The story of CD Project Red, a rapist game made its way to Steam, live cut scenes in DMC 5 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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The story of CD Project Red, a rapist game made its way to Steam, live cut scenes in DMC 5 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also read about God of War getting its name by accident, rumors about The Last of Us II release date, and a new Apex Legends record.

Geralt of Rivia tells the story behind CD Project Red

Recently Playstation have prepared a video "CD Project Red: Origins". In it, one of the founders of the studio, Marcin Iwinski, tells how it was born. To add authenticity, Doug Cockle, who voiced Geralt of Rivia, was invited to read the voice-over. According to Marcin, as a child, his family could not afford a computer, much less a game. Once he wrote a letter to a Greek gamer he knew: "Hi, my name is Marcin, I'm from Poland, and I would like to exchange several games with you, but I don't have them, could you send me a couple?" He generously sent him a few, and from that time on, Marcin began exchanging games and cassettes.


Later, he created a whole network of exchange and sale of games at school, giving rise to digital distribution. Hell, I was just studying at school, and not a money-maker ... Only then he became a real distributor in Poland, and quite famous at that. He picked up all modern trends like floppy disks, cassettes and eventually CD. He shared the idea of importing discs with games to Poland with his friend Michal Kiczynski, and he agreed to become a partner. So, after three months of successful trading, CD Project Red was founded, which soon began to make games by itself.

You can learn more about the history of the legendary studio in the video itself, where Geralt will tell you about it.

A game dedicated to rape during the zombie apocalypse has appeared on Steam. Gamers condemn Valve

Valve argued that any game could enter their site as long as it does not violate laws or be a cover for trolling. Such vague wording could not protect Steam from the fact that the game Rape Day, where the gameplay is tied to rape, sneaked into the site.

By genre, this is a visual novel. The description of Rape Day says that in this game you need to rape and kill during a zombie apocalypse. Very eloquent ... The page has an age limit, and the developer himself warns that the game has common and sexual violence, as well as foul language, necrophilia and incest. Even more eloquent ... How features highlight 500 images and 7,000 words in a script.

The author of this work on his official website declares that the game does not violate any rules and is a work of art, so there is no point in discussing its prohibition. He also believes that the normalization of rape in games is the same stage of maturation of gaming as the acceptance of killing in games by society as something normal.

It seems that she does not violate the rules of Steam, but the developer says that he had to remove some scenes. For example, the image of the murder of a child, as this may fall under the appropriate ban.

The Steam public is indignant at this topic and is vigorously discussing it. Valve is accused of hypocrisy, because they censor the word "rape", but at the same time they let such a game enter the site.

Today the game was removed from the site.

Live cartoons for DMC

If you really love Devil May Cry, then Capcom offers you Deluxe Editions for loyal fans with one bonus - to replace all cutscenes in the game with cutscenes with live actors.

The spectacle is very comical, because all the props are made almost of shit and sticks, and during some moments, instead of actors, figures of characters on sticks appear on the screen!

It is certainly not worth taking seriously, and if you are not ready to laugh, but demand more familiar bonuses, then the deluxe edition offers the following:

  • four additional Devil Breakers for Neuro,
  • 12 tracks from Devil May Cry 1-4
  • alternate style level commentator
  • Cavaliere R is a modified version of Dante's combat bike,
  • 100 thousand red orbs

God of War would have been called differently if another piece of paper had been pulled out of a hat

Here's a gag. It would seem, what other name should a game about the God of War have? It turned out that the name God of War is just an accident. The director of the first two parts of the franchise, David Yaffe, spoke about this.

Let's clarify. On March 4, Annapurna Pictures released a screenshot of a letter addressed to the authors of Back to the Future. In the letter, the MCA Inc media company shares its impressions of the script for the film that was not yet released at that time, and advises to change the name from "Back to The Future" to "Space man from Pluto" ["Astronaut from Pluto"]. According to Annapurna, this letter will be useful for filmmakers who will receive comments from film studios.


This tweet was the reaction of the creative director of the latest God Of War, Corey Barlog. He poked, saying that the name "Space man from Pluto" is very ridiculous, and joked that God of War was originally supposed to be called "Angry Man from Ancient Greece".

Jaffe later reacted to his joke, who said that initially, when they did the first GoW, they chose between three names - God of War, Dark Odyssey ["Dark Odyssey] and At the Hands of the Gods [" In the hands of the gods ”]. They could not decide, so they decided to just throw all the options in a hat and blindly draw one of them. We know the winner.

Praise to the Gods of Olympus! As they say ...

Rumors: The Last of Us II will be released this October

The official announcement of the game took place back in 2016, and since then we have not known the release date. According to the rumor, which was launched by the Peruvian company LawGamers, who posted a poster for the game with a release date on its twitter, the release will take place in October 2019. The poster looks strange, but the rumor has confirmation.


Sony recently hosted a Destination PlayStation event, which is usually attended by retailers to tell them about upcoming releases. Judging by the photo, The Last of Us II was also there. It is also assumed that the games presented at the event will be released before the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Most likely, Sony will not miss the opportunity to release their hit in the most productive season of the year. Let's wait.

50 million - new record in Apex Legends

Battle Piano this week turns one month old. In honor of this, the developer posted a video stating that the game has surpassed the 50 million player bar.

There are also some more interesting figures in the video. In total, players used 158 million finishing moves, activated the "ult" 1.23 billion times, respawned 170 million times, etc.

The publisher and developer have big plans for the game. They are going to add Battle Passes, new heroes, weapons and loot to the Apex. In general, it is planned that the game will be actively entered for the next 10 years.

This was all the important gaming news from the beginning of the week. Stay tuned.

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