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New box office record set in China


China has set a new all-time record at the box office. According to The Hollywood Reporter, by the end of the summer season, the cumulative box office receipts at the Chinese box office exceeded $ 4.7 billion (about RMB 30 billion). This is more than the movie projects earned for the entire 2014.

Thus, in the current year, an increase in box office receipts has been recorded by almost 50 percent, and by the end of December the total amount may exceed six billion dollars. As for the share of Chinese movies, it increased to 60 percent against 54.5 percent a year earlier. In monetary terms, the earnings of their own movies in China amounted to $ 2.83 billion.

The highest-grossing movie in 2015 in China was the action-adventure Furious 7, which set an all-time record with a record of $ 390 million. Second place went to the Chinese fantasy movie Monster Hunt, which grossed $ 379 million.

If such dynamics of growth in box office continues, the Chinese market will come out on top in the world, outstripping the North American market, in the next three years. As a reminder, the cumulative box office in North America was in excess of $ 10 billion per year at the time of this writing.

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Author: Jake Pinkman