Sequel to Dead Space, BioWare follows in Bethesda's footsteps, Devil May Cry 5 censored - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Sequel to Dead Space, BioWare follows in Bethesda's footsteps, Devil May Cry 5 censored - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also read in our digest that The Division 2 developers are delighted with Death Stranding, why the British Parliament wants to check Steam, and rumors about new features in Apex Legends.

The developer of Dead Space does not mind making a sequel to the game, ignoring the second and third parts

Glen Scofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, and creator and executive producer of the first Dead Space, recently told Game Informer that he wants to return to horror. But he would not have made the fourth part, but a sequel, ignoring the already existing second and third parts.

Scofield himself, after the first game, went to Sledgehammer Games and participated in the development of the continuation of the second part of Isaac Clark's adventures only partially, and the third part was created without his participation at all. He believes the saga has gone too far and left many questions behind. For example, why was it necessary to introduce aliens into the plot, if there are enough necromorphs?


In his version of Dead Space 2, he would add co-op and build the whole gameplay around it. Would also add multiplayer with many modes. Glen is confident that singles are not dying out, and if he had a budget of 50 million, he would be able to make a great single player in the spirit of the first "Alien".

BioWare has removed the generous loot it has added from Anthem. Players want to boycott the project

It looks like BioWare is following in Bethesda's footsteps, removing all the good stuff from the game, which causes the ire of fans. A very cool loot appeared in the game last Saturday. In the fortresses, players began to knock out several outstanding or legendary items at once. Players asked to keep this system intact, but with patch 1.0.3, the rewards have dropped to the level they were before Saturday.


Gamers have begun to share their frustrations online. Chad Robertson, the head of BioWare service support, reacted to this, he said that the developers themselves are not happy with the loot system and want to patch it in the coming months, but they will start with small edits.

On the same day, one of the players under the nickname Afinda created a post on Reddit, where he called for a boycott of Anthem in order to make the developers understand that players need normal loot. "This shit will be noticed by both investors and BioWare itself!" - he declared. Now the post has already got 13 thousand likes.

Trish stripped naked in Western version of Devil May Cry 5 on PS4

In the story of the two main characters of the game, Lady and Trish are kidnapped by demons. When Dante and Neuro save them, due to the fact that there is a spoiler, it turns out that they are in what their mother gave birth to.

In the cut-scene where Dante is carrying Trish in her arms, there is a frame in which her naked butt falls. So, it is shown in all versions of the game except for the western one on PS4. The buttocks were elegantly covered with reflections from the motorcycle headlights. Why this happened is a mystery. Players believe this is due to Sony's new policy to reduce the sexuality of the appearance of women in games.


Often only niche Japanese projects have suffered from this, and DMC 5 is the first major blockbuster with such censorship. The situation with Trish, as it turned out, is not an isolated one. When Lady's fifth point appears in the frame, omnipotent anti-sexual reflections appear in all versions of the game to block her.

The Division 2 devs played Death Stranding and loved it

Kojima has successfully continued to prove he is a genius by rolling around the world and showing his cool new game to other developers. A strange hobby, but not the essence.

This time his project was appreciated by Julian Gerait, creative director of Tom Clancy's The Division 2. He tweeted this: “During the creation of The Division 2, we did a lot of work and received enough support from our fellow developers. Thanks to Hideo Kojima for inviting us to his great studio and letting us play Death Stranding. Trust me - this game will become an all-time classic. ”


Prior to this, Kojima had visited Remedy Entertainment and Guerrilla Games on his tour: they also admired Death Stranding. The head of God of War, Corey Barlog, also managed to play.

It remains to wait until they finally want to show us the game.

British Parliament wants to arrange Steam review after Rape Day incident

We thought that the situation with the fact that a rape game got into steam ended up blocking it on the court. Alas, politicians, with their fears, suspicions and “excitement for the future of the nation”, could not help but get into our cozy game community.

Scottish National Party member Hannah Bardell called Rape Day disgusting, and does not understand how such a game could go through the entire development stage and get to the site? Why can IT companies evade responsibility after such failures?


Her position was supported by Member of Parliament of Scotland Shauna Robinson and called for an audit of Steam and similar sites in order to tighten control and prevent the emergence of games such as Rape Day.

Rumors about Apex Legends: NPCs, Night Mode, and More Coming to the Game

As it usually happens, when gamers are not given new information - they are looking for it themselves, digging in the files of the game. Last month, the great minds of the internet dug up that new legends are about to appear in the game. This time a new find is an NPC. They are known to be adept at using melee and ranged weapons. It is not yet clear whether mobs will become part of the gameplay or will only be in the tutorial mission.

Also in the files there is a mention of the night mode, which will change the time of day. The game will not do with the replenishment of weapons. So a flamethrower and a remotely controlled turret should be brought into it.


These were the main gaming news of the beginning and mid-week. Stay tuned for our new content on DMC 5 and Bioshock.

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