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Top 10 Best Movies of March 2020


Leap February is well underway towards its end, and it's time to talk about what movie premieres await us in the first month of spring. We present the top best films of March, among which there will be plenty of worthwhile blockbusters. There will be science fiction, thrillers and horrors, and anime, in general, there is a little bit of everything for every taste and color.

A small caveat. We abandoned the construction "by the rating of expectations" and again returned to the scheme "by the date of release", which is in many ways more convenient and does not introduce confusion into the "digestion of information".

And the first on the schedule in our list of the best films of March is the next "author's adaptation" of one of the best stories by H.G. Wells ...

1. The Invisible Man (Australia, USA)

March 5

Since 1933, filmmakers have regularly attempted to recreate Wells' The Invisible Man on screens. In 1984, a similar attempt was made by Soviet filmmakers. In 2000-2002, the SyFy TV channel filmed a series of the same name. But the most successful in terms of ratings and reviews was the 1992 version of "Confessions of an Invisible" starring Chevy Chase, which was filmed by John Carpenter himself.

Wells' Invisible Man is a physician, scientist and researcher named Grffin, who managed to experimentally deduce a drug that can discolor (make optically transparent) human tissue and blood.

Griffin did not publicize his invention, but decided to use invisibility for some time for personal gain. He simply decided to fill his pocket with robberies. Subsequently, the cuckoo left him altogether, after which he was safely torn to pieces by a crowd of disgruntled.

But all the film versions differed to one degree or another from the original source, based on which they were staged. This version is no exception. Here the role of the invisible man is played by a crazy scientist who decided to play an excellent joke with his girlfriend and avenge her "dramatic antics".

He slits open his veins and dies, making his girlfriend the beneficiary. After his death, she will receive 5 million dollars. But only if the cuckoo doesn't move.

And if you consider that he himself did not die, but only faked his own death, and, becoming invisible, will frighten his beloved until she loses her pulse, it will be very difficult for the poor woman not to move her brains.

But maybe.

We are waiting for the first scheduled best film of March in cinemas of our country from the 5th.

2. Fantasy Island (USA)

March 5

It is now fashionable to play a kind of "live quests". It has become even more fashionable to shoot horror films about them. The next best film in March 2020 is from that area, with a few exceptions. The location of the local "quest" covers not some shed, yard, mansion, or estate, but a whole tropical island. Run yourself - I don't want to!

Those who wish for a certain fee are offered to visit the island, where the company provides a chance to realize one of its most, most coveted fantasies. At first glance, the island is a paradise.

But only until your fantasies start to come true.

Moreover, the darkest fantasies begin to come true. And not in the direction in which you dreamed about them. And, who knows, maybe you and your fantasies are in themselves a means of fulfilling the fantasies of other people? All the options for the average horror movie are present:

  • The island is difficult to access.
  • Cellular and other communications - no.
  • There is nothing to get from here.
  • The police will not come to the rescue.

What will you do?

I don't know. But I'll go and learn from the bitter experience of the main characters.

3. Bloodshot (USA)

March 12

The next best film on the schedule in March 2020 can be called a kind of symbiont of "Universal Soldier" and "Wolverine". The main character of Dave Wilson's blockbuster is another deceased Marine - here it is Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel), resurrected by a certain RST corporation for mercenary purposes (how else?).

His body was modernized and became a real killing machine, and, by itself, it became almost indestructible, except that a bursting one would fly into the head. But with the reaction of the cyborg Bloodshot, which Garrison has now become, it became 99.999% avoidable. So, we have a super-soldier who has all the options of modern cyber:

  • The reaction is great.
  • Strength is on top.
  • Speed is off scale.
  • Nanites in the blood that regenerate flesh are present.
  • The speed of sending out natural needs is unknown (unfortunately, this option is always hidden).
  • Thinking and combat interface - at a sky-high level.
  • Regeneration is better than Wolverine.

The head of the company, suspiciously similar to the traveler in time and space Guy Pearce ("Time Machine" 2002, "Prometheus" 2012, "Go ahead" 2011), is convinced that the lock that prevents Bloodshot's brains from creating a gag will always work. But, as is usually the case, this crap always fails or breaks down, after which the super-duper soldier who has risen up and wants revenge goes after his inevitable victim.

And his cybernetically cool will "creep". Nothing new, but it's worth it to evaluate what other devil the next computer animators have drawn for our amusement.

4. My Spy (USA)

March 12

Next in our top of the best films of March is a naive half-child action-adventure comedy 12+ in which a formidable CIA agent will be shaken by an utterly 9-year-old girl named Sophie.

CIA agent Jay-Jay, suspiciously similar to Draxaiz of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and did not suspect that at the time of his actions aimed at protecting the country, he would fall under the sight of a local schoolgirl's smartphone video camera. JJ has a lot of punctures already, and this assignment was his last chance to stay in the office. Therefore, in no case should he allow a video shot by a petty asshole to leak into the network. Therefore, he is ready to fulfill any demand of the blackmailer.

And the blackmailer has one requirement - that JJ teach her spy tricks. And while JJ fulfills her demand, she inadvertently teaches him how to live in ordinary society. So, it is not yet clear who will benefit the most from such close cooperation.

And yes, this synopsis begs to be finished with the words of Cord: "... Where are you, parents, where is the school looking ...". But we will get an answer to this question only from the film itself. And even then, it seems to us, unlikely.

5. Pinocchio (Italy, France, UK)

March 12

The story of Pinocchio has been misinterpreted, reprinted and re-filmed even more times than the stories of the Invisible Man and the Universal Soldiers. The most successful in our opinion came out a kind of remix of Spielberg called "Artificial Intelligence". But the next picture on our list of the best March films, as the creators promise, will not be a remix, but the most thorough adaptation of the original source.

Italian Pinocchio appeared from a table leg, or, to be more precise, from a log from which the master carpenter Antonio wanted to make this leg. Not becoming involved with the hellish log, he presented it to his friend Geppetto, who spun out of him a foreign version of Pinocchio, whose nose grew every time he began to lie.

Pinocchio traveled a long way in search of a magical fairy who, he hoped, would turn him into a real boy. Whether the piece of wood will become organic at the end of the animated film of Italian filmmakers - we will find out by watching the film itself.

For rent, "modified carbon" - to be. And not only here, but also in the series of the same name, the premiere of the second season of which, by the way, is expected on February 27.

6. Vivarium (USA, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark)

March 12

The plot of the film is very similar to the "Regulators" ofStephen King, where the main characters were locked in a closed and stripped-down location. When they tried to leave it, they simply came to the same street from a different end. We've seen the same moves in many films. In one of the pictures of our topGroundhog Day movies, the main characters were locked in a staircase and, reaching the top floor, they again found themselves on the ground floor. The same Neo in the "Matrix" was locked in a place between the digital space and the ordinary world at a station, the rails of which, when trying to escape in any direction, again led him to the same station.

In this March blockbuster, a young couple Gemma and Tom are also forced to wander in a maze of identical houses, repeatedly returning to house number 9, which a cunning realtor tried to sell them, who disappeared from the location as if by magic.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to get out, the main characters decide to burn the devil's number nine, but that didn't help either. On the contrary, when they wake up, they find a baby and a note stating that they will be released only after they undertake to raise this baby.

They were left with no choice. I wonder if they will find hidden levers that they can push for their own salvation? We'll find out soon.

7. Quiet Place 2 (USA)

March 19

The most long-awaited and hopefully the best film of March will be released on the screens of our country on Thursday 19th. A Quiet Place 2 will tell you about what happened to the survivors in the fight with the eared creatures in the last part.

As we remember, everyone from the Abbott family survived, except for the head of the family, who died protecting the children who took refuge from the "eared" in the car. In the sequel, Evelyn with her son Marcus and daughter Regan, as well as a nursing baby, go outside the habitable zone. Now they know how to besiege the eared creatures, but, as it turned out, in this post-apocalyptic world, the eared ones are far from the only evil that will have to be resisted.

We really hope that the showrunners will explain at length, finally, where these creatures came from on Mother Earth. Are they cosmonauts, or aliens from the parallel world? It's interesting.

8. Secret Life (Germany, USA)

March 19

It turns out that the "Young Guard" existed during the Second World War, not only on the territory of the Soviet Union. Among the Europeans, there were also people who fought a covert partisan war with the Nazis.

This March film is just about one of these people - Franz Jagerstatter, tortured by the Wehrmacht, but never backing down, even though he was not a member of any Komsomol or Communist Party.

Refusing to join the ranks of the Wehrmacht in 1943, he was executed in the same year, so that others would not find out. In fact, he drank a lot of blood to the Fritz before that. How it all happened, we will be told in the picture.

By the way, he refused to fight not for political reasons, but for religious ones. He just didn't want to kill other people, as he understood, for nothing. He was ready to serve as a medical orderly, but the Hitlerites did not like this.

But in vain. They just didn't watch Mel Gibson for reasons of conscience.

9. Mulan (USA)

March 26

Another rehash of his own cartoon masterpiece by the very same Walt Disney studio. The project involves such world cinema stars as Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li and the performer of the role of Mulan - Liu Yifei, familiar to us from The Forbidden Kingdom. And the project will undoubtedly pay off. But ...

Unfortunately, we will not see the famous dragon on Mulan's shoulder. It was replaced by the Dumbledore Phoenix. The rest of everything, in theory, should not go far from the original source. At least in previous remakes, such as "Aladdin", "The Lion King", etc., we saw that the pictures were put almost one to one according to the script of the animated film.

When hordes of bloodthirsty Huns advance from the north to the Celestial Empire, the emperor announces a new recruitment for the army. From a family, one man at a time is a mandatory requirement. But his father is ill and has not yet recovered from that war, so Mulan decides to impersonate him and, disguised as a man, joins the ranks of recruits, where he undergoes severe training, and then takes part in battles.

And, of course, she will become a hero. And, of course, the future of the empire will depend on it. And, of course, in the end, they "burn" that she is a woman. A woman in the army is a crime. But, of course, the heroine will be pardoned and everyone will forgive her.

Forgive and we Walt Disney that instead of something new, he rivets damn remakes of the old. But what can you do. Making money on this is a win-win. And a new project is always a pig in a poke. Well, good luck with the box office.

10 Fairy (USA) 2

March 6

Only one domestic project was worthy of the dozens of the best films of March, the author, director, producer and operator of which turned out to be a single person - Anna Melikyan, mostly familiar to us from the films "Mermaid" (2007) and "About Love. For adults only "(2017)


It is not entirely clear why this USA woman with Azerbaijani roots suddenly carried from dramas and comedies to fantasy, but her money, she and set the tone. In her creation, she wants to prove to the hardened programmer and creator of virtual worlds for computer games that our world, the world of real reality, is not limited to just one layer.

A programmer, who earlier believed in only two layers of reality - virtual and real, will have to believe that there are others. Only it is difficult to do it. They are even harder to comprehend.

Especially when you don't really understand your own world.

Three of the best cartoons of March

Now let's move on to a review of the trinity of the best animated masterpieces. There are also full-length cartoons and anime sketched by means of computer graphics from the Japanese, so everyone will be happy this month. And among the leaders we have, first of all, cartoon ...

Forward (USA)

March 5

This best cartoon of March tells us the story of the elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who live in a fairy-tale world from which magic has long gone.

Just like you and me.

Despite the fact that the brothers' world is packed full of fabulous creatures, they live according to the strict laws of physics, and there is no smell of magic in the local reality. Their society is based on technology. Everyone uses transport, communication services, etc. And everyone is happy with everything.

The Lightfoot brothers alone are haunted by the question: who put the universal cork into the neck of the magical container of this world? Isn't it time to unscrew this plug, otherwise all this fuss with technology is already so tired!

Trolls. World Tour (USA)

March 19

Next on the March schedule is an animated film about yet another fabulous creatures inhabiting another layer of parallel reality - a kind of Trollland, chock-full, as you already understood, with trolls.

No, these are not those creatures that, sitting at their computers, fire up the government, just anyone, who will order each other. These are real trolls. But we will only talk about those who want to make their way in the Trollandic world of pop music.

This is why they will make their super-tour, from which everyone, including the audience, should, according to all estimates, remain crazy.

Well, the kids will check it out and then tell you what's wrong with this cartoon.

Human Lost: Confessions of an Inadequate Person (Japan)

March 26

The full-length anime picture is based on the story of Osama Dazai, but it will have very little in common with it. The world of the primary source was located in the 40s - 50s of the last century. The world of this tape has been moved to the future, in 2036.

All people here have nanorobots in their blood, which can heal any disease and extend a person's life up to 120 years - on average. The incident is that all nanorobots are connected to a single SHELL system (not to be confused with engine oil). If you disconnect from it, a person begins to degrade into an ugly one in a visual-physical sense. And if you don't turn off, it becomes ugly in the moral and spiritual.

What will the main character prefer? And what actions will he take based on his choice?

We'll find out soon.


This concludes our top 10 best films of March 2020. Next week we will discuss what new series will be continued in the first month of spring. Let's reveal the secret and delight the fans with the news that it will be in March that the new, third in a row, Wild West season will start.

The rest of the infa - a little later. In the meantime, we say goodbye to you and, as always, we wish you even more cool films and TV series. Visit us more often and you will find useful film information!

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