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New Pokemon Go will start issuing bonuses for healthy sleep


The world-famous game Pokemon Go with the search for virtual creatures in real locations has become a kind of motivator for an active lifestyle, forcing millions of users to visit the streets more often. Now the game developers have decided to improve another area of human life in terms of health. It concerns periods of sleep and wakefulness. The new version of Pokemon, along with an additional device, will guard the full sleep and vigorous awakening of players. At the same time, the game will start monitoring the quality of the night's rest, giving rewards for good sleep.

Sleep reward

The Pokemon Company team has presented so far the announcement of the new Pokemon Sleep, where participants can catch animals, literally without leaving the bed. In this case, even being in a state of wakefulness is not required for this - everything will happen during sleep. The new Pokemon game is complemented by Pokemon Go Plus Plus, a specially designed sleep and app sync device. The device records sleep time and then transmits the information to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth.

Developers have always positioned their game as a means of maintaining health. The project team calls itself the pioneers of the gaming industry, since their application for catching virtual animals uses almost the whole world as a gaming space. When creating Pokemon Go, the project participants wanted to introduce players to a healthy lifestyle, because the search for new Pokemon required regular walks. Now the developers have come up with new incentives, rewarding participants in the game for healthy sleep.


The Pokemon Go Plus Plus disc device monitors sleep quality. It has a built-in sensor that can recognize the phases of night activity and record different phases of sleep. Then all the collected information is sent to the smartphone application, and in the morning each player will see their results and be able to collect rewards.


After the sleepy Pokemon Go game was announced on Twitter, the reaction of potential players to it was exactly the opposite. Some saw in her concept an excessive obsession and a desire to learn too much about their personal lives. Others, on the contrary, liked the application precisely because of the lack of the need to do something and not get out of bed.

Why Pokemon Are Popular

Since its inception, Pokemon Go has generated phenomenal popularity. Even before the official release, many managed to download the application, spending the lion's share of the time in it. They tried to ban the game, there were many cases when players violated social rules, illegally breaking into private property and guarded objects, trying to get the next animal.

A number of psychologists at Oxford University, studying the phenomenon of Pokemon, have identified the features of the game that determined its success. The first important factor that the researchers identified was familiar technology. The game uses tools that many have, namely a smartphone and a GPS.


Also, scientists highlight the factor of nostalgia. The Pokemon Go series dates back to 1996. Many fans of the game keep fond memories of it, which in many respects awoke after the release of the updated Pokemon. Another factor that determined the success of the game, psychologists called the opportunity for the player to feel like a researcher.

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Author: Jake Pinkman