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TOP 5 Best Final Fantasy Games


Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is undeniably a great game and the best starting point for exploring the JRPG genre.

We've even prepared a material where we talk about 5 reasons to download Final Fantasy XV . But, in all honesty, we cannot say that FFXV gives the same unforgettable feeling of a fantastic adventure as the best parts of the series.

Final Fantasy includes dozens of spin-offs and 15 numbered parts, among which there are several projects that have changed the gaming industry forever. Of course, many of Final Fantasy's iconic releases today look dated and play archaic. But the touching and twisted plot that made the series legendary is still capable of outperforming any modern video game.

Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Video games can be divided into 2 periods: before Final Fantasy VII and after. It's hard to imagine, but once it was the 7th part of Final Fantasy was the most popular game in the world. Children and adults played it with the same enthusiasm. It was this game that popularized the RPG genre and sold over 10 million copies, which was unheard of for an RPG.

The main three whales, on which all subsequent games in the series are based and the entire JRPG genre was brought to the absolute in this game: a twisted plot with beautiful cutscenes, a variable combat system and a huge world open for exploration.

At the time of its release on PlayStation, it was the most expensive game and certainly one of the most beautiful. Three-dimensional characters amazed with the level of graphics, and amazingly detailed CGI videos were a completely new level for the gaming industry back in 1997.

It's not worth talking about the plot at all, it's like ruining the holiday, it's better to go through the game yourself.

Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

After the success of the seventh part, the developers could buy a tropical island and until the end of their life not to steam about anything and sip sake pompously. But fortunately this did not happen, and after 2 years the world saw Final Fantasy VIII, which consolidated the success of the previous part.

Among the innovations, it is worth noting the binding system, with the help of which one guardian is attached to each character (there are six of them in total) - a huge summoned creature that can deal with even the most difficult opponents. The rest of the gameplay has not changed much, but only underwent additional polish.

Well, let's move on to the most delicious - the plot. The melodramatic love story of Squall and Rinoa is combined with a popular science script that touches on the temporal paradox - this is an example of a complex, convoluted, but touching and kind plot.

Final Fantasy IX (2000)

With the ninth part, the Japanese have set themselves the task of once again jumping over their heads and creating the best Final Fantasy. Square Enix has successfully coped with this task and Final Fantasy IX with enviable regularity gets to the top of the best games in history. In particular, the visual style, the colorful effects and the return to the roots of the series were commended.

Instead of the already familiar steampunk universe, familiar from the last 3 parts, the players found themselves in a more classic fantasy world. Another nuance that makes the game akin to the first parts in the series is Moogles, small animals, with which you can save the game.

In general, players enthusiastically accepted the new project of Japanese developers and periodically return to the game to plunge into this cozy world again.

Final Fantasy X (2001)

Final Fantasy's jubilee has become almost as significant an event as Final Fantasy VII. Moving to the Playstation 2 has allowed developers to take commercials, graphics and production to a whole new level, setting a high bar for the electronic entertainment industry. Another important innovation is that the playable characters have finally been fully voiced.

Special praise was given to the opportunity to change partners of the protagonist right on the battlefield and the plot, which develops the touching love story typical of the series and at the same time touches on the complex issues of death and religion.

Final Fantasy XII (2006)

The twelfth part of the series has been in development for a long 5 years, so at the time of its release it could no longer boast of advanced graphics, but it significantly refreshed the series thanks to numerous innovations. Real-time combat (as in Final Fantasy XV), the ability to pre-program the behavior of partners in battle, and an updated pumping system are just a short list of gameplay changes in Final Fantast XII.

The only drawback of the game is the plot devoid of the usual love line for the series and complex philosophical themes, which were replaced by a continuous politot and a story about the confrontation of 2 kingdoms.

By the way, now is the time to check out this living JRPG classic, as the remake of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age was released in 2017.

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Author: Jake Pinkman