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Top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War


On the eve of May 9, we decided to release three collections dedicated to films about the Second World War (for us and our compatriots - the Great Patriotic War). We will consecrate the most rated films of domestic and foreign production, filmed in this subject. But let's start, of course, with the top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War. They were and will remain the best of the best in this genre.

Soviet war films that no one has surpassed yet

Indeed, the thematic and informational content of Soviet films about the war was and is today the highest quality and truthful. Nobody spent so much on ensuring that the untainted memory of the war in compatriots lived as long as the Soviet government. No matter how bad the Communist Party was, it did everything to ensure that the pride of the heroic deed of compatriots lived in the hearts of future generations forever.

USA films about the Great Patriotic War are far behind in this regard. All of them, in comparison with Soviet masterpieces, seem to be some kind of cheap fakes. Either they lie, then they get too cheap, or they come up with something that didn't exist.

But, let's not get distracted from the main topic any longer and move on to reviewing Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War more closely, starting with the undisputed leader of ratings, a feature film ...

1 Only "old men" go into battle (1973) - the picture tells about the harsh everyday life and military exploits of Soviet fighter pilots. Despite its high place in the rating of the best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War, the picture is, rather, a comedic masterpiece. Although it also has its own dramatic component.

2 ... And the Dawns Here Are Quiet (1972) - about the feat of a detachment of female anti-aircraft gunners, who were destined to face a well-trained group of fascist assault forces, which was instructed to develop active subversive activities in our rear .

3 Officers (1971) - this Soviet film about the war tells about the fate of the family members of the Red Army officer Alexei Trofimov in the years from 1920 to 1960. The exploits of Alexei himself begin with the defeat of the Basmachi, and go through the whole of the Great Patriotic War. In parallel with him, the fate of his friend Ivan Barabbas is consecrated. They had to fight both on the eastern, Chinese front, and on the western.

4 They fought for the Motherland (1975) - about the exploits of one of the rifle regiments forced to retreat to Stalingrad, while snapping furiously. The plot revolves around a merry fellow - private Lopakhin and his friend, also a private, Streltsov. These will hit the locals behind the skirt, and sometimes with a Molotov cocktail under the enemy tank.

5 The fate of a man (1959) - about the driver Andrei Sokolov, who fell, being wounded in the first battle, to be captured, to be shot, but at the same time to stay alive, to run to his own people, go through the whole war, and then learn the harsh truth. What - you will learn from the picture.


6 The Cranes Are Flying (1957) - about the difficult fate that befell the girl Veronica, who took the guy to the war. The best Soviet film about the Great Patriotic War, which tells not so much about the military exploits of the front, as about the dramatic lives of those who remained in the rear. Well, about love, of course. And about mistakes that some will never forgive themselves.

7 Ballad of a Soldier (1959) - about Private Alyosha Skvortsov, who was allowed to visit his relatives for special military services. But Alyosha and in the rear found where to perform feats. Only after these exploits will he manage to get to his family?

8 Father of a Soldier (1964) - the hero of the next Soviet film about the war was the father of a soldier, who rushed to the front to see his son, and remained on this front, going through his line to the very Berlin.

9 The Living and the Dead (1963) - in this tape the main role went to journalist Ivan Svintsov, through whose eyes we will follow how hard it was for the military and Soviet citizens in the first months of the war, right up to the first counter-offensive of Soviet troops near Moscow.

10 War is like war (1968) - here we are talking about the liberation of the Right-Bank Ukraine and, in particular, about the actions of the crew of the self-propelled gun SU-100 under the command of Lieutenant Maleshkin. The fact that indiscipline on peaceful days does not always affect the level of combat effectiveness in the battle itself.


11 Liberation: Arc of Fire (1968) - then there are five films of the epic "Liberation" in order, sanctifying the most crucial and crucial moments of the Great Patriotic War since the moment when the Red Army went on the offensive. For a fuller experience, before watching the first film entirely devoted to the Battle of Kursk, it is recommended to watch №9 "The Living and the Dead".

12 Liberation: Breakthrough - tells about the liberation of cities such as Oryol, Belgorod, Kharkov. Forcing the Dnieper River with the creation of a linden bridgehead to divert the eyes. Distantly reminiscent of "Battalions are asking for fire".

13 Liberation: The direction of the main blow (1970) - the action develops in 43-44 years. It will focus on the development and implementation of Zhukov's offensive operation "Bagration". During it, Belarus was completely cleared of the fascist invaders, and the liberation of Poland began. The allies open a second front.

14 Liberation: Battle of Berlin (1971) - about the assault on the Seelow Heights and the Yalta Conference.

15 Liberation: The Last Assault (1971) - about the capture of the Reichstag, in which our allies, nevertheless, bypassed. On the flooding of the Berlin subway. By the way, about how many victims and who provoked it, our filmmakers slightly (if I may say so) cheated. They shouldn't.


16 Shield and Sword (1968) - a film that lasts 5 hours and consists of 4 episodes, telling about the work of Soviet counterintelligence and, in particular, intelligence officer Alexander Belov in the leadership of the Wehrmacht. Having risen to the rank of SS Hauptsturmfuhrer, he leaked so much useful information to his own that he could not tell or describe with a pen.

17 Shield and Sword: The Second Film (1968) - a continuation of the espionage "adventures" of intelligence agent Alexander Belov, worthy of "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

18 Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973) - this is not a full-length film, but a 12-episode series, of which in the Soviet era were released once or twice and was not enough. We simply could not help but include him in our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War. Without the most famous Soviet intelligence officer Isaev-Shtirlitsa, the top would not be top.

19 Remember Your Name (1974) - the story of a Soviet mother, separated from her son in one of the Nazi concentration camps. Having served in Auschwitz to the last, she never stopped believing that her son was alive. And for good reason.

20 Chronicle of a Dive Bomber (1967) - further in our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War, the tale of the feat of the bomber crew, who spared no lives to fulfill their duty. Another case of the compatibility of blatant sloppiness in the intervals between combat missions and self-sacrifice in the battle itself.


21 Aty-bats, soldiers were walking ... (1976) - about the feat of a rifle platoon, which at the cost of its own lives stopped a massive enemy tank counteroffensive in 1944. And the fighters were only 18.

22 Go and See (1985) - about a guy named Fleur, who found a carbine and dumped it into the forest to the partisans. Who knows, maybe loved ones who were against such an idea were right. The horrors of the war, through which he went through, turned the psyche of the poor kid so much that ...

24 State border. Film 5. The forty-first year (1986) - a film related to a multi-part film epic dedicated to Soviet border guards. The picture 5 in succession tells about what contribution the border troops of the Soviet Union made to the containment of the offensive forces of the enemy at the beginning of the attack of the Nazis.

25 State border. Film 6. Beyond the Threshold of Victory (1987) - the next film in the epic about border guards, which tells how, at the end of the war, in the border forests there was a hunt for enemy undead and traitors entrenched in them.


26 Volunteers (1958) - not all friends who left for the Great Patriotic War managed to return from it in full force. The three main characters of this Soviet war film were lucky in this case. And upon its completion, they also worked hard to rebuild the country. And, judging by the name, no one forced them.

27 The House I Live In (1957) - a story about a couple of families - the Davydovs and Kashirins, and how the war changed them. It turns out that all these quarrels of ours, truce among ourselves, some family problems are such nonsense compared to the World Revolution ...

28 Hot Snow (1972) - the fact that after the battles for Stalingrad more than 300,000 Nazi army was surrounded to the south is a well-known fact. It remains now to see how Hitler tried to break the ring around his frozen troops. This movie is about that.

29 Ivan's Childhood (1962) - the name of the next film in our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War speaks for itself. Only this childhood passed during the years of difficult battles for the homeland, in which 12-year-old Ivan, being a scout, took an active part. He took revenge on the relatives killed by the Fritzes. Man, high five!

30 Zhenya, Zhenechka and Katyusha (1967) - about the love of Soviet nerds forced to defend their homeland and about the danger to life of the game called "hide and seek". Sometimes it is they who do not allow to live to see the great victory. I immediately recall last year's hit "I'm going to look."


31 Ascent (1976) - about the ordeal of a couple of partisans - a local teacher and a former military man who fell into the clutches of the police. What only some do not go to in order to preserve their own skin. And, yes, guess which of these two turned out to be more resilient in spirit, a warrior or a teacher?

32 Descended from Heaven (1986) - a story about the unlived life of Soviet soldiers who defended in the local catacombs. The supplies are running out. And if you can still somehow survive without food, then thirst simply kills (see the film "Sahara" (1995)). And a couple of Red Army soldiers - nurse Masha and wounded soldier Sergei, break down and go to fetch water to a well guarded by an enemy machine-gun crew.

33 Clear Sky (1961) - about what awaited any soldier who managed to get captured. It's good if earlier, before the war, you lived in your house with your farm somewhere in the Ural village. But test pilot Astakhov did not have such luxury. And he had to somehow. And if not for good people ...

34 Heavenly Slow Mover (1945) - next on the list of the best Soviet war films is the story of the exploits of the pilots. A tale of how difficult it is not to fall in love with a woman even when fighting at the front. Three comrades have vowed not to have any relationship with the opposite sex until the war is over. But one of them, it would seem, is the most persistent, the bottom suddenly began to rot.

35 Twenty Days Without War (1976) - about how difficult it is to return to the front again after being on vacation in the rear, where there is no shooting, where life goes on, and where I met, unexpectedly and guessedly, my love.


36 My dear man (1958) - and again front-line love. Imagine the surprise of front-line surgeon Vladimir Ustimenko when his long-time beloved Varya Stepanova turned out to be another patient on his operating table, whom they saw for the last time, it seemed, a long time ago.

37 Check on the roads (1971) - a story about how hungry partisans robbed a fascist train with provisions. Neither give nor take - Wild West. Only instead of gold - stew with sausages.

38 Native Blood (1963) - and again in our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War, a story about how difficult it is to return from vacation back to the front line. But you have to. And now you have to take care of yourself. After all, the ferryman Sonya is now waiting for you at home with three kids.

39 The Story of a Real Man (1948) - a speech about a real man - the pilot and hero of the Soviet Union Maresyev, who, being shot down during a battle, crawled out to his own with frostbitten legs, which were then amputated. But that did not stop him from taking the plane again.

40 The Taming of Fire (1972) - there is not much war here, but a piece is enough. Especially when you consider that we are talking about Katyusha multiple rocket launchers, how they were designed and how they showed themselves at the front. Further, by the way, is also interesting. The film can be considered a biolique staged after the life of the designer Sergei Korolev and his associates.


41 On the Seven Winds (1962) - the difficult fate of a woman who came to the groom in the house on the seven winds, in which this groom was no longer there. The groom went to the front. But soon the woman will have to take up arms as the Fritzes are getting closer and closer.

42 Twice Born (1984) - about the epic battle of the new recruit Private Andrey Bulygin with the veteran Luftwaffe pilot von Botger, who had just sunk a ship to which the barely surviving fighter was assigned.

43 The Soldier and the Elephant (1977) - about how Private Armenak saved the enemy elephant from under enemy fire.

44 We looked death in the face (1980) - that all means are good for raising morale at the front. Especially if the action takes place on the defensive perimeter of besieged Leningrad, and the means are ... Dancing.


45 Stalingrad (1989) - the next in our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War is an epic film dedicated to the most important and crucial battle of World War II - the Battle of Stalingrad. The best film on this topic to date.

46 Young Guard (1948) - the film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by A. Fadeev. About the subversive activities of the partisan detachment, assembled from yesterday's schoolchildren, and about their devotion to duty, homeland and party. It sounds funny from the outside, but believe me, it’s no laughing matter.

47 Star (1949) - about the exploits of Soviet intelligence officers. In order to be confident in your offensive operation, you need to get intelligence from the enemy. When the first scout squad has not returned from the mission, another is sent for it. And will anyone come back with the necessary information? The plot of such films is beaten. But this picture does not lose its relevance.

48 Winter Morning (1966) - in besieged Leningrad, families not only broke down, but were created. The girl Katya found little Seryozha. And both of them were found by Captain Voronov. Now we should survive hunger and fight off the Krauts ...

49 Torpedo bombers (1983) - the penultimate picture of our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War tells about the heroism of the Soviet naval aviation and, in particular, the aviation regiment, whose airfield is located at the front line. Everything is complicated by the fact that when flying on the next mission, the pilots have to say goodbye to their families again and again, since many of these "raids" do not return, and only the Almighty knows who will be next.


50 The Blockade (1973-1977) is another epic that simply cannot be ignored. It consists of 4 films: "Luga Frontier", "Pulkovo Meridian", "Leningrad Metronome" and "Operation Iskra" and tells about how the defense of besieged Leningrad was carried out and how people survived in conditions of terrible famine. p>


This concludes our top 50 best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War. Further, there are also worthwhile films, but it's time to get acquainted with what USA filmmakers were able to offer us from 1991 to 2020, during the time, so to speak, of capitalist democracy.

For those who are bored with the war today, we wish you a pleasant rest underlight fresh comedies.All the best to you and more cool movies and TV series for you!

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