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The Dead Space series has become Electronic Arts


The Dead Space series has become Electronic Arts' most unusual franchise in a decade. Few expected a major publisher to dare to release a game in the unpopular survival horror genre. But the joy was short-lived and even the rave reviews from players and the press did not save the series from a financial fiasco. Anyway, the developers at Visceral Games had big plans for Dead Space and in a recent interview Ben Wanat, who was the creative director of the series, revealed the details of the unreleased Dead Space 4.

The main innovation of the game was to become a spaceship, which made it possible to travel through space. The first third of the game was planned to be relatively linear: the player slowly drifts in his ship and sometimes goes into space to explore other abandoned starships and collect valuable resources. The developers wanted to make each ship unique, they carefully worked out the interior and features of the starship, which even opened up new game mechanics for players.

Over time, when the spacecraft was sufficiently modernized, the possibility of hyper-jumping to other star systems opened up. From this moment, an open world appears in Dead Space 4, and like John Shepard, the gamer can freely move between systems and perform side tasks.

Dead Space game

The plot of the game told the last chapter about the confrontation between people and xenomorphs, who, by the way, became much more agile, tenacious and learned to swim dexterously in space. Humanity will finally find the right way to destroy the xenomorphs and prevent the apocalypse ... but only for a while, because then it turns out that space is fraught with other, much more terrifying secrets. Here we are already touching on the theme of the fifth part of Dead Space.

Basically, Ben Wanat would not mind telling more details of Dead Space 4, which fans are still dreaming about, but so far he has not done so. In his opinion, Electronic Arts may still revive the series in the future, and if the above developments are used, the disclosure of new secrets could ruin the experience for fans of the series.

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