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IPhone X: Ultimate Ergonomics and Performance


On November 3, the sales of the long-awaited iPhone X will start in USA. There is no need to explain to fans of apple devices how important the appearance of a new iPhone model on the market is - but this time something really out of the ordinary awaits us coming out.

At least that's what the developers of the famous brand say. Launched 10 years after the presentation of the first original iPhone, this gadget should set the direction for Apple's smartphone development over the next decade.

Main characteristics of new items worth 79,990 rubles

iPhone X two-sided view

This is how much the cheapest version of the iPhone X costs in pre-order for the USA market. It is possible to talk about all the possibilities, functions and features of the model for a long time, but in this article we do not aim to make a comprehensive overview of the device.

Let's consider only the main characteristics of the new product, which seemed important to us to mention on the eve of the start of its sales.

Body, screen and ergonomics

iPhone X features a 5.8-inch display with a resolution of 2436x1125 and 458 ppi - unprecedented in the history of Apple smartphones.

Curved edges of the screen blend seamlessly with stainless steel elements encased in a durable tempered glass body. Yes, this is no joke: the glass on the iPhone X is located on both the front and back. Despite the relatively large screen size, the gadget does not look bulky and fits comfortably in the hand.

Giving up the excess in favor of the best

The anthem of this iPhone is minimalism and maximum concentration of modern technologies. So, it was left without any buttons in the front (there is not even the usual Home button).

The iPhone X will also be the first to support inductive wireless charging through glass.

Six-core A11 chip

The processor of the new device also turned out to be revolutionary: only its six cores can work at their maximum capacity simultaneously, thanks to which the performance of the iPhone has significantly increased.

The gadget's graphics processor has also become more powerful and high-speed (by 30%). And the size of its RAM is now 3 GB.

TrueDepth camera system and advanced Face ID technology

Face ID on iPhone X

Dual 12MP camera with telephoto and wide-angle lens, dual optical image stabilization, six-element lens - the camera on the new iPhone, as always, is very attractive.

Also noteworthy is the improved face recognition technology, which, according to the gadget's creators, will be able to identify your identity even if you wear a hat, glasses or grow a mustache.

Long battery life

iPhone X Wireless Charger

The efficient and powerful A11 chip we mentioned earlier helps iPhone X last 2 hours longer on a single charge than iPhone 7.

Another fun fact about recharging your device: in 2018 Apple plans to release an accessory called "AirPower" that lets you simultaneously charge your iPhone X, AirPods and Apple Watch Series 3 wirelessly.

Video review

And here is the full video review from the miracle of technology, for those who do not like to read

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