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Final Fantasy Universe - A Newcomer's Guide to the Series


New players in the Final Fantasy franchise can get dizzy trying to figure out the mythology and setting of Final Fantasy XV. For what the main characters of the game are fighting, what are these magic crystals that are so important for the kingdom of Lucis, as well as many other questions, the game does not rush to give answers.

Of course, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition has a unique setting that differs from the previous parts of the series, but there are several recurring elements in the Final Fantasy universe that can be found in any part of the legendary JRPG. We will talk about them in this article to help new players understand the setting of Final Fantasy.


This character can be attributed to one of the game's Easter eggs, like M'aik the Liar from the Elder Scrolls series. He appears in literally all parts of the series, sometimes with a slightly modified name, but is always an old and wise friend of the protagonist. He often appears as a scientist or engineer and gives the player a new vehicle, his personal invention. In Final Fantasy 15, you can meet Sid at the very beginning of the game, and at the same time get to know his cute granddaughter Cindy.

Final Fantasy Sidney

Magic Crystals

The conflict between the two states in Final Fantasy XV is caused by the magic crystal, which serves as a powerful source of magical power. Crystals first appeared in Final Fantasy 1987 and were used by the Warriors of Light to restore the balance of good and evil in the world of Final Fantasy. Starting with Final Fantasy XIII, magic crystals became analogous to power plants for cities that led states to a happy future.

Final Fantasy crystal


Giant Chocoba Chickens appear invariably throughout the series. In the world of Final Fantasy, they are used as mounts and cargo animals. Despite their scruffy appearance, Chocobos have great strength and can transport large loads on carts without problems. JRPG fans loved them so much that today they are releasing merch with these huge birds, and fans of the series even do cosplay on overgrown chickens. In Final Fantasy XV on the PC, Chocobos can also be found and used as horse counterparts. And if you carefully explore the game's world, you may even find a rare black Chocobo.

Final Fantasy Chocobo


Virtually no part of Final Fantasy is complete without magical summons created by the gods. Depending on the game, they can have different names: espers, eidolons, aeons, and in Final Fantasy XV they are called astrals. They take a minimum part in the plot, except for the gray-haired esper Ramu in the seventh part of the series. The summoned creatures can be called a kind of analogue of Pokemon: they are summoned to the battlefield and can be additionally strengthened by pumping. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XV lost this gameplay feature.

Final Fantasy Summoned Creatures

All parts of Final Fantasy are famous not only for their unique setting, but also for an unusual plot, where topical philosophical questions are raised. In terms of scripting, the Japanese developers have performed particularly well in the best parts of the Final Fantasy series . We advise you to definitely try them after completing the passage of Final Fantasy XV. Unless, of course, you are not afraid of outdated graphics.

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