.


The downside of this material is its weak resistance to mechanical damage. Even minor impacts leave scratches and chips on it. The design of the column in the upper projection is elliptical. Along the perimeter of the entire lower part, it is equipped with small diameter holes. This is due to the placement of a speaker in this area, contributes to better sound output.

In the center of the front of the device is a modest LCD display. A detachable power cord is attached at the bottom on the back side, there is an AUX jack.


Outwardly, the column looks attractive and will not spoil the integrity of any decor, for example, a living room, by its presence.

For fans of specifics, it is worth mentioning that it comes in a silver or black case. Weighing 2.15 kg, the device received the appropriate dimensions: 203 ? 170 ? 109 mm.

Bose Home Speaker 500 has eight microphones arranged in a circle. It has two speakers. For connection, you can use an audio input mini jack 3.5 mm, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. There is AirPlay support. The device is compatible with operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux.

The speaker does not have a built-in battery, so it can only be used where there is access to an electrical outlet.

Governing bodies

The speaker display can operate in two modes. The first turns on while it is in rest mode. Then the time is displayed on the screen.

During the workflow, graphic data appears on the monitor indicating: radio stations, the name of the track being played, the name of the artist.

All controls are located on the top of the Bose Home Speaker 500.


Any of the six available buttons can be programmed through the application to perform a specific function. There are also keys for volume control and temporary stop of playback (pause).

Interacting with the app and voice assistant

To improve functionality, the user should download and install the Bose Music app on his smartphone. It allows not only to work with the device remotely, but also to connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

Next, you should select the role of each of the six buttons in device control. It is definitely worth setting a button that will switch radio stations. Each gadget owner performs the rest of the settings according to his preferences.

With Bose Music, you can combine several similar speakers into a group. It will look like an orchestra, since they will simultaneously play the given playlist.

You can control your smart device through the voice assistants Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. True, you should understand that this functionality does not work in our country, which is a big drawback.

Sound quality

Bose is renowned for its quality products and music equipment.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 is no exception. Any music lover will love its juicy, bright and lively sound. It is not only pleasant to the ear, but also in some way is able to tone up a person, raise his mood.

The application allows you to adjust the frequency range according to the preferences of each user.

The volume of the speaker is good, in most situations even 50% of the maximum capacity will suffice. It is gratifying that the device does not produce distortion at any volume level, even at maximum.

It's safe to say that the Bose Home Speaker 500 produces sound that is better in quality than most counterparts. This indicator covers all the existing shortcomings in the equipment and design of the speaker.


The Bose Home Speaker 500 gadget is the answer of the American corporation to its colleagues and fellow countrymen from Apple, with their Apple HomePod. In terms of sound quality, it surpasses the main competitor. But. A smart speaker should remain that way anytime, anywhere. In USA, none of the functions that such devices are equipped with are available. Therefore, it loses the Apple HomePod.

At least that's what most testers and early adopters of the product think so. For almost 36,000 rubles, you can buy a whole music center from us and enjoy its capabilities. Therefore, the second disadvantage of the device is its high cost.

In any case, such a device will find its buyer. Only from a very modest list of brand fans.

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Author: Jake Pinkman