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Products of different directions from Xiaomi


The Xiaomi company produces not only various gadgets, but also other products, and they have a very different focus. It can be not only headphones or a smartphone, but also a pillow, a DVR, and much more.

Redmi AirDots

Many users love listening to music. Sometimes they have to choose headphones for this. Products with large ear pads are inconvenient, take up a lot of space, and wired devices are constantly tangled and impractical.

Therefore, many will surely like the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset, which is one of the most affordable among its kind.


These headphones are based on the Realtek 8763 chipset. They can be connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth 5.0. For control, one mechanical button is provided, through which it is easy to carry out inter-track switching. Pressing it twice helps to bring up the voice assistant Siri or Google Assistant. The big advantage of this product is its autonomy - the headphones will "live" without charging for 12 hours.

Electric Shaver

Sometimes the modern rhythm of life does not leave a person time to take care of himself. This is especially true for the always busy men. The Xiaomi Zhibai rotary electric shaver was created especially for them, which will help anyone who does not want to use old-fashioned razors for shaving in the morning.


Everyone agrees that electric shavers are a handy invention. The advantages of the product of the Chinese manufacturer are its availability and practicality. With it, the user gets access to wet and dry shaving anywhere and anywhere. The razor is small enough to fit in a pocket. It is slightly larger than a regular lighter.

In order to carefully process the entire surface of the face, the head of the product adjusts to its contours. The result is excellent results.

Xiaomi Zhibai requires almost no personal care. It is only necessary to remove the results after shaving by rinsing the head with water. A USB port is used to charge the device, any gadget can become a power source.

Massager pillow

A person must be able to rest properly. This is especially true for sleep. Many suffer from lack of sleep and insomnia. They often have to make up for a lack of sleep in various places, sometimes not entirely suitable for this. An example of this would be the mass of people sleeping on buses or in subway cars during the day. Sometimes people do not take the most comfortable positions for this, which can lead to problems with the spine or neck.

The Xiaomi Mijia LF orthopedic massage pillow will come to the rescue in such cases. During its development, attention was paid to the opinions of orthopedic surgeons and physicians of other specialties, who were consulted.


When using Mijia LF, the head and cervical spine are in a natural position that is optimal for sleeping. This promotes quality relaxation. There are two massage modes that have a beneficial effect on the body and stimulate it to sleep. The pillow is made of a special fabric that does not cause allergies and irritations.


This device is every motorist's dream. It will allow you to fix and preserve the whole situation not only in the front hemisphere of the car while it is moving.

DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision DVR was recently introduced in China. Its main advantage is the ability to shoot at night.


Its quality is worthy. The device distinguishes between numbers of cars and pedestrians at night. An additional plus is the ability to shoot a car interior. For this, the manufacturer used a cylindrical-type body, which has a special mount. It allows the gadget to rotate 360 0around its axis.

In addition, the product supports voice control. The driver or passenger can command to mute the sound, take a photo, change the shooting mode. You don't need to be distracted from driving.

The main sensor of the DVR is a Sony IMX307 with a pixel size of 2.9 microns and an f / 1.8 aperture lens. The work uses six lenses made of glass, which increases the amount of light entering the lens.

The device has a viewing angle of 1400. For storing captured files, eMMC storage is provided for 16/32 GB. This version has a longer service life.

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