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The best TV series of July 2020: New seasons


Due to the coronavirus, the broadcast grids of some TV channels have shifted slightly, which has caused some projects of the past month, such as Chi and Wentworth, to migrate to the summer schedule. But we talked about them in the last issue, now we will closely tackle the best TV series of July.

There will be few of them. The end of spring and the beginning of summer have traditionally been and remain sometimes the final episodes and premieres of new projects. There will be a huge number of them next month. But for now, let's dwell on the sequels.

Hell's Kitchen (FOX) 7.28

Season 19 Wednesday July 1

Hot summer - hot project! With the beginning of the hottest month, the 19th season of one of the most popular reality shows on the planet starts. There are analogues of this project in most countries of the world. In USA, the USA version of Hell's Kitchen is published by the Friday! TV channel.


Two teams of potential "chefs" compete with each other not only in the culinary arts, but also in the ability to control themselves, regardless of any circumstances. And nerves of steel are really needed here. After all, not only are the members of the opposing team constantly trying to piss you off, but also the leading "chef" adds fuel to the fire with his eccentric attitude towards everyone and everything.

One thing remains unclear. As a permanent host of the program, Gordon Ramsay has not yet grabbed a frying pan from anyone. Maybe at least this season, any of the participants will decide on such an outstanding feat?

Hannah (Amazon) 6.46

Season 2, Friday July 3

Revenge stretched over many years. And an instrument of revenge, which, having managed to grow to 16 years old, has shown itself perfectly. Needless to say, not everything went smoothly. The main thing is the end result.

This July series is based on the plot of the feature film "Hannah. The Perfect Weapon, ”filmed by Joe Wright in 2011. At least his first season. In the center of the plot is the former CIA officer Eric, who lives in the wilds of the northern forest and brings up his daughter in the spirit of an outrageous special forces.

A daughter named Hannah is fluent in several foreign languages, she will give odds to Chuck Norris in hand-to-hand combat, and even now for the Olympics in shooting. Strong, hardy, resourceful and smart. But he knows absolutely nothing about modern technologies, as well as about how to live and behave in society.

16 years ago, Marissa Wiegler, who heads a special secret CIA unit that is trying to remove the same super-soldiers who have set the teeth on edge, by interfering with the human genome, caused the death of Hannah's mother. Her mother, along with her father, entered the laboratory and kidnapped her, but her mother died during the rescue operation. How were other women, newborn children, who were taken over by the CIA, were eliminated.

The experience of creating super-soldiers then turned out to be unsuccessful, and the "office" decided, covering their tracks, to destroy everyone involved in the secret project. And now, after 16 years, it turns out that the only witnesses of that unsuccessful project - Eric, along with the stolen experimental subject - are still alive. The petty asshole Hannah, having escaped from the forest hut, lit up near the satellite communication antenna and now no one would give a broken penny for their life with their father. But this is only at first glance. The alignment is unambiguous - either they are us, or we are them. And it is not a fact that “papa”, who, as it turns out later, is not “papa” at all, does not have an evacuation plan in case of a “all-encompassing pale”.

The script for the second season will already be written from scratch. What adventures await Hannah in the sequel? So far, only the scriptwriters of the project themselves know.

Re: Life in an alternate world from scratch (TV Tokyo) 7.69

Season 2 Wednesday July 8

Season 2 of this anime series has also been pushed back to a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For more details, see ourApril premieresthis year.

Age of the Living Dead (Amazon) 5.00

Season 2, Wednesday July 15

The next series in July deserves the top of the bestserial films about the apocalypse. It is notable for the fact that in this world the porridge was brewed not because of zombies, but because of bloodthirsty vampires, to whom, no matter how much blood you donate, everything is not enough.

The United States is under blockade. The whole world has limited both communication and other intercourse with them. The country seems to be under an information and physical cap. Any ship that has departed from the shores of the state at the prescribed distance is immediately destroyed. Anyone who tries to cross the border with neighboring countries on foot, by car or by plane is also subject to immediate destruction. The fact is that the United States is eating up the virus of vampirism from within, and the rest of the world community, in order to prevent infection from entering its territory, is forced to kill everything that creeps out of the territory of this once most powerful state.

The current United States of America is divided into two parts. The eastern zone is ruled by vampires, for whose food people must donate blood daily. The western territory is uncontrolled, and it was here, by the will of a coincidence, that the daughter of one of the main modern ghouls was brought.

While rummaging through the desert, she fainted on the outskirts of one of the resistance bases, where one of the soldiers, by the way, the son of the local chief, found her on his head. The love between this very human "son" and the very same vampire "daughter" suggests itself. Unless, of course, the damn Montagues and Capulets before that they shoot each other and burn them in a nuclear fire.

And the exiled president is already preparing a nuclear strike on the western part.

Room 104 (HBO) 6.07

Season 4, Thursday 23 July

This July series is the brainchild of the HBO media company, and is a collection of stories that are in no way related to each other in semantic content. What unites them is that these stories are written about people staying in the same hotel room - room 104.

Each episode is a story about new people. Each subsequent guests by the time of their arrival in the room sore some problems, which are discussed in the next series. Who has not been in this issue. There were maniacs, murderers, and couples who simply did not agree with each other.

You never know who and with what quirks will move into this room next time. And there are 12 more such "times" on the way. There will be something to have fun at your leisure.

Umbrella Academy (Netflix) 7.51

Season 2, Friday July 31st

Another superhero project from Netflix, the most anticipated, and therefore we will dwell on it in more detail. The heroes of this July series are a team of people with superpowers who were born on the same day under very strange circumstances.

In this parallel universe, the laws of physics, chemistry and biology are such that a woman can grow a fetus in her womb in just a few minutes, and without losing weight at all, as can be seen from the pilot episode of the project. Not having time to kiss the guy on the cheek, the USA girl jumped into the pool, where a couple of minutes later she safely gave birth to a completely healthy girl.

This turned out to be the same Vanya that the eccentric billionaire Reginald Hagreaves was among the first to buy from a dumbfounded mother. She will become the highlight of the project program.

A total of 43 such "fast-born" children were born all over the world. Hagreaves managed to buy for himself (in this universe, in addition to everything else, it is not forbidden to trade people) seven. All of them, as it turned out, had some kind of their own superpowers:

  • The first one is Luther - a jock, the main in the group, for some reason lives in a snuffed space van on the Moon. Ability: Super Strength and Super Endurance.
  • The second - Diego - is a bully and a brawler, a master of hand-to-hand, envious of the First and struggling to prove that he is cooler than him. The ability is a telekinetic that changes the flight path of thrown objects.
  • The third is a beauty, a successful actress. Ability: can make small changes in reality by the force of his own desire.
  • Fourth - Klaus is a cunning, thief and, in combination, a drug addict. Ability: sees the ghosts of the dead, with whom it can communicate.
  • Fifth - disappeared in early childhood, going back in time. He stayed there for 45 years, after which he returned in the body of a teenager. Ability: teleportation in space and time.
  • Sixth - Ben - is dead, but his ghost still haunts Fourth. Ability: Releases tentacles.
  • Seventh - Vanya is a violinist, the most reasonable of all, who, meanwhile, is mistaken in thinking that she was not gifted with extraordinary abilities. In fact, her ability is the most dangerous. It generates deadly sound waves.

Strange stepfather called them by numbers. Normal names were chosen by their mother-robot, which the butler monkey very much approved.

Returning from the future, the Fifth brought the "good" news: in a week the Earth is waiting for aglobal apocalypse. Gathered together for the commemoration of the stepfather, the once united team to prevent the End of the World has a few days, and not a single clue about who could be the culprit.


At this point, the review of the best TV series in July from among those that will acquire sequels in the first month of summer has come to an end. Liquid, no doubt about it. But with the premieres of new projects, it will be much denser. We will get acquainted with the twenty best of them next week, but for now, as usual, watch TV and do not get sick. And more cool TV shows and films on the Internet!

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