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Ip Man 4 or American Adventures That Didn't Happen


It is no secret to many that the adventures of Ip Man, Merited Master of Martial Arts of All China, are overblown and embellished. Yes, in reality there was such a master. And, yes, he actually taught Wing Chun to 16-year-old Bruce Lee. But 80 percent of the events and adventures hung by the scriptwriters on the true biography of the master are pure fiction, which, meanwhile, looks 100%!

Before proceeding with the announcement of the future blockbuster, which again for some unknown reason will pass by our cinemas, let's take a short excursion into the past of Ip Man from the "alternative cinematic universe".

Ip Man (2008) or The Master and the Japanese

On the eve of World War II, Master Yip Man traded in private training for the elite. At the same time, he casually put in place the masters and scoundrels who had lost their girdles and imagined themselves. When the war came to Foshan, Ip Man and his family were expelled from their own home and forced to huddle in a broken hut.

The commander of the troops stationed in Foshan was the master of Japanese martial arts, General Miura. He picks out hand-to-hand masters one by one among the local Chinese, after which his fighters hone their fighting skills. Everything went smoothly until Miura pissed off Ip Man.

Ip Man (2010) or Master and Boxers

Hong Kong, 1950. Forced to flee the angry Japanese, Ip Man settles in Hong Kong. One has to live on something, and therefore he decides to open a Wing Chun school. At first, no one goes to him, but after the master poked a few thugs, the jerks who were imbued with his art of fighting come to him for training.

After jumping on the tabletop for an hour against the main masters of the area, he proved that he has the right to teach his style. But one of the boxers haunts the local teachers all the time. He taunts kung fu, and the masters decide to put up the same Ip Man against him in the ring.

Ip Man 3 (2015) or The Master and Mike Tyson

1959. Hong Kong again. This time the film begins with the pacification of the little assholes - the son of Ip and the local ringleader Chun-Fun. But little by little, the plot flows first into the confrontation "Ip-Man against the local mafia", and then into the confrontation "Ip Man against the arrogant upstart."

Donnie Yen's hero will take turns to poke a mafioso henchman working for a certain Frank, whose role is played by Mike Tyson himself, and then the upstart Chun-Ting himself, who dared to challenge the main master of Wing Chun in all China and Hong Kong.

What is the master doing? Of course. This is Ip Man, which has recently become one of the main sports, cultural and other assets of the modern Celestial Empire. Who will let him lose? Even Tyson himself almost got rid of him.

Ip Man 4 (2019): Adventures in America

And here's the long-awaited sequel. It is unclear for what reasons Ip Man of this universe was tempted to visit Seattle. But, one way or another, he ended up there. And once in America, as expected, he was embroiled in local squabbles.

We'll have to do it with both those and that and once again prove that Wing Chun is not a toy. Only, of course, if it's a real Wing Chun.

Well, or, the real Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee, at worst.

In conclusion - a little truth

The biography of Ip Man of our universe diverged from the biography of the cinematic analogue in the first part. And all the adventures of the subsequent parts are completely fiction. After all, it is known for certain that:

  • Ip Man was never a symbol of local resistance during the war, as shown in the first part.
  • In China, Ip Man did more than just private lessons. The main activity of the master at that time was police service.
  • While living in Foshang, Yip Man taught Wing Chun art to only a few people - mostly relatives.
  • The master moved to Hong Kong not because he fled from the rage of the Japanese, whom he publicly humiliated by knocking the spirit out of General Miura, but simply because he was fired from his job and he had nothing to feed his family.
  • In fact, Ip Man had more than just sons. He also had two daughters.
  • After the war, Yip Man returned to Foshan, but was again forced to flee to Gong Kog, because, firstly, he was not a supporter of communism, and secondly, he was again a policeman.
  • At the time of the events of the first film, Ip Man, our universe was already 44 years old.
  • At the time of the events of the second film, Ip Man, our universe turned 57.
  • At the time of the events of the 3rd film, Ip Man of our universe turned 66.
  • Yip Man of our universe has never been to America.

And these are only crumbs of truth. Yes, he really is a master. But, alas, not to such an extent as to mutuz the invaders and boxers.


But we are all looking forward to the premiere of the 4th film. I really want to look again at how Donnie Yen, in the guise of Ip Man, colorfully haunts everyone to the right and to the left. Well, hopefully Danny Chan (Bruce Lee) will have a non-cameo role.

And, of course, it’s interesting what, about whom and how much the scriptwriters will lie to us this time.

The world premiere of the film will take place on December 20, 2019. Enjoy your viewing and, as always, even more cool films and TV series!

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