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Video Review: Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition - The Perfect Japanese Adventure


Let's be honest, April is not the most prolific month to play games, especially if you can't play God of War on PS4. But there is no reason to be upset, because in the non-fish season it is high time to pay attention to one of the main hits of the last month - Final fantasy XV, for which we have prepared a detailed video review.

Console players have been waiting for the continuation of the legendary JRPG series for a long 6 years, and PC players are even worse off, since Final Fantasy XV was released on computers a year and a half after the release of the console versions.

Let's say right away, even if you don't like the genre of Japanese games or don't know at all what kind of fruit it is and with what it is eaten, we strongly advise against passing the fifteenth part of Final Fantasy.

Give the game a chance and it will surely surprise you, in a positive way. But only if you are not allergic to metrosexual guys and specific Japanese humor.

Why is Final Fantasy XV so good about Alice in our new video.

If the name of the game does not mean anything to you, and the number 15 in the title causes fear that you will not understand anything in the plot, then leave the excitement! Each new part of FF has a unique storyline and setting, so even a beginner in JRPG can easily understand the game.

If you are interested in the series and the reasons for its popularity, then we recommend that you read our articles, where we told the story of the Final Fantasy series , as well as about the best parts of the popular JRPG.

Well, I played Final Fantasy XV on consoles a year and a half ago, why would I play it on PC?

At least for the sake of numerous innovations that the developers have added to the computer version as compensation for the long wait for the release. Among the many bonuses, it is worth noting:

  • Significantly improved graphics. It's no secret that computers are much more powerful than modern consoles, so Square Enix decided to use the full power of the PC. According to the developers of Final Fantasy XV, in terms of graphics, it is a whole generation superior to the versions for consoles. And we completely agree with this statement
  • All additional content and patches. Console players had to pay extra for DLC for the game, and the Peka boyars get the entire set of downloadable content for free. Also, do not forget about the slightly modified chapter 13, which was most criticized in the reviews
  • Numerous changes in the gameplay. Version 15 of the Final for computers is objectively the best, simply due to the ability to drive a car off-road and cut across the water on a boat. Console versions of such delights were deprived. And most importantly, the function of switching between characters in battles has been added, which makes the combat even more tactful and varied
  • Mod support. For the sake of a hypothetical opportunity to cut across Eos in a Zhiguli and fight opponents using a frying pan from PUBG, it's worth downloading Final Fantasy XV again

Unfortunately, the release of the new part of Final Fantasy on computers did not meet the expectations of the developers, since instead of the expected 2 million copies, the game sold 500,000 discs. It is likely that the following parts may not visit PC, so you should not miss the opportunity to play Final Fantasy 15. And if you prefer multiplayer games, we recommend that you pay attention to our Final Fantasy XIV review .

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