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Everyone knows about the beneficial qualities of sleep. This is the best rest, which helps to restore strength, improves mental abilities and is generally vital for a person. However, due to the fast pace of life, the abundance of entertainment and work, fewer people can enjoy a quality 9-hour sleep. Tired of putting up with it? Then how about a job for Mattress, who are willing to pay $ 200 a week to anyone who just sleeps on their soft mattresses?

Yes, this is not a joke. A mattress company is really ready to offer a dream job to an intern who loves to sleep a lot. The lesson is not difficult: the trainee is hired part-time, and then offered to evaluate the quality of the mattresses on their own experience. After the rest, of course, you will need to write detailed reviews to Mattress employees, report complaints and wishes that will help improve the quality of the company's products.

mattress firm

In addition, the employee will have another responsibility: to post reviews of mattresses on social networks, for example, post to Facebook Live and upload photos to Instagram.

Requirements for the employee are also present: of course, he must love to sleep well, but knowledge of video processing in specialized programs such as Final Cut or iMovie is also required. The only big problem for a USA-speaking person will be the requirement to live in the American city of Houston and go to work on August 15 of this year.

Interested in a mattress tester vacancy? Then, to submit an application, fill out the application form on the company's website, and shoot a short video where you will need to tell in paints why you are the best suited for this, no doubt, the hardest work. Then upload the video to Youtube and wait for August 10th. It is on this day that Mattress will announce the winner of the competition.

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Author: Jake Pinkman