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Ms. Marvel may receive a miniseries

Image IGN shares rumors that Marvel and ABC are working on a miniseries based on Ms. Marvel comics .

In 2013, Marvel bosses decided to introduce the schoolgirl Kamala Khan as the famous superheroine Miss Marvel in their comics. The 16-year-old Pakistani girl became the first Muslim woman in the history of the publishing house to receive her own line of graphic novels. In the plot of the mini-series, Marvel studio hopes to touch upon such a serious problem of modern society as Islamophobia.

ABC is rumored to air the miniseries during the winter breaks of the hit superhero show Agents of SHIELD. ( Marvel's Agents of SHIELD ). This year, the channel has already successfully tested this scheme with the Agent Carter project.


Insiders report that Kamal Khan comic screen adaptation may be led by Oscar John Ridley ("Twelve Years a Slave" ). Studio officials have so far declined to comment.

The plans for Marvel and ABC also include the creation of a spin-off " SHIELD Agents ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman