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Insider # 4.11: iPhone SE 2; Vivo X30; Ryzen Threadripper 3000; HUAWEI Y9s


The latest insider data release, as usual, will consist of four blocks of information. In the first, we will talk about the conclusions of the industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo regarding the prospects for the iPhone SE 2. Then we will discuss the technical equipment of the Vivo gadget and the characteristics of the new processors from AMD. The last block will contain the data of the HUAWEI device.

The expert claims that the iPhone SE 2 will sell worse than its predecessor

Many people remember how Apple product specialist Min-Chi Kuo predicted a great commercial success for the iPhone SE 2 not so long ago.

Very little time has passed and his opinion has changed dramatically. A new report was recently released detailing the reasons for this decision.

In a letter to investors, Min-Chi Kuo revised all of his forecasts. He claims that if Apple marketers get it right, there will be no more than 20-30 million iPhone SE 2 sold by the end of next year.


Prior to that, he predicted sales of at least 40 million devices of this type. The opinion of the specialist changed after consulting with suppliers of components. As a comparison, consider the example of the iPhone SE. These smartphones were sold in 2016 about 30 million units.

Min-Chi Kuo identified three reasons that will prevent the iPhone SE 2 from becoming more commercially successful than its predecessor.

1. The saturation of the segment in which the gadget will be sold is steadily growing. The manufacturer will have to fight for his share here. This is relevant for the USA and Europe, as there, according to statistics, older models stay longer with users.

2. There will be some interesting Android smartphones with prices below. There is a lot of competition among manufacturers of devices with this OS, which contributes to the improvement of their functionality and quality.

3. iPhone SE 2 is less portable than the original model. Users may opt out of it as they expect a device similar to the original product.

Previous leaks reported that the core of the iPhone SE 2 hardware will be the Apple A13 Bionic processor, the same as the iPhone 11. It will also have 3GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. In all other respects it is similar to the iPhone 8. The gadget is predicted to have a 4.7-inch LCD display and a fingerprint scanner integrated into the Home button.


The back panel of the device will be made of glass, the device has one camera, but its characteristics are unknown.

Another iPhone SE 2 should get 18W wireless charging. Its announcement will take place in March next year, and sales will begin in a few days. The analyst expects the gadget to cost less than $ 400.

Vivo device will receive a Samsung processor

An event dedicated to Vivo and Samsung products and their joint development will take place today.

It is expected that one such product will be the Vivo X30 smartphone, which received an Exynos 980 processor with an integrated 5G modem. It was developed by engineers from a Korean firm.

The chip is designed on an 8nm mobile platform. It has two Cortex A-77 cores and six Cortex A-55 cores. There is also a GPU Mali-G76 MP5 and an integrated neural computing unit.

About the technical equipment of the Vivo X30, everything is known only at the level of rumors. They prophesy the presence of a retractable selfie camera mechanism, a "clean" display and a triple main camera module.

Features of new AMD processors have appeared on the web

Specifications of the yet to be announced AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and Ryzen Threadripper 3970X chipsets have been published online. The first one received 24 cores, and the second 32.

The 3960X operates at 3.5-4.7 GHz. The Threadripper 2970WX currently on sale uses the 3.0-4.2 GHz frequency range and has a thermal output of 250 watts. These figures are about the same, but the new chip has better performance.

Threadripper 3970X, with the same thermal package, will operate at 3.0-4.2 GHz.

Recently, there have been rumors that the company is developing a 64-core Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor. Its characteristics are not yet known.

Insiders have posted information about the technical equipment of HUAWEI Y9s

A promo poster of Chinese insiders has appeared on the network, which contains an image of the yet unannounced HUAWEI Y9s smartphone and some of its characteristics.


The model will receive a 16 megapixel retractable front camera and a 6.59-inch Ultra FullView display without cutouts and holes. The main camera here is represented by a triple module, consisting of: a 48-megapixel main sensor, a sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens and an additional 2 megapixel module.


Previous leaks reported that the device will be equipped with a screen with a resolution of 2340x1080 pixels and a Kirin 710F processor with 6GB of RAM.

It is also assumed that there is a fingerprint scanner built into the power button located on the side of the gadget. The battery here will receive a capacity equal to 4000 mAh and 10 W fast charging functionality.

HUAWEI Y9s will go on sale in November for $ 223.

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