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ABC prepares new telecomics

Image ABC President Channing Dunghi told The Hollywood Reporter that the channel has"a couple of new Marvel TV series" in development. Recall that after the closure of "Agent Carter" in 2016 and more than a cool reception of "Inhumans" in 2017 on ABC from the projects on the Marvel comics, only the long-playing "Agents of SHIELD" remained.

“We are preparing a couple of new products for release, - said Dungi. -But which ones, neither the bosses of Marvel, nor the head of their television department, Jeff Lobe, will be allowed to tell me about it ". And although she did not give any specific information, some insiders believe that one of these new products could be the previously announced screen version of the Damage Control comic, which tells about a construction company that repairs damage after a superhero showdown.

In addition, Channing said some encouraging words about the future of Agents of SHIELD:"Hopefully by moving the show to the summer season, whose real-time ratings are not so important, we will be able to extend its life." .


An extension for the sixth (unfortunately shortened to 13 episodes) season the gallant team of Agent Coulson received this spring. And although ABC has promised to air new episodes of fantastic action this summer, with less than a month left until the end, the Agents of SHIELD premieres schedule released in July did not hit.

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Author: Jake Pinkman