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Microsoft continues paid support for Windows 7


Microsoft has changed its views on Windows 7. The corporation has extended the period of official support for the G7 to 2023 for Professional and Enterprise packages.

Extended security updates (ESU) will now be available to customers for an additional two years beyond the previously announced deadline.

ESU package will be available only on a paid basis with periodic indexing of its cost. In this case, payment will have to be made for each piece of equipment with the seventh Windows installed.

The company has revised its policy of maintaining corporate OS support for corporate users to ensure a smoother transition to Windows 10 for its customers. The period of proprietary support for the tenth Windows editions Enterprise and Education has also been extended - instead of one and a half years, it has become 2.5 years.

The company is making a lot of efforts to gradually shift user preferences of users towards the newer Windows 10. But despite the efforts, there are still quite a lot of people preferring the old school "seven". And if you take analytics from the American research project Netmarketshare, the seventh Windows firmly covers a huge niche of operating systems on portable devices - it is installed in about 42% of computers and is considered the most demanded in the world among desktop operating systems.

However, the trend is changing. Starting this spring, the number of devices with Windows 7 installed has been gradually decreasing. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of machines running on Windows 10. Now the "ten" covers 35% of PCs. At the same time, Windows 8, which was planned as a universal solution for portable and mobile devices, covers just over 1% of machines. Its advanced modification - Windows 8.1 - holds a share of 5.3%, which is slightly more than the classic Windows XP (4.18%). Windows Vista, which has earned a reputation as one of the most underdeveloped operating systems over the past decades, retains 0.31% of the total operating system market.

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Author: Jake Pinkman