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Light prepares a smartphone with a record number of lenses


Cameras on modern phones have reached such heights that the difference between them and professional equipment is as small as ever.

Nevertheless, sometimes this difference is quite noticeable. Differences between "big" cameras and smartphones include realistic lossless zoom and low-light photo quality. But ... it seems that soon we will have a chance to witness a real revolution. And all thanks to the Light company and an unusual smartphone, the prototype of which the manufacturer is working on.

Light is not just a smartphone

Perhaps many have already heard about another device - the Light L16 camera, which used as many as 16 lenses, and in terms of image quality competed with professional "DSLRs". The idea was not entirely successful, but the technology itself will soon be available for smartphones, where it has a good chance of finding "fertile soil." As it became known to the Washington Post, the company has already prepared a prototype phone with 9 lenses, which allows you to take photos with a resolution of 64 megapixels, while maintaining high image quality in low light conditions. Unfortunately, even if we wait for the sales of the device, its price can kill on the spot - presumably, it will be $ 1950 .

Does a smartphone with 9 cameras have any prospects and in general any sense? Good question. Yes, there are many advantages to using multiple lenses, two of which are increased focal length range and decent image quality in a small size.

This combination is relevant, but only in designs with two or three modules, where each has slightly different characteristics (focal length, matrix, etc.). The Light approach involves combining images from multiple cameras into one photo, which will improve image quality, but sacrifice others - for example, matrices on individual cameras will definitely be smaller than in modern flagships. Moreover, the previously mentioned Light L16 model was received coldly, because, despite an interesting idea, its implementation left much to be desired, especially in the software layer. Is the new smartphone waiting for the same? Unfortunately, at this stage, this option is not excluded.

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Author: Jake Pinkman