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Microsoft is dropping support for classic minigames in Windows 7 and Windows XP


The constant companion of XP, ME and 7 operating systems - Windows entertainment games will soon stop working. Microsoft announced that it is dropping support for classic Internet games included with Windows ME, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

Unsupported Games

According to the information that the Windows Gaming team has published on the Microsoft Community platform, games for Windows 7 in such popular formats as checkers, worms, spades, reverse, backgammon and go will not be available for Windows XP and ME until August 2019. Support for G7 games will last a little longer - until January 2020, that is, 7 days after the end of the official manufacturer's support for Windows 7.


Despite the fact that the corporation is removing its branded Microsoft games from some OS versions, the termination of their work should not affect a significant mass of users. For example, the market share of Windows XP and ME systems, which Microsoft has not supported for a long time, is actually small. According to statistics, there are less than 2% of personal computers running Windows XP in the world, and the share of Windows ME devices is not represented at all, so if PCs running the ME operating system exist, in all likelihood they do not have access to the Internet.

Users of the tenth OS will not notice anything, since Windows games for this "operating system" are not provided, except for sets of card versions. For owners of devices on Windows 7, things are a little different, because this version of the Microsoft operating system is still the most popular on the market - its share is about 35%. At the same time, this figure is gradually decreasing as the date for the end of extended support for the G7 is approaching. And at the same time, the share of computers running Windows 10 is growing, which Microsoft has been striving for for so long and persistently.


The corporation is not yet planning to completely and irrevocably forget its "seven", continuing the release of security updates for the professional and corporate versions of WIndows 7 until 2023. However, such support becomes paid: the subscription will cost from $ 175 to $ 350 for each individual device.

All conditions for the top ten

Over the past few years, Microsoft's entire policy has focused on setting a fertile ground for Windows 10. The corporation is not interested in promoting outdated versions of the OS and maintaining their user base, it is more interested in redirecting as many users as possible to the current 10th Windows. To do this, Microsoft makes decisions that sometimes lead it to court hearings, for example, when the company in 2015 initiated a PC upgrade to a new version of Windows by default, without asking permission from users of devices on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

This year, the company has launched a free service for corporate clients, which is designed to help "painlessly" move to the top ten. Also, Microsoft, without an official announcement, moved four years earlier the deadline for stopping the delivery of updates for applications to Windows 8.

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Author: Jake Pinkman