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Hollywood faces record summer season


By the end of the summer season, which traditionally begins in May and ends in early September, Hollywood will have a new record in the box office. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the total earnings of American movies at home will increase by six percent compared to last year's summer and reach $ 3.9 billion.

The new record will be set not only due to the abundance of stereoscopic movies, and therefore , increased ticket prices, but also due to increased attendance at American cinemas. To date, 482 million tickets have been sold.

The most successful month was July, during which Hollywood movies earned $ 1.4 billion, which is also a record.

Despite the fact that that by locomotives Summer Season 3D Films Like The Potter Finale and the third `` Transformers '', 2D projects `` performed '' also very successful. Suffice it to recall the half-billion-dollar collection of the comedy Bachelor Party 2.

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Author: Jake Pinkman